13 Small Home Office Ideas That Will Help Increase Productivity

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

For office workers worldwide, working from home is becoming more common. However, not everybody has a complete basement or extra area to use for a home office design. The excellent news is that a workstation can be set anywhere— for instance, under the staircase or bedroom corner.

What's even better about working from home is that you can customise your workspace to fit your style and preferences, whether that means adding home plants, vibrant wallpapers, lighting fixtures, or cosier-than-normal textures to make your home office a versatile spot.

Check out our handpicked list of 13 small home office ideas for transforming your at-home workspace into a viable, dynamic zone that is as fashionable and exclusive as the rest of your house.

Opt for a Compact Fold-Away Office

Compact Fold Away - Small Office Home Office

This chic and compact fold-away office inside a closet can be used at any point of the day and tucked away seamlessly when you are done working. It is a highly multifunctional unit with built-in cabinets to store miscellaneous equipment and opulent lighting to light up the space.

The door lends the feeling of a secluded, cosy unit- a room within a room. This home office design can fit even in the tiniest of homes as it sits flat across the wall, taking up minimum floor space.

Put Up a Ladder Desk to Save Floor Space

Ladder Desk - Small Office Interior Design

Put the vertical height to maximum use with this small office design. Incorporate a ladder desk which takes up less horizontal space or you can use top to floor shelving.

Ladder desks dramatically expand your floor space by squeezing all your office equipment into a petite storage section. Place an evolving pod chair to complete the look.

Colour Drench to Make Your Office Space Look Bigger

Colour Drench - Office Arrangements Ideas

Colour drenching is a popular and coming-of-age technique for office designs for small spaces. This trend encompasses your home office colour scheme inclusive of the ceiling, walls and even furniture.

You can opt for a neutral palette or a vibrant pop-up, depending on what brings out the best of your creativity at work. For instance, this all-purple colour scheme is beautifully enhanced by adding some fresh lavender flowers to the desk.

The colour-drenching formula creates the illusion of an infinite space, making your small office design look distinct and bigger.

Dress the Space with Floor to Ceiling Curtains

Floor to Ceiling Curtains - Small Office Design

Here is a classic hack to make a small office interior design look bigger by incorporating full-length curtains. An ideal window dressing has the potential to completely transform a space and can never go out of style.

Hang full-length curtains in elegant colour tones at ceiling height to lend the window a taller and bigger look. Set up your small office desk right against this window nook for an awe-inspiring ambience.

Design an Under-stairs Workstation

Under stairs Workstation - Home Office Design

Make the most of every inch of floor space under your staircase by setting up a compact workstation. Customizing the desk and shelves gives you an opportunity to reflect your exquisite creativity in small home office interior design ideas.

The sleek staircase with no risers lets in ample light to make the understair space appear larger and spacious. Bring in well-edited office furniture, functional cabinets and easy-to-access shelves for a dynamic home workstation ambience.

Incorporate Wall Mounted Lights

Wall Mounted Lights - Small Office Design Ideas

It's crucial to have task lighting for a workstation in addition to overhead lighting. Desk lamps work great for this, but if you're short on desk space, you can go for a wall-mounted spotlight. These wall-mounted add-on lights require no rewiring, making retrofit installation simple.

Additionally, table lamps can lend a cosy atmosphere. Place them strategically on neighbouring shelving units for a warm glow or behind the desktop to minimise surface clutter.

Build Floating Shelves to Make the Space Clutter-Free

Floating Shelves - Office Design Ideas For Small Office

Floating shelves have been in vogue for a while for all home types. Hence, why not make them a part of your small office design? Using floating shelves will help you maintain a bright, spacious, and accessible vertical storage area.

These beige wooden floating shelves lend an aesthetic appeal to your tiny nook. Additionally, it helps you to keep your workspace well-organized and clutter-free.

Add Some Greenery for a Calming Vibe

Greenery for a Calming Vibe - Office Decor Ideas

Small home office setup ideas can leverage the incorporation of a few houseplants. Make sure to include a variety of houseplants in your design; real or artificial, you'll enjoy the advantages of having little green accents throughout your area, which can reduce work anxiety and foster focus.

Think about hanging planters or decorating them on shelves to avoid encroaching on a tiny worktable. Although real houseplants typically look the nicest, artificial plants have similar stress-relieving effects without having to worry about watering.

Use Makeshift Office Installed in Murphy Bed

Office Installed in Murphy Bed - Decoration Ideas For Office

One of the ideal solutions for dual-purpose spaces is a Murphy bed. The versatility of the Murphy bed allows you to design an effective home office space that can be seamlessly transformed into a spacious bedroom.

For people who do not want an abundance of space for work, a straight desk design is perfect as it can be easily stretched outwardly from the back of the wall. You can put the additional storage units to use for office miscellaneous items.

Employ Wall-Panelling to Designate a Workspace

Wall Panelling - Small Office Interior Design Ideas

An amazing hack to delineate your workspace in an open floor plan is to embellish the section of the wall you intend to use. What better way to add versatility and style than sleek wooden panelling?

For bonus points, you can use a vibrant colour which is different from the rest of the room to demarcate your small office design from the entire room seamlessly. You can even DIY paint the work desk in the same colour as the panel to create a cohesive visual appeal.

Set Up a Small Office Place Under the Attic Eaves

Attic Eaves - Small Home Office Ideas

The ideal illustration of a space that could otherwise be unnecessary is a sloped roof. Because of the odd proportions, using the half-height ceiling is frequently challenging, but a desk can fit in effectively.

Revamp your loft space into a dreamy home office design tucked under the eaves. A splash of vibrant yellow and an organized desk can transform a storage attic into a petite and beautiful home office. The skylight provides ample natural daylight and a refreshing ambience to work.

Create an All-White Functional Office Space

All White Functional - Small Office Ideas For Work

This sleek home office design in an all-white colour theme oozes sophistication and grace, with each element designed with artistic precision. From the loop chair with white fur upholstery fabric to the dainty white table lamp, continue the theme across all accessories for a cohesive vibe. In addition to fostering a tranquil setting, furnishings with calming white hues reflect ample natural light to make a small office design appear spacious, airy and larger than the actual area.

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Incorporate an Accent Wallpaper

Accent Wallpaper - Office Setup Ideas

Do not shy away from introducing a vibrant home office wallpaper with playful patterns behind the desk. Enhance the visual appeal of the petite space by distracting glances from a messy desk. This is a strategic formula to experiment with the perception of space. It lends a unified and organized look to small workspaces.

From floral motifs to attractive murals, choose from a wide range of classic colour combinations. In case you are not sure about using wallpaper, you can simply opt for a versatile pinboard or clipboard to enhance the visual appeal of your workstation's backdrop.

Unlock Ergonomic Office Designs for Small Spaces!

You can experiment and take inspiration from these small home office ideas to function well in tiny spaces. With careful planning, you can seamlessly build a chic workstation area to increase productivity.

Get creative with a few well-thought-out purchases and furniture selections to deck up the workspace of your dreams. Do not forget the right lighting can do wonders to any dead corner of your house.

Looking for more functional and creative small office interior design ideas? Get in touch with the experts at the Interior Company for design solutions and execution tips.

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    How to decorate my small office design without any windows?

    Mirrors are one of the best ways to enhance a room without windows, apart from lighting techniques. To improve the office decor ideas, opt for a floor-to-ceiling mirror and strategically position mirrors to reflect optimal brightness.

    Which colour palette works best in small office ideas for work?

    It’s crucial to maintain focus in your home office, given the distractions out there. Some of the recommended colours are blue, green, and neutrals. However, green is regarded as an excellent wall colour used to improve focus.

    What are some budget-friendly decoration ideas for the office at home?

    You can use opulent lighting options, rugs, accent pillows, succulents, mirrors and decorative pinboards to adorn your small home office at affordable expenses.

    How do you integrate storage into a small office design?

    From floating shelves to Murphy beds, the possibilities are endless when it comes to integrating storage options into your home office design. Make sure you incorporate furniture that uses each inch of your floor space to the best.

    Where can you put up a small office design in your home?

    A small home office can be designed in any part of your house. However, some of the most neglected yet highly efficient spots are the space under your staircase, the empty corner of your living room or under your attic eaves.

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