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10 Best Two-Colour Combinations for Kitchen Laminates You Should Explore

Updated On: Oct 31, 2023

Are you searching for kitchen cabinet colour ideas that can invigorate your cooking space? Growing in trend, the latest two colour combinations for kitchen laminates are becoming the favourite choice for homeowners allowing them to experiment with bolder shades without overwhelming the space. Pairing the contrasting shades like a neutral colour with a striking hue transforms your kitchen while injecting a personal style into the space. 

In this blog, weve compiled modular kitchen sunmica colour combination ideas to get inspired and add a refreshing look. 

1. Vibrant Kitchen Sunmica Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

The kitchen, aka the 'heart of the home', serves as a functional and socialising place while creating an inviting spree into the environment. Bring your kitchen to life with this bright and cheerful mica colour combination. Yellow and grey shades evoke different emotions and create an uplifting and positive atmosphere. With bold colours materialising in the design world, using a two-colour combination for kitchen laminates adds a punch of personality to the space. 

2. Try Colourblocking in Kitchen Laminate Combination

Source: Pinterest

Using two or more distinct colours in expansive or open-plan kitchen designs creates a striking laminate colour combination. Choosing high-contrasting colours in top and base units accentuates the interiors and gives a refreshing vibe. Colour block brings a modern twist to your kitchenette, adding a personalised touch. Tie the look together with integrated handles and coordinated accent details. 

3. Contemporary Kitchen Sunmica Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

A colour that never goes out of style and is the kitchen designer's favourite, yes, we are talking about the versatile grey. This neutral hue has varied undertones and harmonises well with other shades. Keep the base cabinets a darker shade and lighter hue on the above units for an open and airy feel. Here, the muted grey tones create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

4. Embrace Pastels Laminate Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Pastel shades are making their way into kitchen design ideas. The nude pinks with greys create the perfect balance of warmth and cold while adding a sense of distinctiveness to the space. The sleek cabinetry, marble backsplash and copper accented lights elevate the kitchen interiors.

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5. Sage Green and Cream Sunmica Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn't want a natural hue in the kitchen that breathes life into the space? Sage green has been in trend over the last couple of years, embracing a serene and sustainable look. The soft green hues and cream tones create a comfortable yet elegant design. Here, the well-lit kitchen with chic pendant lights and wooden island designs helps the mica colour combination to stand out. 

6. Monochromatic Kitchen Mica Combination

Source: Pinterest

Are you looking to spruce up your white kitchen design ideas? Choose a contrasting colour, such as navy or black, for a kitchen laminate combination. Darker shades add drama to the scheme and enhance the kitchen appeal. Here, the black cupboard mica colour combination shines off with an open shelving design to create a stunning look.  Moreover, to amp the visual interest, introduce the eccentric light fixtures, marble tops and elegant seating that balances the contemporary look. 

7. Terracotta and White Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Terracotta is the colour of the moment, which is brave yet inspiring. This baked earth kitchen sunmica colour combination lends an organic and energising vibe to the room. The wooden accents ground the look and add a sophisticated finish. If teamed with neutrals or pastels, terracotta adds a sense of depth and character to a space.

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8. Choose Earthy Tones Kitchen Laminate Combination

Source: Pinterest

If you like the idea of a two-tone kitchen mica colour combination but also want to retain the natural character, then combining painted units with wooden finish might be the way to go. Take a cue from this kitchen, where the contrast finishes giving warmth and dimension to the space. Moreover, the kitchen island design adds flair and rich wooden flooring brings visual and tactile appeal to your cooking haven.  

9. Toned Kitchen Laminates Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

Need help finding the best colours for your small kitchen design? Choose the shades that blend in with the furniture, keeping the look streamlined and enhancing the feeling of spaciousness. For instance, neutral shades like beige, blue, grey, and green come in varied tones, from light to dark. Furthermore, ensure that the hardware compliments the kitchen sunmica colour combination while adding visual interest to the cooking space. 

10. Statement Sunmica Colour Combination

Source: Pinterest

When choosing kitchen mica colour combinations, the rich hues with matt laminates work beautifully in modern homes. From cobalt blue to navy, turquoise, and dusty blue, this statement shade lends an enduring appeal to the space. The textured marble on the backsplash and the island brings a sophisticated and contemporary look. The flow of connecting outdoor space enhances the feeling of calmness and serenity. 

5 Tips to Choose Best Colour Combination for Kitchen Laminates

Source: Pinterest

Kitchens are bursting with laminate colour combination ideas to highlight the details and boost the interiors. 

  • Colours alter the mood and vibe of the kitchen space. From adding vibrance to creating an illusion, they draw the eye and add a punch of personality to the space. 
  • Understand what ambience you want to create warm colours, such as reds and yellow, energise the environment and enliven the space, while cool shades, including blues and greens, evoke calming and soothing vibes.
  • Assess the natural light and orientation while choosing the kitchen mica colour combination. For instance, avoid cool shades in the north zone, and for the kitchen lacking daylight, induce lighter hues and reflective materials to brighten the interiors. 
  • Look at the interior design style of your kitchen cabinets- for traditional or farmhouse kitchens, choose neutral shades and natural finishes that blend with the decor. While for modern contemporary design, opt for bold colours to create a high-contrast look or introduce a pop of colour on the kitchen island to add a dynamic vibe. 
  • Choose the right tone, texture, and clever lighting techniques that illuminate the space and provide a sense of style to the heart of your home. 

Enliven Your Kitchenette

Whether renovating your kitchen or designing a new one, select colours and premium quality laminates to create a distinctive space that balances your lifestyle and personality while making your kitchen feel enticing and inviting. Discover more modular kitchen design ideas at Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.

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What are the new colours for kitchens in 2023?

Every year kitchen colour trends change, though earthy neutrals, deep tans and sage green have been having a moment in the last couple of years. This year, the bold colours on the islands, metal hardware, and natural timber countertops are set to be marking their way into the heart of the home.

How do I choose a perfect colour scheme for the kitchen?

When choosing the kitchen sunmica colour combination ideas, consider the natural lighting and the atmosphere you want to create. Darker shades can be cosy and moody, while lighter hues can be pared-back and elegant. Vibrant colours lend a playful and energising touch to the space, while neutral tones evoke calmness.

Which kitchen laminate colour combination is best for a modular kitchen?

Choosing kitchen cabinet colours can be quite a task as they are varied colour choices that create a sense of style and evoke different emotions. Some of the top kitchen laminate colour combinations are –

  • Blue and Natural Tones
  • Green and Cream
  • Black and White
  • Blue and Grey Undertones
  • Terracotta and White.