11 Enticing Modern TV Unit Designs for Bedroom Decor Elevation

Published On: May 16, 2023

Create an amazing bedroom TV unit design that helps you visualise and add up to your streaming experience.

The bedroom is where you head after an exhausting, busy day. An awe-inspiring bedroom TV unit design creates an aesthetically pleasing space that is tailored to one’s personal preferences and needs. Moreover, it helps you create a unique and personalised atmosphere, creating an easing and enjoyable experience. 

In addition, a TV unit design for the master bedroom can even add value to a home, making it more appealing. Moreover, it is capable of reflecting your personality and status quo. In this blog, we will walk you through several astonishing bedroom TV wall design ideas to make your decor game robust.

1. Woodwork Inclusion To Keep It Mellow

Woodwork Inclusion To Keep It Mellow

This ultramodern bedroom modern TV unit design features sleek and minimalist wooden stripes, creating a largely sophisticated appeal. Featuring a mounted TV on the wall, it consumes nominal floor space. To enhance the overall appearance of the TV, the main area is filled with lush green indoor plants creating a cosy and neutral environment for its inhabitants. The TV here, is placed in the middle of a wooden arch and is complimented by wooden flooring of the same tone.

2. Yellow Draws Everyone's Attention

Yellow Draws Everyone's Attention

This unique bedroom TV unit design features a cheerful yellow colour that easily draws attention. The overall TV unit design is complemented by the warm wooden decor that surrounds it. Along with a wooden rack, drawer and stripes, this unique design showcases suspended wooden lamps that substantially adds the essence of sophistication to your bedroom space.

3. Sophisticated Lighting for a Theatrical Experience

Sophisticated Lighting for a Theatrical Experience

This muted TV unit design for the master bedroom helps you unwind and visualise without hampering your attention. This unique yet stunning bedroom TV unit design features warm lighting rendering a soothing appeal to your room. The wall behind the TV unit features off-white wooden panelling. Moreover, the flooring features the exact same colour tone as the wall ensuring the two blend in unison. With the idea of creating a calming environment, two indoor plant pots are situated on both sides of the TV. The TV countertop has a slightly lighter tone of white to attract attention towards the focal point, i.e. the television.

4. Subtle Design That Takes Minimal Effort

Subtle Design That Takes Minimal Effort

This master bedroom TV cabinet design is perfect for creating a modern and minimalistic look. It majorly features a shade of grey on the TV unit wall with a shade of pristine white applied on the adjacent wall, giving it a contrastive appearance. The TV unit is mounted on the wall and also features a mounted countertop table equipped with drawers. The flooring plays an integral role in home decor, and this bedroom features wooden flooring. All the selected colours are muted except for the plant pot and one part of the shelf that is yellow, bright enough to grab your attention.

5. Monochromatic Effect to Enhance Focus

Monochromatic Effect to Enhance Focus

This awe-inspiring TV unit design for the master bedroom has a lot to be talked about. However, the first detail that sparks curiosity is the textured wall right behind the TV. Slightly darker-toned wooden stripes back up the same wall. Right next to the wooden stripe, a dark grey tone is applied not just on the same but the adjacent wall as well, rendering a classic touch to this space. Moreover, several lush green potted indoor plants are present inside the room, giving it an essence of calmness. 

6. The Essence of Art Deco Architecture

The Essence of Art Deco Architecture

This is a modern TV cabinet design for the bedroom that has factors that are reminiscent of the Art Deco Architectural Style. This design features a mounted TV unit that utilises the space efficiently. However, to provide additional support to the mounted TV, a retro-styled table is placed just below the unit. This bedroom portrays two fascinating details that make this decor more desirable: a suspended light and the textured peach red wall.

7. Go Minimalistic 

Go Minimalistic 

This contemporary style of TV unit features open shelving and a modern design. This bedroom features a mounted TV on a grey textured wall which is complimented by piano black shelves. Mounted TV utilises the space efficiently. However, keeping a countertop of the table completes the decor idea. Here, you can see an off-white wall-mounted table just below the TV units that complete the decor.

8. A Stylish Brick-wall Design

A Stylish Brick-wall Design

This bedroom TV unit panel design will remind you of the mid-20th century when the brick wall designs were a thing. You have often heard simplicity never goes out of style, well, this is the same case. The bedroom features a mounted TV unit and the wall behind it features a brick-style wallpaper. This can be changed as per your preference. A bonsai plant and the wooden flooring compliments the overall appearance of the bedroom. Moreover, the monochromatic table with drawers gives the room a premium touch.

9. Adding Warmth With the Wooden Element

Adding Warmth With the Wooden Element

This modern TV unit design for the bedroom can also be referred to as an all-shelf design. It features several sleeves, giving you the luxury to add as many decoration elements as you decide. However, we strongly recommend you be selective in terms of choosing the decoration element. The wall-mounted TV is situated in the centre and is surrounded by numerous shelves and drawers. In order to help you maintain focus on the television, three white coloured panels are situated right behind the TV. Right below the TV unit, you can see an elongated table touching both ends of the wall. 

10. Dark Themes That Light Things Up!

Dark Themes That Light Things Up!

This dark-themed simple TV panel design for the bedroom is fit for almost every individual who wants to enhance their bedroom decor. This bedroom wall features a subtle tone of grey. However, the most unique facets are the  suspended gold dust lights. Underneath the TV, you can spot a Bohemian table that creates a contrasting effect. Additionally, the floor consists of the exact same toned wood, complementing the overall decor.

11. Stylishly Black With an Elegant Touch!

Stylishly Black With an Elegant Touch!

You can't do epic decor if your room is small – this is a glaring myth, and this small bedroom TV unit design idea can vouch for it. Here, the wall behind the TV features a wooden panel that matches with the flooring. The wall is surrounded by gunmetal grey coloured freshly designed shelves and a countertop table. Moreover, the luxuriant green indoor plants on the shelf and floor enhance the overall appeal of the bedroom. This design idea can be the ideal solution for awkward or tight spaces.

To Sum Up

When it comes to bedroom modern TV wall design, keeping stuff aligned and in sync with your personality and preferences should be the rule of thumb. From woodwork to wallpapering, a modern TV unit design doesn't always require huge capital and effort. There are a variety of design ideas that suit your budget and style. 

We hope the aforementioned TV panel designs for your bedroom encourage you to create an elegant bedroom design. For more information on bedroom TV unit design, contact our experts at Interior Company.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.

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    Which one is better, a light or dark theme for a bedroom TV unit design?

    This is a rather subjective question that hinges on personal preferences. However, in the case of bedroom TV unit design, we recommend using light and neutral colours that help you focus on the TV only. There are some exceptions to this, such as yellow, efficient enough to hold your focus.

    What is the colour wallpapering technique?

    Colour wallpapering is one of the most popular interior designing techniques that require less capital and effort. Moreover, it is easy to install and remove, so if you get bored with it then you can change it effortlessly.

    What do you mean by a mounted TV unit?

    Unlike the traditional TV units where the TV was kept on a table, a mounted TV gets mounted onto the wall. Moreover, it gives it a floating appeal without base support.