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Published On: Nov 4, 2023

Trends affect our lives in many ways, including how we decorate our bedrooms. In 2024, some exciting bedroom trends can help us create stylish and comfortable spaces. This article explores bedroom furniture trends for the coming year, from creative headboard walls to the comforting embrace of drapes and vibrant colours. Let's dive in and discover how these trends can make our bedrooms more beautiful and cosy.

Everything Volumed 

stylish Bedroom With Plush Sofa- Bedroom Furniture Design

This year has started with everything big, from clothes to furniture, and it has become a worldwide trend. But by bigger, we do not mean the size; it’s the volume! For instance, normal-sized matters are somewhere between 3-5 inches in the book. However, the new mattress comes with a height of 10 inches. The same goes with the longer beds, plushers,. Cushions, and more.

Urban And Stylish Bedroom With Plush Sofa Room Furniture Design

You can add volume to your current bedroom look by adding fewer big cushions, a plush chair with footrest or an extra layer of comforter on your bed.

Comfortable And Puffy Headboard Simple Bedroom Furniture Design

Adding a comfy headboard is also one way to add that trendy look.

Pillows On A Velvet Sofa Bedroom Set Design

You can also use different textures to make it look trendy and voluminous. You puffed, velvet, or fur.

Chunky Lamps Lights Mirrors Room Furniture Design

Not only can you add material on your bed, but also around the room. Whether it’s the lamps, mirrors or the almirah, do not settle for less. Add fewer items in your room, but make sure they are chunky and go with the powerful vibe of your voluminous interior. 

Spa In Bedroom

Sided Table With Lighted Candles Best Bedroom Furniture-design

In 2024, taking things to a new level of sophistication is the key. Creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bedroom is both trendy and super interesting. You can incorporate elements that give your whole room a tranquil vibe.

Spa Like Bedroom New Bedroom Furniture Design

Pick wall colours that are generally used in the spa. Teal, mint green, beige ( or shades of brown and cream), etc., will be soothing to your eyes. You can also add a wall made of rocks or stones to make it closer to nature.

Middle Class And Budget Calming Room Furniture Design

Use light-coloured and soft material to decorate your bed. Earlier, we mentioned adding soft and fluffy cushions. Well, this trend says that too!

Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

Just look to the characteristics of Japanese interiors for guidance. Functionality, simplicity, and a concern for wellbeing take priority. You can add soft light lamps, rain or waterfall sound fountains, images or statues of lord buddha to put the whole look together.

Modern Bedroom Furniture Design

Don't forget the spa is all about comfort! Add soft rugs and comfortable carpets. If not, you can use marble or wood flooring to stay connected to nature.

Table With Lighted Room Furniture Design

Lastly, enhance the quality of your bedtime with zen accessories like candles, diffusers, and indoor plants. Make sure the design of the room is generally free from clutter.

Be Earthy

Calming Bedroom Furniture Design

While this trend and the spa one is almost the same, you will find a lot of difference when you read through. Well, being earthy is all about using materials in the bedroom that are natural and eco-friendly. Here, less is more! This trend doesn’t require any addition to your space. You need to keep the look as minimalistic as possible. The key is using the least resources to save the earth.

Bedroom Set Design

Keep most of the area clean, and use cotton sheets with soft colours and patterns; it’s best with no marks. The same goes for any other fabric-oriented furniture you have.

Simple Bedroom Furniture Design

Use wood furniture, side tables, almirah, mirror frames and more. To make it even select one shade of wood for the entire room. The lighter, the better. You can also go with darker shades or brown for a more intense look.

Bedroom Furniture Design Trends

Sunlight is important, with enough windows or air and wind to ventilate the room. And if you have good sunlight, then you can say buy half of the electricity bill.

Eco Rirendly Bedroom Furniture Design

Remember to add plants! It’s all about being green, right? You can use jute products for lamps, rugs and wall accessories. 

Vacation At Home

Bedroom Furniture Design

Whenever we go to a hotel, we feel relaxed. The aromas, the furniture and everything else about that room makes you worries go away. So why limit ourselves to the vaccations when you can create the same at your home! All you need to do is explore what kind of luxurious hotel you have liked so far and add the elements to your own room. 

Bed With Plushy Bedroom Furniture Design

Beds are plushy in the hotels, but what about the headboards? if you notice, hotels, prefer to have a longer headboard. Such changes instantly make you feel like you are on a throne.

Watt Lights Bedroom Furniture Design

Fancy but subtle lights are another thing you can add. Choose from different lights and pick the ones you find unique. Have it attached with low watt LED bulbs and you are good to go. Make sure to add different kinds of lights to make your bedroom whole. Ditch the tubelight and go for the wall mounted lights for a more fancy vibe.

White Bed With Plushy Bedroom Furniture Design

Keep all the furniture coordinated and complimenting. A mismatched room is always going to give you negative vibes. Pick solid coloured furniture. You can add large drawers, cupboards, nightstand and a comfy chair for the complete hotel look.

Law Watt Lights Bedroom Furniture Design

Trends are not only about a theme or a full makeover of your room but also about little changes that can update your current setting. We have curated a list full of such amazing furniture trends for 2024.

Headboard Wall

Headboard Wall

One exciting bedroom trend for 2024 is the rise of headboard walls. Transforming a section of your bedroom wall into a plush backdrop for your bed is the most luxurious item you can add to your bedroom. This idea not only looks great but also serves a practical purpose. For those with smaller bedrooms, it’s a smart choice. Whether you opt for a soft upholstered wall or intricate panelling, a headboard wall brings comfort and style to your bedroom

Bedside Lighting

Bedside Lighting

Why not try using hanging pendants for your bedside lighting? They bring a touch of modern simplicity, creating a cosy and clutter-free nightstand. Setting them up is a breeze, with no complicated wiring, making it perfect for any bedroom. These pendants illuminate your space and add a warm and inviting atmosphere. Say goodbye to the clutter and hello to a more comforting and stylish bedside lighting option.

Canopy Beds

Canopy Beds

Canopy and four-poster beds have always showcased elegance. Their timeless appeal is now more popular than ever. From modern arched frames to classic rectangular designs, Canopy beds come in various finishes. For those seeking something truly unique, this bed is for you. This piece of furniture can also be clubbed with curtains, adding more texture to your room. Canopy beds may take up more space, but they bring functionality and aesthetics to your bedroom.

Drape It With Drapes

Drape It With Drapes

It’s like stepping into a cocoon of comfort! The latest trend is all about creating a space surrounded by drapes. It’s a concept that turns your bedroom into a haven. The gentle, billowing drapes bring a touch of elegance to your room and work their magic in evoking a deep sense of peace. Whether you choose lightweight, sheer fabrics or thicker, textured drapes, being enveloped by drapes is a wonderful way to infuse luxury into your bedroom.

Curvy Beauty

Curvy Beauty

The trend of curved and wavy furniture in 2024 can infuse your bedroom comfortably. This style fosters a comfier atmosphere, making your bedroom more inviting. To enhance comfort, consider curved headboards, wavy nightstands, or soft, textured textiles with wavy patterns. These elements can be clubbed with any style you want for your room. The best ones would be natural and spa-like.

Dressers With Dopamine

Dressers With Dopamine

A dopamine dresser is a cool bedroom trend in 2024. It’s all about adding bright, happy colours to your bedroom to bring positive vibes. You can pick colourful furniture like a vibrant bed as the centrepiece. To make it work, mix in different textures and fabrics to create a lively and welcoming space. This trend can turn your bedroom into a cheerful sanctuary. The best way to incorporate such items is to keep the rest complimenting or soft solids.

Colourful Ceiling

Colourful Ceiling Bedroom Furniture Besign

Instead of leaving it plain white, painting your ceiling in soothing colours can transform your room into a cosy heaven. Imagine the first thing you see is soft, earthy tones or dreamy pastels that match your bedroom’s theme; your morning will be amazing. You can also add nature-inspired hues that mimic the calming beauty of the outdoors. By infusing this trend in your room, your space can make you feel more inviting and nurturing.


The bedroom trends for 2024 offer many ways to update your space. You can choose headboard walls, use hanging pendants for bedside lighting, opt for canopy beds, create a room surrounded by drapes, go for curvy furniture, or add a dopamine dresser with vibrant colours. Painting your ceiling in soothing tones is another idea to make your room cosy. By following these trends, you can make your bedroom stylish and comfortable. If you have more questions, feel free to ask for more information. Your dream bedroom is within reach! You can also connect to us or visit our office to get your bedroom revamped by experts.

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    What are the key bedroom trends for 2024?

    The key bedroom trends of 2024 include mixed patterns, quality drapery, the use of walnut wood, modern Art Deco designs, and soft blush colours.

    How can I incorporate mixed patterns in my bedroom?

    You can incorporate mixed patterns using stripes, checkers, and florals in the same colour tone to create an eclectic and creative vibe.

    What's the significance of using walnut wood in bedroom decor?

    Walnut wood is returning due to its warm colour and consistent grains, making it a popular choice for furniture and decor in 2024.

    What is the modern Art Deco design trend all about?

    Modern Art Deco design is characterised by unique shapes, geometry, and an emphasis on art and rich materials, providing a modern yet elegant feel.

    What is the colour trend for bedrooms in 2024?

    Soft blush pinks and corals are the colour trends for bedrooms in 2024, moving away from all-white and grey decor to reintroduce warmth and colour.

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