Living Room Interior Designs

Contrary to popular definitions, there is more to a family or living room design than just sofa sets and an entertainment unit. One of the most astir areas is if the house must look top-notch. A living room is a large open space usually used to entertain guests or for the family to engage together. It is important to create a room tailored to suit the family's requirements. With an array of living room interior design ideas, Interior Company understands your every requirement.

Chunky Boho Decorating Living Room Design Idea - India
This boho decorating living room features a modern sofa in a pale grey with a wooden coffee table and woven basket. The chunky throw, cushions, and potted plants create a welcoming space that invites us in. The off-white macrame wall hanging completes the look.
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Textured Grey Living Room Design Idea - India
Want to give your space dimension? Take a cue from this living room. The quickest way to liven up a grey living room is the blend of dynamic textures and materials. Woven baskets, knit throws and pillows, potted plants, and even unique architectural details will give your grey living room an effortlessly chic vibe.
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Small Living Room Design Idea - India
This small living room adds a boho-chic vibe with its casual and put-together look. The small tree in the braided basket, green throw pillows and organic elements bring the visual texture and depth to the room. Layering the neutral tones with earthy colours creates a calm and soothing vibe.
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Coastal Style Wicker Living Room Furniture Design Idea - India
Inspired by coastal style, this gorgeous design layout with warm textures and wicker living room furniture makes it light, airy and welcoming. The cane accent chairs with a round coffee table and an oversized rug create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The furnitures simplicity is the perfect background for this living space.
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Beige Modular Living Room Furniture Design Idea - India
Bohemian-themed modular living room furniture is always soothing to the eye, with the colour palette they introduce. Using a neutral colour story along with accents including wall frames and pampas grass brings out the core aesthetic of any room. Lighting accents can also accentuate the interior story when placed in appropriate sections of the room.
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Reclining Wooden Chair Designs for Living Room Design Idea - India
A wooden chair is always an optimistic addition to a beige colour palette. Using subtle and neutral tones along the lines of a bohemian theme, works quite well in a colour story like so. Incorporating warm accent lighting against the visually capacious backdrop, would make the entire layout come together.
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Bohemian But Grey Living Room Decor 2021 Design Idea - India
The colour grey in living room decor 2021 spread like any other trend in the world of interior design. Incorporating greys in a bohemian theme is as intriguing as it sounds. With furniture accessories in beige and white and well organised storage space, the grey wall appears accentuated in an interesting way.
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Pastel Living Room Stand Design Idea - India
Adding a minimal pastel shade living room stand in a bohemian or modern theme would immediately escalate the interiors of the your room. Playing in subtle undertones or pastels gives you the appeal of using visually lightweight furniture with sleek legs. Incorporating subtle or smart storage would definitely make for an ideal addition to the space.
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Modern Open Kitchen Living Room Design Idea - India
Establishing a modern, Bohemian theme in an open kitchen living room would come to life with the use of a neutral colour palette. Make sure to keep the background of the room in the subtle romances of whites, off-white and beiges. The furniture and the foreground can settle in warmer tones or browns, along with the greens drawing the boundary.
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Innovative Wall Frames for Living Room Design Idea - India
While designing small rooms, focussing on the verticallity of the room becomes the prime focus. Using wall frames for living room along the height of the wall, in varied patterns accentuates the height of the room. Using minimal frames with the bare minimum outline would work perfectly for this scape.
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Beautiful Traditional Living Room Design Idea - India
For a traditional style, keep your layout balanced and symmetrical. Rugs make a classic addition to the modern traditional living room. The layered lighting in this space enhances the ambience and brings sophistication.
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Stylish Industrial Living Room Design Idea - India
Industrial ceilings often make a statement because of the out-of-the-box choices, like in this living room. The exposed ductwork, pipes and unfinished woods, concrete and metals are the hallmarks of the industrial-style living room. Plush leather couches, pendant lighting and a sleek coffee table add the style quotient to the space.
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Yellow Living Room  Design Idea - India
A little piece of sunshine in the house, the yellow in the room will brighten the moods of the dullest souls. Muted mustard yellow walls and goldenrod yellow sofas, make the living room a perfect mix of yellow without being too overbearing. With the lampshade and the wall accents painted varying shades of yellow, the pop of green with the indoor plant is a breath of fresh air.
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A Pink Living Room Design Idea - India
Pale pink walls and a rosy upholstered couch make the living room space into a lovely retreat where everyone feels like they belong! Adorned with whimsical accents like the blushing bonsai and the flowy romantic curtains, the room painted in varying hues of pink, appears as warm as love, intimate instead of invasive!
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Subtle Condo Type Living Room Design Design Idea - India
This condo type living room design featuring all things neutral is an ideal amalgamation of subtlety and elegance. The colourful cushions augmenting a grey couch and a wooden centre table makes an apt arrangement for comfortable sitting. This sitting area facing the dining table, a wooden console and a metallic wall accent put the entire decor together in this condo living room.
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Zen Type Living Room Designs Design Idea - India
Zen type living room designs are meant to bring in positive and calm vibes. This subtle living room decor with all things in neutrals speaks of simplicity, calmness and elegance. The fabric sofa complemented with a wooden table, desk and shelves and the inclusion of some fresh plants lend this decor an ideal mellow flair.
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Different Types of Living Room Designs Design Idea - India
A contemporary theme makes an ideal choice out of different types of living room designs. The subtle grey walls in this living room make an ideal base for beige and brown furniture pieces. The black accent wall with beige accessories becomes the eye-catching feature in this living room space.
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Compact Best Type of Furniture for Small Living Room Design Idea - India
Wood is always considered to be the best type of furniture for small living rooms. This grey fabric couch is paired with wooden furniture pieces including a centrepiece, a corner desk and a console table with storage, making an ideal setting for this compact space. The addition of colourful decorative accessories brings in a sense of liveliness and exuberance.
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Compact L Type Living Room Design Design Idea - India
L type living room designs are ideal for compact spaces. This living room with an L-shaped beige sofa that faces an electric fireplace TV stand captures the entire attention. The neutral-toned soft carpet and a huge Christmas tree placed in the corner infuse a splash of colour and cosiness in this subtle interior.
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Stylish Different Types of Living Room Design Idea - India
Beach style is playful and cheerful among different types of living room. This interior decor with a beach theme looks on point and gives you a vibe of relaxing by the sea. The white sofas with blue-white cushions, brown rattan armchairs and a huge wooden centre table make an ideal seaside sitting style in this spacious room.
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Simple Studio Type Living Room Design Idea - India
This minimalistic studio type living room features decor with all elements perfectly incorporated. The plain white walls, grey couch, a simple white TV unit and an elegant pendant light make an ideal style statement in this living space. A dark abstract wall painting acts as an eye-catching feature in this room.
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Soothing Types of Living Room Decor Design Idea - India
County themes are calm and soothing among various types of living room decors. The combination of white and brown in this living area is on point. The leather sofas ensure style and durability whereas the sheer curtains add a dose of elegance to the interior. The patterned carpet, wooden flooring and huge windows bring in cosiness and tranquillity.
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Minimalistic Different Types of Living Room Styles Design Idea - India
Scandinavian theme is much loved among different types of living room styles. This living room space with a grey couch, white walls and a round coffee table looks subtle yet stylish. The inclusion of a bamboo bookstand, a wooden desk and some fresh plants creates a very calming and soothing vibe in this room.
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Minimalistic White Wall Units For Living Room Design Idea - India
This type of multifunctional unit arrangement creates a great solution for an entertainment wall. This loose design layout of a white wall unit for living room with a pop of orange keeps things looking neat while adding a minimalist touch to the room decor.
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Elegant and Minimal Home Living Room Design Design Idea - India
Going with subtle themes is something that a home living room design should cater to when your focus is on a minimalistic theme. You can go for a Scandinavian theme, along with using colours in greys, whites and pastels as well. In addition to this, adding some sleek and chic accent lighting would conclude the entire interior story.
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Chic Royal Blue Living Room Set Design Idea - India
Going with a royal blue living room can be a bold choice to make. Handling the colour palette correctly is what you should be looking out for. From using sharp contrast to balancing them using some neutrals is what we all should be looking forward to. Using a white backdrop against a royal blue living room set is also something that would elevate your interior story.
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Modern Airy Beach Living Room Design Idea - India
What do we do when we need a getaway from the city? We turn to our beach houses. Embracing the portrait of the beach, this beach living room elaborates the natural persona of the location, by comprehensive windows and use of neutral colours. It almost feels like the colour palette is inspired by the beach.
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Minimal Boho Wall Frames for Living Room Design Idea - India
Are you tired of searching for tips that can make your room look smaller? Well, apart from using neutral or light colours, you can go ahead with frames for living room. When used along the height of the room, they accentuate the verticality of the room. This in turn makes your room appear visually more spacious.
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Minimalistic White Units for Living Room Design Idea - India
Minimalism echoes through the flaps of these white units for a living room. While you can go for a neutral backdrop, installing furniture and units in whites as well escalates the theme. Intimate contrasts can be drawn within the interior story of the room with the use of beige and wooden textures.
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Turquoise Living Room Decor Design Idea - India
Nothing can be as cheerful as turquoise living room decor. This room features a turquoise plaid accent wall and cyan fabric couch set making an ideal combination that creates a playful aura.The checkered cushions and throws in white and grey lend a perfect contrast to the sofas. The wooden flooring, a sleek steel stool with a wooden top, a fur rug and an elegant floor lamp complete this subtle decor.
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Geometric Rug Living Room Design Idea - India
In an open living room with a monotone colour scheme, black and white geometric rugs are a subtle way to introduce interest in the room. Geo rugs help delineate space in an open plan living with laid-back elegance without taking the attention away from the rest of the room.
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Serene Blue and White Living Room Design Idea - India
When it comes to complementary colours, blue and white are a striking combination. In this space of muted tones, an enduring blue shade provides added interest while keeping things soft and subtle. From the serene to the sensational, this blue and white living room can be your next inspiration.
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Glittering Black and Gold Living Room Design Idea - India
Black and gold is a classic combination and is still popular in terms of elegance and visual impact. This black and gold living room with the sunburst decorative mirror, golden throw pillows and nestled coffee tables exhibit opulence and grace. Lighting plays a very important role here, and the smart use of ambient and accent lighting adds an alluring effect.
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Muted Beige Living Room Design Idea - India
Beige colours work well as a base, as it keeps the decor looking fresh and styled without appearing dated. For instance, this beige living room evokes warmness and elegance keeping the natural elements in place. Further, the decorative mirror and the stone fireplace accentuate the space.
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Cosy Beach Living Room Design Idea - India
The easiest way to bring the beach vibe into your home is to incorporate the colours you see when youre sitting seaside like shades of blue and teal paired with sandy tones. This beach living room highlights the best of both palettes with warm white walls, patterned throw pillows, an aqua rug and cane furniture that brings depth and texture to the room.
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Expansive Open Concept Living Room Design Idea - India
When it comes to setting up an open concept living room, its important to establish each one as its own space to maintain uniformity. For this define spaces with rugs like in this open floor plan. The separate rugs visually create boundaries defining the living zone and dining zone. Also, it adds texture, brings warmth, and infuses colour into the space.
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Elegant Navy Blue Couch Living Room Design Idea - India
Blue couches are a versatile option that can work in just about any living room layout. For instance, here navy blue couch merges well with monochromes, woods, metals and brass accents. It’s a timeless colour choice that can be easily varied and styled.
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Zen Japanese Living Room Design Idea - India
This Japanese living room has an open-space design with a large window to bask in the sunlight. The room has simple modular furniture, a low-lying sectional sofa, a modular wooden TV unit with a wooden coffee table and a bamboo chair. Moreover, a touch of Japanese-style green plants and handwoven window blinds form a beautiful combination of modern and zen interiors.
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Wooden Accent Wall Living Room Design Idea - India
The light brown wooden accent against the pristine white wall draws your attention and offers an interesting textural contrast to appease your eyes. The grey sofas help the other elements in the room shine, whilst also adding the structure to the room. The grey armchair acts as a refreshing pop of colour in the otherwise simple and warm room.
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Grey Transitional Living Space Design Idea - India
Warm, relaxing, and timeless, the neutral wall behind the neutral sofa creates an environment that makes you feel welcomed and calm. A true representation of balance, the grey indoor plant compliments the grey and black curtains in harmony. A perfect blend of traditional meets Contemporary, the greyness of the room is as comforting as a lie!
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Contemporary Wood Panel Design for Living Room Design Idea - India
A wooden panel in any interior layout appears unconventional, especially in a rustic or contemporary theme. It can be used as a partition, faux wall, cladding, etc. to elaborate the interior story. If you are looking for a faux partition, a wood panel design for living room is probably what you should look for.
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Living Room Bar Cabinets Design Idea - India
In this spacious kitchen design with an island, the island area is converted into a bar. The wooden wall cabinets with exposed brickwork, discreet cabinet built into the island, and a few barstools around them create a comfortable and cosy space. This living room bar cabinet design can elevate your kitchen to a perfect dinner party space.
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Rustic Wooden Cabinet for Living Room Design Idea - India
A wooden cabinet for living room is probably one of the best decisions to make. Not only do wooden storage units satisfy the aesthetic of a rustic themed space, but they also cumulate the functionality of the room. In a room where the colour palette revolved around the amalgamation of deep colours, adding a wooden cabinet along with some warm lighting would be justified.
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Rustic Brown Leather Sofa for Living Room Design Idea - India
Following a raw aesthetic like so, a brown leather sofa in a living room only adds definitive character to the scape. Exposed brick finish reminds us of the earthy character of the interior palette. Using a brown leather sofa along with some warm lighting accents would accentuate the space meticulously.
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Luxury and Fancy Living Room Design Idea - India
This luxury and fancy living room design looks like the penthouse of your dream. Using couches in shades of ivory and off-white is complemented with a faux fur rug, which enhances the interior layout of the space. The floor-to-ceiling window adds a sense of visual aesthetic, inculcating a contemporary outlook.
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Storage Solutions With Wooden Cabinet Designs For Living Room Design Idea - India
Storage is the key element to keep in mind while planning a space-efficient interior. Wooden cabinet designs for living room have grown to be an essential component of any room, with the motive of creating elaborative decor layouts. In a contrasting and ethereal colour palette like greys and browns, using a wooden textured cabinet caters to a comprehensive character.
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Outdoor Living Room with a Rustic Charm Design Idea - India
This outdoor living room features perennials and an old-world rustic charm, making it a perfect backdrop for a house party. The wooden ceiling is an ideal shelter and the brick wall houses a fireplace for those chilly winter evenings. A u-shaped sofa is adorned with multi-coloured cushions and other accessories. The living room is surrounded by nature, making it even more appealing.
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Gray Living Room Design Idea - India
This cozy, comforting Gray living room showcases a gray L-shaped sofa, adorned with cute grey cushions in different patterns and style. The huge plant is welcome pop of colour, subscribing to the newest trend of bringing the outside in. The homely, rustic wall décor makes the already sweet room, as comforting as hug.
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Gray and Brown Living Room Design Idea - India
The beautiful gray and brown living room is a great blend of modernity and rusticity, where the gray walls and the gray carpet brings modernity to the room, and the brown cabinets and the wooden floorings make the space look warm and homely. The large wooden window opens up to a beautiful view of the outside.
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16th century english cottage living room Design Idea - India
Rustic chic, the 16th century English cottage living room is warm and inviting. Decorated beautifully with an iron fireplace and furnished with an open brick wall as flooring, the room is like a hug on a warm, sunny day. Big comfy white sofas add the perfect intimacy to the room. The brown carpet pleasantly adorns the brick flooring. Little green succulents spread selectively across the room, adding a beautiful green element.
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Modern Cosy Living Room Design Idea - India
In a picturesque, modern cosy living room like this, taking a sleek approach to designing is essential. Natural materials and muted tones take centre stage here, echoing the landscape outside and infusing the space with a touch of green thats welcoming and casual.
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Cosy Grey Sectional Living Room Design Idea - India
While you are designing the grey sectional living room of your choice, consider throwing in some vibrant touches with colours like yellow and green to create a playful mood. This living rooms colourful shades add an element of visual surprise bringing a soothing and welcoming vibe.
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Earthy Grey and White Living Room Design Idea - India
The Grey and White living room combination are naturally soothing. To make the colours even more earthy and pacifying, line up the green planters in your decor. The vividness of plants adds more freshness and charm to the room. Also, plants with different heights bring variety and depth to the space.
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Blue Rug for Living Room Design Idea - India
Rugs add texture and cosiness and serve as the perfect finishing touch for any living room. Blue is one for you if you're looking for a rug that brings a calming presence to your living room. A blue rug can instantly relax space, and it's the perfect addition to a living room with a lush green backdrop.
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Scandinavian Living Room Design Idea - India
High contrasts are the hallmark of the Scandinavian style. In this beige living room, a black coffee table and abstract wall art create a dramatic, impactful statement. Cushions, puffs, drapes and woollen blankets are a few key elements of this style. The warm wood tones and cosy mix of textures make the room intimate and welcoming.
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Beautiful Cheap Wall Decor for Living Room Design Idea - India
Interior design doesn't just come with furnishings but with a whole set of how to decorate your place so that it speaks for itself. Cheap wall decor for the living room can be neither thrifted nor found in yard sales. A much more exciting way of getting some will be creating them yourself, taking out some paints and canvases and unleashing the artist in oneself.
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Scandinavian Brown and Yellow Living Room Design Idea - India
This living room is burst with colourful pillows on a comfortable grey Scandinavian sofa that enhances the style of the decor. The brown and yellow living room with a wooden coffee table, open shelving unit, and vintage sideboard lends a warm and rustic look to this living space.
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Scandinavian Glass Living Room Furniture Design Idea - India
Glass living room furniture walks along with themes like Scandinavian, Minimalistic seamlessly. In a minimal scape, using glass furniture only caters to the theme of appearing breezier. Soothing to the eye, the addition of glass furniture elaborates the visual layout of the room, making it appear spacious. Adding some planters can also elaborate the entire space.
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Minimalist White Living Room Chairs Design Idea - India
White is a very versatile colour choice for any home. It not only suits any interior style but also goes in great combination with different families of colours. These white living room chairs provide comfortable seating and the style of modern architecture, sitting perfectly with the minimalist interior.
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Wooden Wall Piece for Living Room Design Idea - India
Inspired by the Scandinavian style of decor, this wall piece for the living room is minimalistic wall decor. Coloured in warm orange and brown, the wall piece blends beautifully with the rooms neutral colour palette. Tints of orange are visible in the rest of the living room, uplifting the wall pieces aesthetic.
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Warm Victorian Living Room Design Idea - India
A short trip to the late 1800s, this living room has interesting gothic influences and intricately designed wooden accents on the wall. The elegant gold and pearly chandeliers is a stark contrast against the beautifully pastel blue and green walls adds depth to the room. Warm rustic floor adds a comforting touch for all the old schools.
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Different Types of Living Room Designs Design Idea - India
Traditional is one of the most renowned types of living room designs adopted by many interior decorators. This living room space with classic printed fabric sofas, a patterned carpet and colourful drapes is filled with royal vibes. A round glass centre table decorated with antique elements adds to the grandeur feel of this space.
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Simple Traditional Living Room Sets Design Idea - India
Straight out of a family movie is what this interior feels. The teal wall paint adds a pop of colour and makes the beige sofa stand out in these traditional living room sets. The wooden polished centre table and showcase cabinet might feel old-fashioned, but they are still evergreen pieces. Add a traditional rug to match the vibe and you are good to go.
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Antique 1930s Living Room Design Idea - India
An antique 1930s living room interior design will make it hard to not stop and gaze at this exhilarating space. Thrifting is a great option if you wish to find vintage furniture pieces like these. Use wall paints like lime green or canary yellow with an added accent wall of traditional Moroccan prints, that will suit well with the idea of resurfacing a decaying interior design.
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Decorative Geomettric Wall Mirrors For Living Room Design Idea - India
Geometric lattice cradles a round mirror in its core to create a wooden masterpiece. This dynamic decorative wall mirrors for living room work as a focal point and enhances the living space. This warm and welcoming design of the mirror harmonizes effortlessly with interior decor.
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Vintage 90s Living Room Design Idea - India
This room layout indeed takes us back to an Indian 90s living room. From using a meticulous colour palette with warm colours to using earthy tones in wooden textures, the entire room feels like you are visiting your grandparents in the summer. The antique furniture and accent lighting only add to the aesthetic.
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Classic 1960s Living Room Design Idea - India
Simple yet regal, this 1960s living room features an all-neutral decor with all elements beautifully incorporated. The rustic wooden sofa set, brown walls, classic prints and golden decorative accessories blend together to create a perfect majestic decor. An antique table lamp, patterned carpet, soft lighting and some fresh plants further add royalty to this design.
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Classic Mirrored Living Room Furniture Design Idea - India
Mirrored living room furniture is meant to bring a luxurious and glamorous vibe to home decors. This classic furniture set of beige sofas, a mirrored centre table, wooden flooring, an antique chandelier and mirrored walls create a royal decor. The inclusion of plants in this grandiose setting brings in peaceful vibes.
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Blue and White Mediterranean Living Room Design Idea - India
This Mediterranean living room is a beauty in blue and white hues. A unique ceiling design, huge windows, and wall carvings form the basis of this layout. A traditional sofa set made of wood is adorned with a mix and match of colours. An eye-catching chandelier, natural plants, and antique accessories steal the show in this space.
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Large Living Room Wall Decor Design Idea - India
Classy elements dominate this large living room wall decor. The focal wall is ornamented with wooden shelves and cabinets in the background. Whereas, a stone wall with a fireplace takes the centre stage in the foreground. This creates a visually appealing layout with multiple layers. The left wall consists of the traditional art of sorts.
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Opulent Art-deco Living Room Design Idea - India
The living rooms that are designed in the Art Deco style evokes opulence and elegance with geometric patterns, large-sized furniture, and metallic details. For instance, this living room features a sofa upholstered in a bold colour and accessorized with throw cushions in a geometric print. Furthermore, accents such as large mirrors, chandeliers, and decorative lamps lend a luxurious charm to the room.
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French-Country Living Room Design Idea - India
This French-country living room features delicate and feminine visual elements weaved together giving a country vibe. The antique chandelier, wood armoire, patterned upholstery, and coffee table are the key elements of the French-country living room to bringing refined elegance into the space.
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Eclectic Living Room Design Idea - India
With vintage black pouffes, pastel yellow perfection and just the right touch of whimsical, this living room is a blend of modern and colourful eclectic interiors. The traditional open cabinetry, vintage music decor, and brown leather couch add a touch of flamboyance and harmony.
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Calm Coastal Living Room Design Idea - India
Coastal design is a hallmark of the timeless use of neutral colours and woven textures. The blue and white colour palette, and organic accent items all add up to create an effortless yet elevated space This easy, breezy living room mixed with coastal decor creates a welcoming and relaxed interior.
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Geometric Rug in Living Room Design Idea - India
In an open living room with a monotone colour scheme, black and white geometric rugs are a subtle way to introduce interest in the room. Geo rugs help delineate space in an open plan living with laid-back elegance without taking the attention away from the rest of the room.
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Luxury Living Room Sets Design Idea - India
The luxe style speaks to us of large art, upholstery and luxe textiles, plush treatments and statement lighting. Create a space that not only attracts your guests but lets them stay and experience the grandiose aura. This luxury living room sets a similar tone, the velvet sofa set along with an opulent glass chandelier.
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White Marble Living Room Tabl Design Idea - India
Straight out of a family movie is what this interior feels like. The teal wall paint adds a pop of colour and makes the beige sofa stand out in these traditional living room sets. The wooden polished centre table and showcase cabinet might feel old-fashioned, but they are still evergreen pieces. Add a traditional rug to match the vibe and you are good to go.
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Spacious Victorian Living Room Sets Design Idea - India
Victorian Living room sets like these are not only a copybook for luxury interiors but can be incorporated with different styles as well. Create moulded wall patterns to add texture and tangibility to the wall. Add some antique Victorian accent chairs to pull together the interior design.
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Spacious Living Room and Dining Room Design Design Idea - India
A living room and dining room design like this one is not only attractive but functional. An open area transformed into a double space can make it more accessible. To sync the entire interior together, one can match the dining and sofa set with the same colour scheme.
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Antique Tall Living Room Cabinet Design Idea - India
Bring back the old charm with this antique tall living room cabinet. This beautifully crafted cabinet keeps your space organised and clutter free. This wooden cabinet unit with a glass front showcases your accessories and lends a warm and vintage vibe to this living space.
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Explore Several Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is first defined by its use and then by the elements that physically define the space. Timeless spaces aren’t created with anything that is a fad and gets outdated easily. Interior Company focuses on perennial and chic living room design. Adhering to the basics of different themes and mastery in design Interior Company will bring out the best of your
Indian living room ideas

Steps to Design Your Desired Living Room

Design the living room interior that will leave people awestruck with these simple steps: 

Select a Style and Layout 

Selecting a layout and the style you want for your living room interior is the first and most important thing that one should do. Idolise the designs that you think can fit with your fashion and the space of your living room.

Select an Appropriate Colour Palette

Room colour can impact our moods and our thoughts which apparently can affect one in several ways. Choose a light pastel palette or colours like orange, yellow, green and red to attract good Feng shui. It's suggested to get the best colour combinations and feng shui-compliant wall colour choices from the Interior Company for living room interior design

Key Pieces of Furniture

Indian Living rooms are usually hard vocation spaces where you can spot a lot of wear and tear. It’s important to identify your needs when buying furniture as it is the most pricy one as well. 

Choose items that don’t easily go out of date and colours that set well. The size of your room will also guide your way in designing the living room interior.

Appropriate Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any room. The key to a successful living room home interior design is to add adequate lighting and the perfect mood lighting. 

Latest Living Room Design Trends for 2022

Here are some 2022 trends for curating your living room interiors

  • Make the most out of mirrors – The oldest trick in the books is to maximise a space using mirrors. They make a space appear visually expansive and help reflect more light, making it more ambient. 
  • Decorated Storage – Incorporate storage space to add the extra oomph to your living room interior which in India is a popular way of decorating one's home. Paint a pop of colour and add some decoratives of your choice. 
  • Incorporate Unexpected Colour Combinations – The best home decor idea for living room is to add a pop of colour or colours per se. Pink and Green, Blue and Orange and Purple and Green are some stunning choices. 
  • Add Patterns – Create your artwork at home, mix and match different patterns at looks both chic and classy. 

Five Popular Design Ideas for Small Living Room

Designing a small living room interior can sometimes be hectic but here at Interiror Company we have a solution for everything: 

  • Go minimalistic and follow what’s less is more
  • Get creative with storage, choose sofas or tall shelves that come with storage
  • Use furniture that's visibly light, it makes the tight space appear roomy 
  • Incorporate mirrors in your living room to create an illusion of a larger space
  • If floor space is limited, consider hanging some times like planters, decor or shelves

Best Colour Scheme Ideas for Living Room Design

Choosing the best colour scheme is very important for a living room interior design, it can affect your mood in a good or bad way. Here are some colour palettes you can opt for: 

  • Soothing Shades of Green 
  • Blush and Sky blue 
  • Light Grey
  • Pastel Blues 
  • Crimson and Sage 
  • Tangerine and Beige 
  • Salmon

Exciting Wall Decoration Items for Living Room Design

Discover these tranquil wall decoration items for your living room interior: 

  • Hang up mirrors
  • Showcase a fabric 
  • Large canvas painting 
  • LED wall art
  • Murals
  • Metal wall arts
  • Planter Wall decorations 
  • Hang up some plates 
  • Curate a wall gallery 

Design Your Modern Living Room Now at Affordable Prices

Bringing living room designs to life comes with a cost, But at Interiror Company, we put our clients' concerns first. Contact us today to get the best advice from our top interior designers and create a space that fits your personality and your budget. 


  1. How do I plan an interior living room?

A living room design is very important as it is a space that welcomes you or any of your guests to your house. The design interior should be something that describes you. 

Contact the Interior company to get the best interior design advice that suits you and your home. 

  1. What are the different styles of living rooms?

Different styles of living room interior consist of:

  • Minimalist Style Living Room
  • Scandinavian Style Living Room 
  • Contemporary Style Living Room
  • Coastal Style Living Room 
  • Luxury Style Living Room 
  • Traditional  Style Living Room
  • Rustic Style Living Room
  • Eclectic  Style Living Room
  • Industrial Style Living Room
  • Modern Style Living Room
  1. What's trending in Indian living rooms?

Being focused on the trends, it's best to add contrast, class and fashion to your space. 

Add mirrors to your space to amp up the niche, creating bold colour combinations is also one of the most popular choices for 2022 living room designs. 

  1. What is the difference between a drawing room and a living room?

The prime difference between a drawing room and a living room is that a living room is primarily used by the family for relaxation, entertainment and leisure whereas the latter is used to entertain guests and visitors. 

  1. How can I decorate my living room in a modern style?

Allowing the natural light and fresh air into your living room interior is a major component of modern as well as Indian style. Create that with either floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, french windows or tissue drapery to accentuate the beauty of your living room interior design. 

  1. How can I make my small living room beautiful?

Create a space that has hidden storage, you don't want your nook to look cluttered. 

Add minimalist furniture to your living room interior for allowing visibility. 

  1. What are the elements of the living room?

6 basic elements of a living room interior design are: 

  • Decorations and art
  • Designer lighting or chandeliers 
  • Balanced spaces 
  • Contemporary furniture and comfortable seating
  • Carpets 
  • And wooden elements 
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