Living Room Interior Designs

Contrary to popular definitions, there is more to a family or living room design than just sofa sets and an entertainment unit. One of the most astir areas is if the house must look top-notch. A living room is a large open space usually used to entertain guests or for the family to engage together. It is important to create a room tailored to suit the family's requirements. With an array of living room interior design ideas, Interior Company understands your every requirement.

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Used for leisure, and entertainment, the living room is a multi-functional space that represents you. Choose from several themes with the Interior Company.

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Explore Several Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is first defined by its use and then by the elements that physically define the space. Timeless spaces aren’t created with anything that is a fad and gets outdated easily. Interior Company focuses on perennial and chic living room design. Adhering to the basics of different themes and mastery in design Interior Company will bring out the best of your
Indian living room ideas

Steps to Design Your Desired Living Room

Design the living room interior that will leave people awestruck with these simple steps: 

Select a Style and Layout 

Selecting a layout and the style you want for your living room interior is the first and most important thing that one should do. Idolise the designs that you think can fit with your fashion and the space of your living room.

Select an Appropriate Colour Palette

Room colour can impact our moods and our thoughts which apparently can affect one in several ways. Choose a light pastel palette or colours like orange, yellow, green and red to attract good Feng shui. It's suggested to get the best colour combinations and feng shui-compliant wall colour choices from the Interior Company for living room interior design

Key Pieces of Furniture

Indian Living rooms are usually hard vocation spaces where you can spot a lot of wear and tear. It’s important to identify your needs when buying furniture as it is the most pricy one as well. 

Choose items that don’t easily go out of date and colours that set well. The size of your room will also guide your way in designing the living room interior.

Appropriate Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any room. The key to a successful living room home interior design is to add adequate lighting and the perfect mood lighting. 

Latest Living Room Design Trends for 2022

Here are some 2022 trends for curating your living room interiors

  • Make the most out of mirrors – The oldest trick in the books is to maximise a space using mirrors. They make a space appear visually expansive and help reflect more light, making it more ambient. 
  • Decorated Storage – Incorporate storage space to add the extra oomph to your living room interior which in India is a popular way of decorating one's home. Paint a pop of colour and add some decoratives of your choice. 
  • Incorporate Unexpected Colour Combinations – The best home decor idea for living room is to add a pop of colour or colours per se. Pink and Green, Blue and Orange and Purple and Green are some stunning choices. 
  • Add Patterns – Create your artwork at home, mix and match different patterns at looks both chic and classy. 

Five Popular Design Ideas for Small Living Room

Designing a small living room interior can sometimes be hectic but here at Interiror Company we have a solution for everything: 

  • Go minimalistic and follow what’s less is more
  • Get creative with storage, choose sofas or tall shelves that come with storage
  • Use furniture that's visibly light, it makes the tight space appear roomy 
  • Incorporate mirrors in your living room to create an illusion of a larger space
  • If floor space is limited, consider hanging some times like planters, decor or shelves

Best Colour Scheme Ideas for Living Room Design

Choosing the best colour scheme is very important for a living room interior design, it can affect your mood in a good or bad way. Here are some colour palettes you can opt for: 

  • Soothing Shades of Green 
  • Blush and Sky blue 
  • Light Grey
  • Pastel Blues 
  • Crimson and Sage 
  • Tangerine and Beige 
  • Salmon

Exciting Wall Decoration Items for Living Room Design

Discover these tranquil wall decoration items for your living room interior: 

  • Hang up mirrors
  • Showcase a fabric 
  • Large canvas painting 
  • LED wall art
  • Murals
  • Metal wall arts
  • Planter Wall decorations 
  • Hang up some plates 
  • Curate a wall gallery 

Design Your Modern Living Room Now at Affordable Prices

Bringing living room designs to life comes with a cost, But at Interiror Company, we put our clients' concerns first. Contact us today to get the best advice from our top interior designers and create a space that fits your personality and your budget. 


  1. How do I plan an interior living room?

A living room design is very important as it is a space that welcomes you or any of your guests to your house. The design interior should be something that describes you. 

Contact the Interior company to get the best interior design advice that suits you and your home. 

  1. What are the different styles of living rooms?

Different styles of living room interior consist of:

  • Minimalist Style Living Room
  • Scandinavian Style Living Room 
  • Contemporary Style Living Room
  • Coastal Style Living Room 
  • Luxury Style Living Room 
  • Traditional  Style Living Room
  • Rustic Style Living Room
  • Eclectic  Style Living Room
  • Industrial Style Living Room
  • Modern Style Living Room
  1. What's trending in Indian living rooms?

Being focused on the trends, it's best to add contrast, class and fashion to your space. 

Add mirrors to your space to amp up the niche, creating bold colour combinations is also one of the most popular choices for 2022 living room designs. 

  1. What is the difference between a drawing room and a living room?

The prime difference between a drawing room and a living room is that a living room is primarily used by the family for relaxation, entertainment and leisure whereas the latter is used to entertain guests and visitors. 

  1. How can I decorate my living room in a modern style?

Allowing the natural light and fresh air into your living room interior is a major component of modern as well as Indian style. Create that with either floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, french windows or tissue drapery to accentuate the beauty of your living room interior design. 

  1. How can I make my small living room beautiful?

Create a space that has hidden storage, you don't want your nook to look cluttered. 

Add minimalist furniture to your living room interior for allowing visibility. 

  1. What are the elements of the living room?

6 basic elements of a living room interior design are: 

  • Decorations and art
  • Designer lighting or chandeliers 
  • Balanced spaces 
  • Contemporary furniture and comfortable seating
  • Carpets 
  • And wooden elements 
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