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With Interior Company, design and construct your dream home. Our interior designers in Pune pave the way for exceptional home projects.
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    Interior Designers

    Our top interior designers create unique spaces based on the client's inclined taste and budget.

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    Project Managers

    Our team of managers provides innovative solutions and tailored services to build cohesive designs.

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    With a perfect amalgam of furnishings, fabrics and decor, our trusted partners play a large role in the success of our projects.


From Concept to Completion, We’ve Got You!

Our in-house designers in Pune devise bespoke solutions based on client’s preferences.
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    From completed homes to modular kitchens, and storage to decor, our top interior designers create spaces that match your vision.
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    We follow a meticulous planning approach with detail-driven designs for construction of your homes.
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    Our top interior designers spearhead quality assurance by extending support after the execution of home projects.

What We Did So Far In Pune

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Distinctive Home Designs in Pune

Resort to our top interior designers in Pune to execute quality decor ideas and add creative touches.

Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

Because building great customer relationships is the best business strategy.


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Basabi Sengupta


2 weeks ago

We are highly satisfied with your experienced workmanship The team is quite professional We pray God for your further upliftment Wish you all the best

Nita bhiwarkar


3 weeks ago

My designer is Vidhi Patel and she is excellent at her work. Whenever we had any doubt or needed any suggestion she was there on time. She has designed all the rooms as per our requirement. Nice design work. Thanks Vidhi....😊👍 Good quality material of laminates and hardware is used. Good work. My family and friends liked it so much. We are totally satisfied with all the services provided. Thankyou Mahesh and team. Well planned execution and coordination Keep up the good work 👍👍

Navnit Khanke


2 months ago

The interior working have profound knowledge and are ready to help you with your vision. Megha Patil in particular has been professional throughout. She has good experience with the line of job. Overall a great experience

Rohan Sengar


2 months ago

Wonderful work done by the company

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We invigorate client
relationships by offering
warranties that last a decade.

Design Trends in Pune

Our interior designers in Pune help you discover your style for your ideal home.

Our Live Projects In Pune

Delve into the round-the-clock home projects and learn more expertise from our interior designers in Pune.

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Importance of Hiring an Interior Designer in Pune

While everything can be DIYed, with some things experts in interiors in Pune are a necessity. At first, you may feel like decorating your living room is an easy task. Throw some curtains, a sofa, a table and some pillows would make the cut. The variety of curtains available in the market will feel like a rock on your head, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a must to hire a living room interior design team to look after the details. Not only will these experts structure your ideas, budget and overall plan into reality, but they will also bring their experience to the table. They will upgrade your ideas, give you budget-friendly suggestions, educate you about the nitty-gritty of architecture and lastly make your life easy in one go.

Interior company in Pune will give you a hassle-free service in just a call. They will work side by side with you, sharing every detail of the project. Our team will also make sure you understand everything about the art of decorating. Our conversation will also include ways to manage and maintain the shine of the decor.

Home Renovation Services in Pune to Build Your Dream Home

Dreaming of a home is easy but building it is a bit of a task. You can sit back and relax, our team of interior decorators in Pune will handle everything. We will first learn about everything you want out of your dream project. Then, our interior design services will revamp your place into a dream come true.

So, connect with Interior Company and meet our best interior decorators in Pune today! You can call us or drop us an enquiry. We'll reach out soon to cover everything. Leaving no stone unturned, we will make sure to bring the best of the world to you from concept to completion.

Checkpoints to Get an Experienced Interior Designer in Pune

There exist a bunch of interior design firms in Pune with a lot of "years of excellence". However, it's hard to gauge their experience. Therefore, we have come up with a checklist that will ease the selection process.

  • Examine the interior firms in Pune's previous work. See if their style aligns with your preferences and if they have experience in similar projects.
  • Request references from previous clients. Gather insights into their work quality and professionalism. If you want to decorate your bedroom, then check the bedroom interior design experts only.
  • Ensure the designer has the necessary certifications or qualifications. Make sure they are licensed to work in Pune.
  • Effective communication is key. Ensure that your selected interior design company in Pune can clearly convey their ideas and understand your requirements.
  • Don't settle for the first designer you meet. Get quotations from good interior designers in Pune for comparison.
  • Look for online reviews or testimonials from past clients to gauge the designer's reputation and client satisfaction. These are just to know if they are good with their clients.There can be multiple reviews about modular kitchen design and other types of corporate and residential projects.

To make it easy for you, Interior Company is the best interior designer in Pune. Connect with us and cover all the checkpoints. Whether it's the whole building or just modular kitchens in Pune, our quality and experienced team will pass this checklist with flying colours.

Why Should You Choose Interior Company for Your Home in Pune?

We can say that "you must choose Interior Company", but why? We're a group of top interior designers in Pune who work well together. We really care about our customers and make sure they will have the best experience. We can help you with all aspects of your home renovation project. From coming up with custom design ideas for the kitchen, living room, and modular wardrobe design in Pune to making sure everything is finished just right. We will also make sure that you are not kept in the dark about anything technical. You can set up an appointment with us at Interior Company in Pune. We're here to make your home look amazing!

Cost of Home Renovation in Pune

The cost of home renovation in Pune can vary. From the fees of home interior designers in Pune to the size of your home, materials used, and more. Everything varies when it comes to home renovation in Pune. However, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 800 to Rs. 2500 per square foot for low-budget interior designers in Pune. Keep in mind that this is a general estimate. It's advisable to get quotes and discuss your renovation goals to get a more accurate cost estimate for your residential interior designers in Pune.


How much do interior designers charge in Pune?

Architects and interior designers in Pune charge varying fees, including consultation fees, design fees, hourly rates, fixed project fees, material markups, and potential site visit charges.

Where can I find the best interior designer in Pune?

When looking for an interior designer’s office in Pune, you can find references and contact information on various websites. You can narrow down your choices by considering the designer’s location and then select the one that suits you best.

Can I have a meeting at my home?

Yes, you can schedule an online consultation with Interior Company by booking an appointment and explaining your needs to them. They can also schedule your meeting with our luxury interior designers in Pune at home if you are not able to travel outside.

What is the starting price for home interiors in Pune?

The starting price for residential interior designers in Pune varies. Although, it may begin at approximately Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs for basic design and furnishing of a small apartment.

What are the latest trends in interior design in Pune?

The latest trends in home interior Pune include minimalism, sustainable materials, biophilic design, open floor plans, earthy tones, smart home tech, etc.

How can I select materials for design?

To choose materials for your design, consider style, functionality, budget, sustainability, maintenance before choosing material. You can also connect to our home and office interior designers in Pune to make the selections easy for you.

How will my site be measured?

Your site will be measured using standard architectural and construction measurements. Assessing dimensions such as length, width, and height of rooms or spaces. These measurements are vital for creating accurate floor plans.

What will be the timelines for my project completion?

The project completion timelines can vary depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

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