Amazing Girls Bedroom Design Ideas To Give Your Princess Her Special Space

Published On: Dec 17, 2023

A daughter's love is a treasure; a hug from her can solve a million problems. There are many ways to show your love back, but what better way to express it than by transforming her space into a haven of warmth and joy? Redecorating her room is not just about changing the decor; it expresses your love for her unique personality. Let's go into some cool ideas to decorate the girl's room that makes her room stunning and speaks her language.

Bring in the Forest Wood

Bring in the Forest Wood room design for girls

Bring warmth to the girls room with Wooden wonders. Each type of wood has its own vibe. For instance, you can pick pine for a light look or mahogany for richness.

Bring in the Forest Wood girl kids bedroom ideas

Get a smooth finish on the wood to feel more modern. Also, maple offers pale tones for a cosy vibe.

Bring in the Forest Wood room decor ideas for girls

For eco-friendly room decor ideas for girls, pick bamboo or walnut wood.

Bring in the Forest Wood girls room ideas

You can also mix woods to add textures and colours that your daughter likes.

Just Print It

Just Print It room design for girls

Cool wallpapers with funky prints can really jazz up a girl’s room. These room designs for girls  will be like a reflection of your daughter’s unique style.

Just Print It room decor ideas for girls

Whether she’s into nature, modern stuff, or dreamy designs, there’s a print for everyone. It’s like adding a personal touch to the room, making her feel totally herself.

Girls Like to Swing

Girls Like to Swing girl kids bedroom ideas

Putting a small swing in a girl’s room equates to adding effortless fun. If you are wondering, it’s a big, bulky thing; worry not, it will be a cute, small swing that fits just right in her room.

Girls Like to Swing room design for girls

It’s not just for looks ' it’s useful. She lounged, read a book, or let her mind wander while enjoying the swing. It’s a game-changer, especially for a 25 to 10 year old bedroom ideas girl.

Make It Floral

Make It Floral girls room ideas

Add freshness to your daughter’s space with Floral Reverie. Choosing floral for a chic look would be a great girl kids bedroom ideas.

Make It Floral girl kids bedroom ideas

Pick vibrant blossoms for a lively atmosphere or soft petals for a calming effect.

Make It Floral beautiful rooms for girls

Coordinate pillows, curtains, and mats with matching floral patterns.

A Princess-like Chandelier

A Princess like Chandelier room design for girls

Make her room look fancy with a chandelier. A chandelier is a great idea for girls bedroom decor and a practical choice. It’s like jewellery but for the room!

A Princess like Chandelier girls room

Chandeliers can be big or small and of any style. Pick one that your daughter likes.

A Princess like Chandelier room decor ideas for girls

You can go for the classic ones or a modern one.

Bohemian Vibe

Bohemian Vibe girl kids bedroom ideas

To create a beautiful room for girls with bohemian is to incorporate rustic wooden pallet furniture. Choose pieces with a distressed finish for that vintage appeal.

Bohemian Vibe room decor ideas for girls

Add handwoven decor like macramé wall hangings, woven rugs, and textured cushions. Get a colour palette inspired by nature. Earthy tones like browns, greens, and warm neutrals would come under this umbrella.

Bohemian Vibe girls room ideas

You can also add potted plants or floral arrangements to create a sense of free-spirited living. Play with the textures of throws and tapestries for the best room design for girls.

Wall Up the Decor

Wall Up the Decor girl kids bedroom ideas

Revamp your cute girl’s rooms with wall decor! While this is not the biggest change that can change the look of your daughter’s room, it is the most effective.

Wall Up the Decor room decor ideas for girls

Choose vibrant wallpaper murals to set the mood. Install shelves for her favourites.

Wall Up the Decor girl room themes

Spice up the walls with creative art pieces or DIY crafts. You can also play with colours, textures and shelf designs to create an atmosphere.

Wall Up the Decor beautiful rooms for girls

Use removable wallpaper so that you can easily make changes as she grows. It’s an affordable element of kids room design for girls to make their room unique.

It’s Scandinavian Time!

It's Scandinavian Time room design for girls

This girl room interior design ensures a balanced room that endures. Choose a single colour scheme, like grey and complement it with white accessories.

It's Scandinavian Time girl kids bedroom ideas

Add colour through pillows, curtains, or wall art for a personal touch.

It's Scandinavian Time room decor ideas for girls

Invest in quality linens and versatile furniture to accommodate her changing needs. 

Give Her Butterfly Wings

Give Her Butterfly Wings room decor ideas for girls

It’s a cheap and easy girl room themes to give your daughter a cool space. Add simple butterfly decorations on the walls. It will add some charm to the overall room.

Give Her Butterfly Wings girls room ideas

You can pick bright colours or soft pastels for an exciting, beautiful room design for girl. You can try different colours and arrange them however you like.

Light It Up!

Light It Up room design for girls

Make your daughter bedroom design dreamy with fairy lights and festoon lights. It’s an easy way to make the room feel nice.

Light It Up girl kids bedroom ideas

Wrap fairy lights around a window or hang festoon lights from the ceiling.

Light It Up room decor ideas for girls

You can add some natural stuff like earthy colours and fibres to make cool wall patterns.

Light It Up beautiful rooms for girls

Your girl will love it, and it’s the perfect kids bedroom design for girls to make the room a relaxing and happy space.

Maximise Space In sStyle!

Maximise Space In sStyle room design for girls

Try unconventional storage ideas for your girl’s room. Opt for trendy ottomans that add a unique touch and provide clever storage options.

Maximise Space In sStyle girl kids bedroom ideas

Another smart choice for your girls room ideas is under-bed storage ' a discreet way to keep things organised.

Maximise Space In sStyle room decor ideas for girls 

These creative solutions ensure your daughter’s room stays neat and stylish.


These cool ideas will make your girl’s room awesome. Each idea makes her room special, from cosy wood vibes to fun swings and funky prints. It’s like telling a story through her room'full of magic and possibilities. Try them out, let her room be her own, and see the magic happen! While you can use your crafty skills to give your daughter a world full of possibilities, you can also swirl your wand and let it get done by professionals. Interior Company is just a call away from revamping your daughter’s room and your whole home!

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    What's a trendy and nature-inspired theme for a girl's room?

    Opt for a safari-themed bed to encourage imagination and creative play with exotic animal features.

    How can I achieve a modern yet timeless look for the girl's room?

    Embrace Scandinavian design with a single colour palette, incorporating grey linens and white accent accessories.

    What's a cost-effective way to modify a girls room's interiors?

    Use wallpaper murals to transform the space and add shelves, stuffed toys, and wall art for a modern look.

    How can I introduce a touch of elegance to the room?

    Add a minimalistic butterfly decoration on the walls for a graceful and charming effect.

    What's a creative storage solution for a girl's room with limited space?

    Consider unconventional storage like ottomans or under-bed storage to maximise available space.