12 Latest and Impressive Marble Flooring Designs for Your Home

Published On: Jan 13, 2023

Marble flooring is a classic design choice that has been popular across cultures for centuries. In the hot Indian climate, it is a great way to cool down homes naturally. Marble itself adds grandeur to a space and also invokes calmness and tranquillity.

This is why we have compiled an impressive list of 12 marble flooring design ideas in the sections below to choose from if you ever use marble as part of your home’s floors.

1. Yellow Jaisalmer Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest 

People can wrongly associate marble with coldness and starkness. However, marble comes in many different styles and colours and can easily add warmth to a space.

The Jaisalmer yellow marble floor design is an example of marble flooring that is perfectly suited for Indian summers and ethnic furnishings.

This design originates from the Indian city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, where this marble can be seen in the city’s homes, palaces and buildings.

Yellow marble also pairs well with natural wood and stone furniture and furnishings making for an elegant, earthy look.

A traditional Indian charpoy or tiled South Indian style four-poster bed will look great paired with warm yellow marble flooring and complementary carpeting, as seen in the image above.

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2. Checkered Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest 

Checkered marble flooring is a simple marble floor design that packs a big dramatic punch. And you don’t need to opt for the most traditional black and white combination of checks either.

To create a more unique look, you can mix in unexpected colours. For example, instead of a white and black marble floor design, opt for unconventional combinations involving blue and pink marble floor design patterns, or yellow and red flooring, for instance.

You can opt for furniture with simple lines and unfussy upholstery and let this flooring take centre stage.

Like this design? Check out Interior Company for more marble flooring designs pictures. Our expert designers will help you shortlist a design that best fits your budget and decor needs. 

3. Black Glossy Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest 

If you’re looking for the latest marble flooring design ideas that are trending, black glossy marble flooring is your answer. ‘Glossy’ is a term used to depict the finish of a marble.

This style of flooring leads to glossy floors, which reflect light and make the whole space appear to be brightly illuminated. They also add depth to a space and reflect surrounding light, making it one of the best marble designs for floor.

Install black flooring in the areas where guests congregate the most, such as the foyer, living room and dining room. 

4. Marble Flooring with Ornate Design

Image Source: Pinterest

The foyer, hallway or entrance of your room is the introduction to your entire home. Using intricate or grand patterns as part of this room marble design makes sense, given the resultant space.

Ornate designs can function as statements in themselves or, in the alternative, inspire the entire room design. 

Choose the option that best meets your room’s colour palette, from simple marble floor flower design variations to gold inlays with geometric designs. Ornate marble flooring designs also look great in the living or guest rooms.

5. Feminine Floral Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest

Florals are a classic choice of design and pattern for marble flooring. This flooring is especially suitable for bedrooms to create a peaceful feel.

Depending on your bedroom design and style, you can choose from Indian marble flooring designs with Lotus, jasmine or hibiscus flower designs or European designs like lavender, roses or cherry blossoms.

Such flooring designs also look great in a spa-like bathroom, creating a tranquil vibe.

You can pair flooring like this with delicate accessories and lightings like crystal, chandeliers, glass vases, stone statues, candles and pastel soft furnishings for an opulent effect.

6. Grand Gold Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest

When choosing a marble floor design for a home in India, the most classic choice of colour is gold. Gold complements the saturated shades of traditional Indian furnishings and colours like red and blue.

However, gold is also a colour that can quickly become a visual overload. To ensure your home looks harmonious, choose gold marble for your room marble design in small doses.

For example, you can combine gold shades in the hallway, as an accent flooring in a small study, for visual impact in a powder room, and so on. Ensure the patterns in your gold marble flooring don’t clash with your furniture and furnishings.

7. Pure White Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest

Marble flooring can seem intimidating to fastidious cleaners because of the maintenance hassle. But the truth is that marble is easily polished, naturally cools floors, and with a little bit of care, is also extremely long-lasting.

Pure white marble flooring is the perfect marble design for a home, as stains and puddles show up easily and can be cleaned up quickly without leaving any residue behind.

And most importantly, white marble floor designs look fresh and impactful. This flooring looks great paired with sleek modern furniture and pop colours and creates an excellent contrast with greenery.

At Interior Company, our experts can help you choose the best marble floor design for home for your unique household needs. Contact today to learn more!

8. Sparkling Green Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest

You can always use marble tiles or affordable non-marble flooring in some areas and save marble flooring for the areas with the most traffic and where you want to make the most significant impact.

This makes it possible for you to create a unique design imprint while still saving money. An excellent marble flooring option that makes a significant impact, even in small doses, is green marble flooring.

Green marble floor design adds an aquatic touch to rooms with the various gradients giving a water-like feel.

While most people use green marble floor design in the bathroom to contrast with flowing water, you can also experiment with green marble flooring in areas of the home that are most exposed to sunlight and greenery, for instance, garden or pool-facing rooms.

The reflections in such spaces will add depth and dimension to the flooring with the colours changing by sunlight and candlelight.

Looking for unique marble floor design for home in India? Contact Interior Company’s expert designers for a consultation today!

9. Geometric Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest

When it comes to modern homes, geometric flooring adds a measure of precise symmetry and calculated elegance to the household.

The most common type of geometric flooring design people opt for in such cases is the standard black marble floor design, defined by its interspersed combination of black and white squares, as seen in the image above the picture above.

You can, however, experiment with other colours for your own house as well, such as, yellow and white, red and black etc. and so on.

If you have an angular or circle-shaped room, the geometric design will act as an interesting contrast and an unexpected design choice. Geometric floors also look great against stark white walls and furniture. 

10. Striped Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest

Striped marble flooring is an excellent option for people to add some oomph to their bathrooms. 

For people who don’t like to take big risks, thick stripes are a simple update to their bathroom’s white marble floor design, as they can even be added to plain white floors and thereby accentuate their beauty.

They can complete the look by extending the striped feature with striped towels, curtains, and bath rugs.

11. Plain Marble Flooring with Decorative Borders

Image Source: Pinterest

While marble floor design tiles are generally associated with opulence and grandeur, they can also be simple to look at.

This can be done by choosing a more textured, tumbled, matte finish or a simple design.

You can go for plain marble flooring with decorative borders to add a touch of grandeur to less obvious spaces like a walk-in closet, kitchen, vanity area or breakfast nook.

For instance, in the picture above, the simple marble floor design is a perfect choice for private areas. Simple designs are also easier to upkeep and update with furnishing changes over time.

They can help you choose new marble designs perfect for your space. You have many options to play with from simple marble floor design tiles to more intricate, bespoke tiling.

Need some guidance on choosing the perfect marble for your space? Get a consultation with Interior Company’s expert designers.

12. Mosaic Pattern Marble Flooring

Image Source: Pinterest

Marble flooring that doubles up as art? Is that a thing? Yes, indeed- there are in fact marble floor design patterns that double up as statement art pieces.

Mosaic marble flooring is a design pattern made up of many marble pieces laid together in a design of your choosing.

The tiny pieces together give the appearance of an intricate marble carpet or portrait and are the perfect choice for discerning homeowners who want their homes to look unique.

Concluding Remarks

You can check out marble flooring designs pictures and show them as inspiration to master mosaic artists or even create your design to be used as a sample. 

When choosing the marble floor that best fits your climate, budget and family needs, consulting an expert is the way to go. At Interior Company, we have designers and contractors to help you source and fit your selected marble design for home. Not all new marble designs are the best for all kinds of homes and budgets, which is why an expert can guide you on maintaining, treating and fixing marble flooring for a longer relationship and reduced costs.


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    Is Marble Waterproof?

    Marble is not waterproof. However, sealing it can make it water-resistant to a degree. In addition, sealing must be carried out regularly to avoid scratches and stains on the surface.

    How To Protect Marble Floors?

    The best way to protect marble floors is by getting them sealed post-installation. Unsealed floors are prone to stains. In addition, you must avoid using abrasive and acidic cleaning liquids to clean your marble.

    Are Marble Floors Slippery?

    Marble floors are generally slippery. However, the degree of slipperiness depends on the marble finish. For example, polished marbles are more slippery than honed, matte marble finishes.

    Are Marble Floors Cold?

    Marble is an excellent conductor of heat, making it feel cold to the touch. This is also what makes it perfect for use in tropical climates.

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