11 Creative POP Design Colour Combination Ideas To Revamp Your Space

Published On: Mar 23, 2023

When it comes to interior design, ceilings (the fifth wall) often get overlooked. Adding colour and texture to your ceiling lends a dramatic transformation in highlighting the decor elements and hiding any physical flaws or installation cavities. Over the years, POP (Plaster of Paris) ceilings have become the designers’ choice due to their versatility and durability.

Explore the endless possibilities of POP colour combinations ideas with our curated guide to escalate your home interiors and reflect your personal style. Read below and get inspired!

1. Gold POP Colour Combination For Living Room

Source: Pinterest

Shimmer your home with a golden POP colour combination idea that encapsulates warmth and character to the room. Gold and white is a fabulous choice that looks pleasing to the eye while making a statement in the living room or bedroom interior. This enticing POP design colour combination, with recessed lights, truly accentuates your space and brings a welcoming notion to the home interiors. 

2. Blue POP Colour Combination With White

Source: Pinterest

Whether you’re looking for a timeless appeal or a modern twist, this architectural POP ceiling colour combination can instantly elevate your living space with a luxe appeal. This show-stopping, coffered ceiling design with soft blue colours creates a serene and energising atmosphere inside your home. Choose glossy paints that allow light to bounce off its surface and add a sheen to the room.

3. Vibrant Bedroom POP Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Wondering how to create a dreamy atmosphere for your kid’s bedroom design? Elevate the room interiors by introducing a mystique purple POP ceiling colour combination that adds a wow factor. In this room, the butterfly design with LED lights works wonders while devising a ripple effect; bringing a magical aura to the room. Match white walls and metallic accents for an elegant look. 

4. Brown POP Design Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Dark colours on the ceiling ooze drama and captivate attention while forming a panoramic contrast in the space. Contrasting shades like dark grey, navy, or brown, when paired with a POP colour combination along with white, create an illusion and cosy ambience in the room. You can also opt for an intricate texture ceiling design that enhances the visual appeal and incite a distinctive look. 

5. Monochrome POP Colour Combination 

Source: Pinterest

Are you looking to add a minimalist ceiling design to your bedroom that endures style and grace? Choose a classic black POP colour combination with white that creates an impactful look while inducing cosinesss to the space. This suspended ceiling design conceals all electrical wiring in small bedrooms giving it a seamless finish. Imply darker shades in panelling or skirting to boost the appeal. 

6. White and Green POP Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Refreshing and soothing, green, the colour of nature, adds a majestic aura to the room. Choose a POP ceiling colour combination for the hall with glossy paints that elevates the room’s aesthetics. Furnish the space with natural decor elements, textures, and a striking chandelier that evokes an energising and welcoming atmosphere. 

7. Wooden Ceiling POP Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

A wooden and white POP ceiling colour combination for the hall lends a rustic charm and elegance to the room. Wooden panel design with recessed lighting boosts the visual appeal of the space, and provides excellent sound acoustics. Whether modern, contemporary, or traditional- the wooden ceiling POP colour combination seamlessly blends with all decor styles while imparting an exquisite look.

8. Elegant White POP Colour Combination for the Hall

Source: Pinterest

White is a timeless hue; a perennial choice for the hall POP colour combination. The white ceiling makes your room look spacious and airy while emanating a sophisticated vibe. These ceiling designs will always be trendy as they can perfectly balance out bold-coloured walls. To choose the right POP hall colour combination, opt for subdued shades of white for a warm and inviting respite. 

9. POP Plus Minus Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Give your living room a luxurious and contemporary feel with a stunning POP plus minus colour combination design that expands into multiple layers. This false ceiling design for the hall, coupled with wood and decorative multi-coloured lights, offers an inviting and dreamy atmosphere. Choose the best POP colour combination suiting your taste and decor. 

10. Peach POP False Ceiling Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Peach and white is a pleasant and lively POP colour combination that is perfect for a bathroom or playroom. Use white for the ceiling and add peach colour on the cornices or in patterns to create an eccentric atmosphere. Take inspiration from this bathroom, where the glossy paint, terrazzo tiling, and recessed lighting visually encapsulates the space while inducing utility and flair. 

11. Textured Ceiling POP Design Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Deck up the fifth wall of your bedroom with unique design and POP colour combination ideas to accentuate the space with remarkable style. With careful planning, flawless lighting placement, and thoughtful consideration, POP false ceilings colour combinations can become sculptural works of art, augmenting beauty and practicality to the space.

In A Nutshell

Enliven your home interiors with POP ceiling colour combinations that work well with the design of styles. They offer several advantages like visual texture, thermal and acoustic installation as well as adding allure to your space. Consider the room size, function, and style to create a spectacular POP design with a colour combination that reflects your taste and personality.


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    What are the best POP colour combination ideas?

    There are endless POP colour combinations to choose from, depending upon your desired style and mood. For a jovial and playful look, try pink and yellow in the kid’s room, uplifting the energetic vibe. For a sophisticated yet elegant look, choose green and white or blue and dusty pink, whilst reinventing the interiors. If you’re into darker tones, spruce up the space with greys, black, or navy to achieve a dramatic look.

    What POP ceiling design colour combination ideas will make a room look bigger and higher?

    Lighter shades such as sky blue, bright white, soft grey, and sage green create the illusion of a higher room. Painting the walls and trim in one colour lends a seamless look that makes the walls seem taller, and a lighter shade of the same hue on the POP ceiling combination brings contrast and dimension.

    How to choose the right POP colour combination for ceiling design?

    POP ceilings can be customised and are relatively affordable than other design options. Consider the room’s size and function, and choose a focal point to create a visually appealing space. You can even mix and match colours that blend to create a unique and coherent look.