Dining Room Design Ideas

Gather around and savour the flavour of togetherness in an inviting dining space that feels stylish and swoon-worthy. Like the countless recipes, there are infinite ways to configure and decorate your dining area design. Whether you fancy a compact, cosy dining nook or would like to host a feast in an open-plan dining hall design, take cues from our stunning dining room design ideas that'll leave you hungry for more.

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Plethora of Dining Room Design Options at Interior Company

If you’re someone who loves mouth-watering meals, hosting large family and friends gatherings, and geeking on stylish design, then you’re in the right place! At Interior Company, we offer an extensive array of dining room design ideas that give you all the inspiration to create an elevated and elegant design. Whether you're drawn to the farmhouse style, Japandi or the sleek lines of a modern space, our dining hall design ideas cater to every taste and lifestyle.

Dining Area Design Elements You Must Know

When it comes to decorating a dining room design, induce curiosity, bold patterns, and dramatic lighting that recreates a unique look and ambience in the home interiors. Whether you’re dreaming of an eccentric table that adds a ‘wow’ factor or looking for textured wallpapers and modern pendant lights that draw the eye and light the mood. The design experts at Interior Company have compiled an inspiring collection of practical dining room design ideas and personalised tips to curate a lively space that suits your style, taste, and requirements.

Impressive Dining Table Design Ideas That Are Worth It!

Creating a dining room is such a delight where all the conversations, entertainment and joyous moments mingle. From an organic, edgy wooden dining table to sleek glass designs paired with chrome accents or marble tops, let your dining table be the crown jewel of the space with our curated collection. These dining room table ideas have been crafted with practicality and aesthetics in mind. Browse through a selection of modern dining room design ideas by Interior Company that are as unique as your taste.

Different Dining Room Theme Ideas You Should Know

Spruce up your dining room interior design with our plush and astonishing theme ideas tailored by the experts at Interior Company. From Scandinavian simplicity to the restorative earthy theme, relaxing coastal style or avant-garde, contemporary aesthetic, explore our desirable dining room theme ideas that have a flavour for every palette.

Dining Table and Chair Height: A Compact Guide to Know the Standard Size

While styling the dining room design, the difficult part is determining the size of the dining table, chairs, and other decor elements for an enhanced and delightful experience. Whether you’re thinking of buying a classic rectangular table with standard dimensions or looking for a custom-made design, our team of experts assorted the ultimate guide to craft the ideal dining set design for your home.

Various Dining Table Shapes to Upgrade Your Dining Room Interior Design in Style

A good sturdy dining table is the heart of the room that can redefine your scrumptious meal experience. With Interior Company, discover trendy dining room table ideas from contemporary rectangular designs offering ample space for seating and serving to round tables fostering an intimate setting, or striking square tables in compact dining areas, choose your favourite look. To help you with this, our design experts bring a range of dining room furniture ideas that ooze functionality and flair.

Inspirational Dining Chair Design Ideas for a Complete Makeover of Your Dining Room Area

Revamp your dining space with voguish chairs that speak volumes of your style and comfort. From simple to glam, these dining room furniture ideas seek harmonious modernity and innovation:-

  • Sleek and Elegant Mid-century Modern Chairs
  • Plush and Opulent Dining Chairs
  • Vibrant Acrylic Chairs
  • Rustic Charm of Wooden Benches
  • An Eclectic Mix of Dining Chairs
  • Traditional Lattice-Backed Dining Chairs


What should be the size of a dining room?

The standard dimensions of the room depend upon the number of people you want to cater to. From small compact dining table designs suitable for up to four people to medium or large dining room designs, ranging from 12 x 10 feet to 14 x 10 feet or more, provide a comfortable dining experience.

How to position the dining room table?

Ideally, the table should be placed at the centre of the room to create a sense of balance and sophistication. A well-placed and beautifully designed dining table can accentuate your space’s overall look and feel. Consider the size, space of the room, functionality, lighting fixtures and style to make a visual impact in the space.

What is the best colour for a dining room?

If you’re thinking of refreshing your dining space, choose the colours that set the mood and tone for the room. Warm, inviting colours like deep reds, oranges, and yellows make a stylish statement, while cooler tones like blues and greens create a calm, serene atmosphere.

How to decorate a corner in a dining room?

There is an array of decorative ideas, from flexible partition ideas to display units, tall planters or a reading nook with a comfortable chair and lamp that can infuse interest and functionality into the space.

How do I fill the space in my dining room?

Add a stunning console table or bar cart for storage and serving. Introduce wall art or pick a trendy wallpaper that enhances the beauty of a dining room. Additionally, you can opt for decorative shelves or bespoke bookcases that create an alluring focal point in the room. Consider an area rug under the table to define the space and enkindle warmth and texture.

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