Top 5 Modern Pop Plus Minus Design Ideas for the Bedrooms in India

Published On: Jun 14, 2022

Are you looking to decorate a bedroom in your home? Whether you want to remodel or add something new and fun, it is essential to shop around, compare, and contrast. Bedroom decorating ideas have come a long way. You do not have to worry about the colour scheme as there are plenty of modern décor ideas.

What makes a modern bedroom? This is one of the most common questions in the minds of those who are thinking of buying a new room. The look and feel of the modern bedroom can be very different based on how it’s done. It represents a practical and functional approach.

What are the Tips to Spice Up Your Bedroom?

Modern pop designs have taken over the world by storm, and people embrace it with open arms. Contemporary pop design is all about simplicity, minimalism and comfort in a home.

When it comes to the bedroom, modern simple pop designs are no exception to this trend. The bedroom should be a place where you feel at peace and relaxed after a long day of work. A modern pop design for the bedroom will quickly help you achieve that state of mind.

Here are some of the tips which will help you spruce up your bedroom:

  1. Add pops of colour in other areas of the room and around the bed itself: You don’t want everything in your bedroom to match perfectly, or else it looks too formal and dull ' but that doesn’t mean you have to do away with colour altogether! A bright throw pillow or a bold rug can help tie everything together without making it look like an elementary school classroom.
  2. Mirrors are very useful in making the room look bigger and brighter: You can use them on any wall of your bedroom to make it look more spacious and bright. Mirrors help reflect light coming from outside, which makes it look brighter inside and outside the house because there will not be any shadows created by trees or buildings around it when sunlight hits the mirror at certain angles during daytime hours.
  3. Go for natural light: If possible, go for large windows with ample natural light in the room. If it's not possible to have large windows, then use curtains that allow sunlight while blocking out other lights from outside during the day.
  4. Use geometric patterns: Geometric patterns are a great way to add interest to a bedroom while still keeping things simple. From chevron stripes on the walls to geometric throw pillows on the bed, plenty of options are available.
  5. Add accessories: It is always advisable to add accessories like lamps, vases etc., to create more space for creativity! You can also add some pictures or paintings on the walls, which will make it look chic and give that space a lift.

Which are the Best Modern Pop and Minus Bedroom Designs?

Modern Bedroom with Minimalist Design

This is one of the best modern pop and minus design bedroom examples. The bedroom has a minimalistic design with a white wall and wooden flooring. The bed is also made of wood and placed in front of the window.

Modern Bedroom with Minimalist Design

There are also some shelves where you can place your stuff and some cabinets to be used as the storage area. Lovely lamp light is placed on the table beside the bed. There’s also an area for working or doing other activities, located at the corner near the window. It’s suitable for those looking for something simple yet elegant enough to have a relaxing time in their modern pop design for the room.

This allows for a more spacious feeling while keeping things clean and straightforward. The white walls give off an airy feel while still being able to use other colours throughout the rest of the room, such as orange and purple accents on curtains and bedding.

Minimalist Bedroom with a Wall of Books

This is one example of a minimalist bedroom with an exciting feature wall. Many books are on the wall, but it looks neat because they are arranged neatly according to their colours and shapes. It makes your eyes feel comfortable when you see this room because it looks so simple but elegant at the same time.

Minimalism is a design style that focuses on using as little material as possible. The most common forms of this design style are based on white and black colours. These two colours will make the room look clean and elegant.

Minimalist Bedroom with a Wall of Books:

One way to add a minimalist touch to your bedroom’s modern pop design is by adding bookshelves around the room. You can use them to store books, photos or other items that you want to display in your bedroom. If you want to add more colour, you can also opt for some colourful books instead of plain ones.

Minimalist Bedroom with an Open Plan Bathroom

This is one of the most popular designs for modern bedrooms. The concept involves creating a single ample space with no walls separating the room’s different areas. This can be done by either removing all walls or creating openings in them. In this case, a space has been made between the bedroom and bathroom to be viewed at once from any place in the room.

A modern pop ceiling design for a bedroom can be achieved by using white walls, wooden floors and furniture pieces in a minimalist style. For example, you can use a bed with simple lines and no headboard or choose a platform bed with storage drawers underneath it.

Minimalist Bedroom with an Open Plan Bathroom:

The modern false ceiling design for the bedroom has an open plan with the bathroom, which allows the two spaces to flow together seamlessly. The large windows allow natural light to flood the space, making it feel larger and brighter. The minimalistic design helps create a peaceful environment for relaxation and sleep.

Modern Bedroom with a Tropical Theme

If you want an exotic tropical look for your modern pop plus design bedroom, this option may be perfect for you! This tropical theme will give your room a warm feel and look more inviting than ever before! You can incorporate palm trees into the décor too.

The tropical theme is a trendy one for modern pop bedroom design. This bedroom has a white and black colour palette, with accents of green on the bedding and lampshade. The bed frame is wooden, with a glass top and metal legs.

Modern Bedroom with a Tropical Theme

The walls are painted in shades of grey, with white moulding around the windows and light fixtures. There are plants throughout the room for an organic feel and a few abstract paintings to add some personality. The ceiling fan adds a nice touch to this modern bedroom design idea.

Bold And Bright Bedroom with Contrasting Furniture

If you love bold colours, this might be one of your favourite modern simple pop designs for the bedroom. The walls are painted bright red while several wooden shelves are combined with white colour to give it a modern look.

The bed is also made of wood, but instead of white colour, it’s painted brown, making it look unique compared to other bedrooms with white walls and brown bed frames. What makes this bedroom even more interesting is its lighting system.

Bold And Bright Bedroom with Contrasting Furniture

In this bedroom modern pop, we have used bold colours such as yellow, red and blue alongside pastel pinks and greens to create a vibrant space that looks great while still being functional! The use of contrasting furniture gives the room an interesting twist where there isn’t just one focal point but many different areas that draw your attention at different times throughout the day!

Wrapping Up

We hope that these bedroom ideas will help you transform your bedroom into the dream bedroom of your choice. You can further enhance its beauty by adding different kinds of accessories or some innovative designs. You can also follow these simple, easy-to-use tips to decorate your bedroom. Hence, spend some quality time and transform yourself into a beautiful bedroom. You can also get in touch with us at Interior Company today.


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