8 Creative Lamps Ideas for Children's Bedroom

Published On: Dec 12, 2022

The art of lighting a kid’s room creates an aura while rendering playful aesthetics to the space.  By introducing multiple lighting fixtures that integrate ambient, decorative and task lighting seamlessly, one can create a perfect balance of warmth and cosiness in the room.

From glowing pendant lights to cutesy night lamps, check these children’s room lighting ideas illuminating the space and imagination, day and night!

Night Lights

Night Lights for kid's room

If your kids are afraid of the dark, opt for gentle illumination in their bedroom for pleasant dreams. Night lights come in two design types; you may choose from battery-powered freestanding or plug-in models to comfort your little ones while falling asleep.

The more conventional nightlights are the wall lamps for children's bedroom that are inexpensive and works as bona fide decor to accessorise the room. From bunny night lights to a suspended cloud glowing from within, these kids’ room night lamps cast a soft glow to drift off to dreamland. Moreover, you can also pick an energy-efficient LED version to add a bit of glamour and fun. 

Table Lamps

Table lamps for children room

From enjoying bedtime stories to creating a reading nook, a child's bedroom requires a concentrated light source with adequate brightness to add a personalised touch to the space. Children's bedside lamps are a creative way to induce an accent in any decor. 

There are an array of options in kid's room table lamps that serve as both ambient or task-oriented lighting and feature child-friendly images like animals or objects or are created in vibrant colours with fun shapes and shades to match room decor. In addition- avoid placing the lamps near the table edges, protect the cords, and cover up electoral sockets for your child’s safety.  

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps for kids room

A kid’s room is the most whimsical, colourful and unique one in the home that catch an eye and defines the personality of your little one. Illuminate with alluring children’s bedroom floor lamps to create a functional and comfortable living space. 

Further, add layers of light fixtures that they can adjust to their likings, such as recessed lighting, eye-catching wall nightlights, and lamps for children's bedrooms. Another type of task lighting is the floor lamps that brighten up the space and accentuate the room décor. You may opt for a traditional lamp shade that will focus the lumination up and down towards the floor or an adjustable nook that allows you to aim the beam in different directions. 

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights for kids room

A statement ceiling fixture can make a big difference to your kid's bedroom. Try to replace your standard lamp with a charming oversized pendant or even an elegant chandelier for a gentle glow in the room. The nursery is a great place to establish an enchanting theme with a unique ceiling fixture or suspended light creating the focal point.

Use lighting to tie in colour schemes to create a sophisticated look. This kid’s room pendant light diffuses a soft and warm glow and adds an aesthetic to the living space. While installing, ensure the light isn't hung low enough to hit your child's head as they play. For children’s bedroom lighting ideas, use multiple light fixtures to set up different moods for playing, nursing and sleeping. 

String Lights

String Lights for kids bedroom

The children's lighting ideas are endless that can leave you speechless. With a little bit of creativity and flair in design, add character to the space and sparks your kid’s imagination. These string lights for kids with their magical glow create an appealing atmosphere that makes your little one feel like they just stepped into a fairytale. 

Aside from elevating your kids' room decor, fairy lights draw attention to a particular piece you want to display. Embrace them around bedposts, hang as wall lights, or place them into a mason jar, the quintessential fairy lights bring your kid's room to life. 

Whimsical Lights

Whimsical Lights for kids bedroom

Why not create a dreamy space for your child fit for playtime or bedtime? Imaginative lighting designs such as giraffe night lights or elephant-shaped lamps with dimmer will delight and inspire your child's endlessly creative mind. Try pairing lighting with sparkling effects, like adding little details- stars, moons, rocket ships, clouds etc. using glow-in-the-dark paint to accentuate the space. 

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights for kids bedroom

Ceiling light fixtures with striking designs create a stunning impact in the room. From dazzling pendant lights or chandeliers to subtle recessed light fixtures, choose the one that sparks your kid’s room with light in a fun and stylish way. For evening play time, ensure that overhead ceiling lights for the kid’s room are sufficient to illuminate the space and create a pleasant ambience. 

Another way to add an element of elegance and glamour to your kid’s room is to glow with chandeliers. They come in varied sizes and include different colours and materials, such as paper lanterns, cloud pendants, and rattan lighting fixtures. 

Tips for Children's Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Children's Bedroom Lighting Ideas - tips and guide

Lighting is an essential element of interior design in a kid's room as it provides comfort, functionality, safety, and personality to the living space. Choose the best children’s bedroom lighting ideas that complement the decor and bring visual clarity to the task-oriented areas. Check out below the tips to get an ideal lighting design for your kid's room. 

Avoid Harsh Lighting

When lighting the nursery or kid’s room, opt for soft lighting that minimizes the contrast between the light and the dark, giving the little one’s eyes a much-needed rest. Moreover, the soft glow with diffused lights makes the room warm and inviting. Avoid using halogens and exposed bulbs that can be harmful and may cause anxiety. Instead, choose the shaded wall lamps for children’s bedrooms, gleaming the space.  

Create Light Layers

Make your lighting options varied to brighten the room. A ceiling light, of course, illuminates the whole space; try picking night wall lamps for children’s bedrooms that add comfort and whimsy to your toddler bedtime routine. For teenagers, opt for desk lighting featuring playful animals, shapes, or objects, creating a personalised nook in their room. 

Get Creative with Lighting 

Lighting sources in a kids’ room should be creative and practical. There is a wide range of magical twinkling lights or dazzling glowing fixtures to enhance your toddler’s bedroom.  From whimsical streaming lights, fun lampshades, or charming chandeliers, choose lighting designs that are flexible, and versatile and intrigue them.

Keep Safety in Mind

With creativity, understand the essence of safety in children’s bedroom lighting ideas. Firstly, with baby proofing equipements, try to cover all the socket outlets within a child’s reach and protect the cords. The babies or toddlers can chew loose cords and cables, which is hazardous for their health. Use a cable organiser or attach them to a baseboard for their safety. Instead of incandescent bulbs, choose the children’s rooms LED lamp design which is a much safer option and consumes less electric energy, saving electricity bills. 

Install Dimmer Lights

The serene atmosphere created by dimmed lamps in children’s bedrooms initiates the little dreamer to know it's time to rest. A dimmed lighting allows you to occasional sneak peek without disturbing the little one. These lighting fixtures are perfect for late-night feedings and story-telling. Choose decorative shades for kid's room table lamp to prevent glare from bare bulbs. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, for Your Little Star!

We hope these children’s room lighting ideas spark your imagination. Whatever you choose, have fun and create something unique that speaks to your child’s interest to you and adds a visually appealing look to the space. Design a functional and safe environment that unfolds their dreams and charming personality. For more inspiration and decor ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company.


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    How do you light a kids bedroom?

    When thinking about children’s bedroom lighting ideas consider these ways to illuminate the space. 

    1. Make use of overhead light for a sophisticated look.
    2. Use a floor lamp as a task lighting and to spruce up your ambience.
    3. Install wall sconces to enhance the decorating scheme
    4. Use night lights to provide comfort to your little ones while falling asleep.
    5. Use string lights for a magical glow
    6. Choose a unique table lamp to accentuate the space.

    What kind of light is good for kids?

    Lighting not only illuminates the space but also sets the tone and complements the style. Whether you choose a pendant, floor lamp or fairy lights, pick lighting that enhances the space and adds a personalised touch to your kid’s room. Large pendant lights with soft textures provide ambient light in the room and create the zone as a play area or reading nook within the living space. Fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and wrapped in suspended loops on the bedposts create a magical feeling.

    How do you make a kid’s bedroom cosy and comfortable?

    Whether you’re designing a small room or an expansive space, make it cosy and comfortable with warm lights such as portable table lamps, magical fairy lights, and enchanting kid’s room night lamps to create a cocooning effect.

    Where do you put LED lights in a kid's bedroom?

    LED strip lights create warm and relaxing interiors. In addition, it provides a soft light source that allows kids to fall asleep peacefully. LED lights are decorative and practical solutions for children’s bedroom lighting ideas.

    Which night light is best for kids?

    From night lights that play music (or white noise) to the dimmer ones that will soothe your little one to gentle sleep with pleasant dreams are preferred for children’s room lighting ideas.

    Do night lights help kids sleep?

    Kids’ room night lamps cast a soft glow for your kids to have gentle sleep and add an aesthetic to the bedroom.

    What colour light is calming for babies?

    According to lighting experts, red night light colour doesn’t block melatonin production.
    Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle.