10 Alluring Bedroom Lighting Design Ideas

Published On: Dec 23, 2022

From modern pendants to luxe scones, transform your bedroom into a soothing sanctuary. 

The most comfortable cocoon of your home, the bedroom, is where you retreat from daily life's grind at the end of the day. Lighting forms an essential element of design in the bedroom, as is the bedding, curtains, and wall paint. It's a single decorative element that gracefully projects the right ambience and mood. Lighting accentuates the beauty of the bedroom interiors while also lifting your spirits and imbuing you with a dose of tranquillity.

 Picking bedroom light designs requires time and careful planning. Think about the vibe you want to create and enhance your living space. 

Planning Bedroom Lighting Design

The fundamental to a well-lit bedroom is to introduce layering that integrates ambient, task, and accent lighting seamlessly. Combining these will bring your bedroom to life and pave the way for a functional design. 

Layering your bedroom lighting design is the key to creating a perfect ambience, a cove of cosiness and intimacy.

Ambient lighting is the universal illumination of your overhead light that adds elements of warmth and depth to the space. Is it a statement chandelier,  recessed lighting or flush mount lights? Ambient ceiling lighting sets the tone of your room. 

The bedroom is often associated with plenty of activities, from reading, writing, studying, working, or watching TV (Who said nights were only for sleep?). These room light designs with wall sconces, table lamps, and arm lamps provide a controlled light source to illuminate spaces. 

Accent lights are mood lights that spotlight the specific area of the room, whether it be a couch, display unit, reading nook, an intriguing art piece, etc. Layering different types of lighting, such as a table or floor lamps with wall or ceiling overheads, allow you to achieve a blissful aura in the room. 

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Below we’ve curated the best bedroom lighting ideas to get you inspired in creating a dream bedroom scheme.

1. Hang Pendants beside the Bed

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Switch the traditional bedside lamps with practical and visually spectacular pendant lights. These bed light design fixtures are held on a necklace by a chain(s) or rod. When the floor space is limited, think vertically and opt for hanging pendant lights that are architectural show-stoppers. Pendant lights are best-suited for bedroom ceiling light designs from modern glass luminaries to ceramic pieces, these give a touch of charm and luxuriousness to the traditional bedroom lighting design.

2. Floor Lamps Room Lighting Ideas

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Add ambience with a floor lamp that gives your bedroom well-lit corners. They can be a great additional source of light and can accentuate any home decor style. These bedroom lamp designs bring in soft pools of light and are perfect for illuminating dressing tables or reading nooks in your living space. With modern bedroom lighting ideas, opt for floor lamps with adjustable heads and choose shades that give a gentle dispersed light in the room. 

3. Add Glamour with Chandeliers

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A chandelier works in any decor style, whether you opt for rustic, boho, or a more minimalist design hanging down the middle of your ceiling. An exquisitely ornate chandelier dripping from the ceiling adds character and drama to the space (Fan of Bridgerton aesthetic? Regency-style chandeliers are resurging back in the interiors!)

However, there are plenty of modern bedroom lightings, including the chic globe light designs for a mid-century modern style decor or the on-trend beaded chandeliers that bring a slightly laid-back, relaxing boho touch to the bedroom. 

4. Nordic Style Flush Lights

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Moreover, designate a flush-mount or semi-flush-mount fixture for a small bedroom ceiling lighting design that adds a distinctive look to the space. These light fittings are also perfect for an adjacent dressing area or walk-in closet. 

5. Make Way for Oversized Lighting Fixtures

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For on-trend modern bedroom lighting, designers advise thinking big and making a statement with oversized fixtures and fittings. Choose extensive lighting designs that draw the eye up to create a feeling of space and luxury. For instance, pick a bold pendant lamp boasting strong and sculptural silhouettes, creating decorative interest in your safe sanctuary. 

6. Fabric Fringe Lighting

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Or add softness with a fabric room light design to achieve a tranquil atmosphere. There’s something enticing about fabric lighting with all those soft and tonal shades that lend warmth to the bedroom space. 

7. Try Recessed Lighting for Headboard Nook

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Elevate your striking headboards with in-built bed light designs, making them high-tech and an aesthetic talking point. Embrace the latest bedroom trend with a custom built-in headboard that incorporates bedside tables and recessed lights, providing a subtle and dramatic glow to the space. Recessed fixtures can prove to be a sleek choice for room decoration lights ideas while adding interest and ambience to a focal wall.

8. Elegant Wall Scones Bed Light Design

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If bedroom floor space is limited, choose wall-hung light fixtures with an adjustable arm that splendidly illuminate a small section of the room. Wall scones bring an edge to room decoration ideas with lights and avoid cluttered surfaces. Try a matching pair of bedside wall lights to frame your bed to create a tailored approach to bedroom lighting design. These wall lighting fixtures are available in an array of styles, from uber-modern sculptural glass wall lights to shaded lamps, creating a warm and ambient light in the room. 

9. Introduce LED lighting in Bedroom Design

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LED lighting can create a beautiful atmosphere in the bedroom that introduces a subtle glow in the living space. From concealed lighting hidden under the cornice to lighting on the floor, LEDs are energy-efficient bedroom lighting ideas that are highly trending and worth investing in. Further, you can pick and affix LED track lights pointing towards a display shelf, or a piece of art, giving it a structural quality. 

10. Vogue Bedroom Lamps Designs

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to bedroom lighting design, consider ambience and practicality; instil the wall lights and lamps as the style and space allow. Bedsides, table lamps are the most ubiquitous light fixture that provides a warm glow and adds drama to your house scheme. Choose an impactful bedroom lamp design for an aesthetically pleasing space. From classic shades to intelligent-touch sensitive lamps, pick your bed light design and dress your nightstand. 

Factors to Consider with Bedroom Lighting Design

Here are some important pointers to note when laying out a bedroom lighting design

Room Size

A fundamental step before designating the bedroom light fittings is to gauge the size of your room. The light fixture you add must align with the room's scale to create a visual balance in your space. 


Light fixtures can affect the intensity of light it radiates, which ensures to select the shade that suits your needs, from ambient to task lighting. 


Dimmers are a necessary addition to the bedroom lighting design as they allow you to set the mood with added flexibility by adjusting light levels. Moreover, the dimmer switches add a third dimension to your room, a versatile phase between bright light and complete darkness. 

Light Colour

You can change the vibe of a room by incorporating warm lights that keep the ambience soft and welcoming, while brighter lights add appeal to the room. 

Lighting Style

Bedroom light fixtures are available in an endless range of sizes, styles and prices. Add your style for master bedroom lighting ideas. Do you prefer a traditional design or more modern touches? Or you like a mix of both? You may opt to install recessed light for a perfect ambience, or an enticing flush-mount fixture or chandelier may be more your style. 


Bedroom lighting ideas elevate the space and draw attention to details. Add layering to your lighting scheme for a calm and characterful space. Play with the distinct light designs to create more subtle illumination and bounce shadows around a room. We hope these bedroom lighting design ideas exude a relaxing ambience that encourages a peaceful night's sleep. 

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    What are the best light decoration ideas for the bedroom?

    A bedroom acts as a cosy haven where you unwind and relax after a tiring day, and a good lighting scheme should create a comfortable environment during the day and night. Layering light sources add depth and texture to rooms. 

    1. Use pendant lights to save-space bedroom design.
    2. Add Gemotrical fixtures for a clean and minimalist design
    3. Opt for smart technology and advanced lighting ideas to set the mood

    How can I improve my bedroom lighting design ideas?

    Bedroom lighting design can completely transform the space, from a moody feel to bright sunshine that draws attention to details, a clever bed light design can add a wow factor to a scheme. Try to be creative with shape, proportion, volume and materials to create a symmetrical balance in the bedroom lighting decor. Add layering with the pendant, wall and table lights, and dimmer control that will allow you to easily change the mood and atmosphere.

    How bright should be the room light design?

    The purpose of the bedroom light design is to create an ambience that feels cosy and inviting yet functional. For this reason, the easiest way to ensure brightness with bedroom light fittings is to have dimmer switches so you can adjust your lighting depending on the time and mood. According to lighting experts, a bedroom requires around 10-20 lumens per square foot for the perfect amount of brightness.

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