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With Interior Company, design and construct your dream home. Our interior designers in Bangalore pave the way for exceptional home projects.
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    Interior Designers

    Our top interior designers create unique spaces based on the client's inclined taste and budget.

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    Project Managers

    Our team of managers provides innovative solutions and tailored services to build cohesive designs.

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    With a perfect amalgam of furnishings, fabrics and decor, our trusted partners play a large role in the success of our projects.


From Concept to Completion, We’ve Got You!

Our in-house designers in Bangalore devise bespoke solutions based on client’s preferences.
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    From completed homes to modular kitchens, and storage to decor, our top interior designers create spaces that match your vision.
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    We follow a meticulous planning approach with detail-driven designs for construction of your homes.
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    Our top interior designers spearhead quality assurance by extending support after the execution of home projects.

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Distinctive Home Designs in Bangalore

Resort to our top interior designers in Bangalore to execute quality decor ideas and add creative touches.

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Because building great customer relationships is the best business strategy.


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in the last week

Sandeep G


in the last week

interiors company is a go to place for your home interiors if you want your Home to become like your dream place. My project was designed well and executed very well and managed by the team.

K Ashish


in the last week

Recently done interiors with Interior Company , they are the Best in current market and budget friendly, customers who are looking for interiors just go for it, Quality materials used are excellent, Few design hiccups during execution but team was enough patience to deal with it. Excellent finish by execution team & final Outcome very good and Site installation team with polite patience till handover with in on time and hassle free work. I would like to thank whole team and hats off for your dedication and support making our house as beautiful with memories. Thank you!!

Chandrashekar Shekar


in the last week

Recently got the interiors done by Interior Company Bangalore. Both design and installation team did decent job. They are all professional in their work. On time delivery, timely updates, transparency in pricing and experience stores are some of the things for which one should go for Interior Company for designing their dream homes.

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With us, you experience the power of ideas, design and craftsmanship come alive.

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Design Trends in Bangalore

Our interior designers in Bangalore help you discover your style for your ideal home.

Our Live Projects In Bangalore

Delve into the round-the-clock home projects and learn more expertise from our interior designers in Bangalore.

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Why Do You Need Interior Designers in Bangalore for Your Next Property?

The best interior design company in Bangalore like ours has always been seen as magic-makers for your property. They make sure every nook and corner of the place is used wisely. They also make things look super cool by picking the right colours and furniture. Not only for a home but also for your office or rental project. Let's say you want to open a party hall, it's already spacious but you wish to make it efficient and flexible for all kinds of parties. That's where Interior Designers in Bangalore jump in! They identify the client’s needs and desires, develop a budget, and provide innovative design solutions for creating functional and aesthetic spaces.

Ask These Questions Before You Hire Interior Designers and Decorators in Bangalore

Before hiring an interior designer or a decorator, you need to ask yourself the following questions -

Does the scope of the work in your property come under interior design? Only structural and spatial changes come under the work of interior designers in Bangalore. In case it is related to decor, consider interior decorators in Bangalore.

Do you know the style and budget you want to go for? Sometimes, one does not set a tone or a budget for interior or decoration services. This often leads to obstacles in the way of the professionals, resulting in delays and no completion. Even if you are not sure of the tone, you can connect to our professionals and seek advice on it, however, it's a must to hire interior designers in Bangalore with a price range decided for your commercial or residential property.

Give Your Home an Outstanding Makeover with Affordable Interior Designers in Bangalore

If you want to make your home in Bangalore look the way you imagined, you should connect to our best interior designers in Bangalore! They are the experts who create amazing spaces in your house. Not only will they make your space fancy, but the team also makes it efficient and environmentally friendly. So, whether you want to renovate one room or your whole house, our interior design company in Bangalore is here to make it happen, just the way you like it!

Skills One Must Have to Be Your Interior Designer in Bangalore

There are many interior companies in Bangalore, but we know picking one can be hard. Therefore, we are here with a list of things that you need to check before hiring a designer for you!

  • Residential interior designers in Bangalore are supposed to be fresh and imaginative. Check if your designer has done out-of-the-box projects in the past.
  • The designer's understanding of how different colours impact the psychology of the consumer is important. From kids to adults and rooms to halls, colours matter.
  • The designer must know effective space planning. It involves optimising the layout of a room or building to ensure it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It's like a puzzle, arranging furniture and elements to fit perfectly.
  • Home Interior Designers in Bangalore need excellent communication skills to understand clients' preferences and convey their ideas. It's essential for collaboration and meeting clients' expectations.
  • The interior designers in Bangalore for apartments must pay attention to small details, like the placement of decor, lighting, and finishes. It is essential for achieving a vastu friendly and cohesive design for your home.
  • Software like AutoCAD and 3D modelling programs help designers create visual representations of their ideas and make precise plans. It's a must to be present in their resume.
  • Not only do your designers know how to make it affordable, but they should also know how to keep it within budget. Keeping track of project costs and working within budget constraints is vital to ensure projects are financially feasible.
  • Interior designers often work on various projects with different styles and requirements. Being open to adapting to diverse design preferences is essential.
  • Challenges can arise during a project, and the best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore must be resourceful in finding solutions that maintain the overall design concept.

Cost of Interior Design Services in Bangalore

Whether it is residential or commercial interior designers in Bangalore, everyone has different price scales. This difference in price has a lot of elements behind it. Things like inflation, changes in any government permit or the commercial pay scale often cause function. Also, the labour cost, material used and source or raw material also contribute to the cost fluctuation. Apart from the external reasons, internal reasons like the size of the property, purpose of decoration, unexpected changes during the process and your expectations from the designer also cater to the overall bill. For instance, if you plan to create Modular Kitchens in Bangalore for your restaurant chain since it's going to be planned and purchased in bulk, you may get a slight relief in cost as compared to renovating just one big kitchen.

Why Go for Home Interior Design Bangalore in the First Place?

At Interior Company, we understand that your home is a unique and cherished dream. Our team of highly qualified luxury interior designers in Bangalore is here to turn your vision into reality. From the initial concept to the final touches, we approach every stage of home interior design with utter professionalism. Our bespoke designs and efficient interior design cost in Bangalore are a testament to our creativity and expertise in crafting spaces that resonate with your style and preferences.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating innovative interiors, our home decorators in Bangalore ensure that every aspect of your home reflects your personality. We believe that your home should not only be aesthetic but comfortable as well. That's why we take the time to present the final result that fits perfectly.

Whether you're looking to install a Modular Wardrobe Design in Bangalore or transform your entire home, Interior Company is the best! Contact us today, and let's walk on this exciting journey together.


How much do interior designers charge in Bangalore?

Top Interior designers in Bangalore fees vary depending on factors like project size, materials, and design elements. Contact our Bangalore interior designers to discuss your needs and budget for your ideal home.

Where can I find the best interior designer in Bangalore?

When it comes to finding top interior designers in Bangalore, Interior Company is your go-to choice. Our seasoned designers excel in enhancing your home’s style and functionality, all within your budget and timeline.

Does Interior Company, Bangalore offer in-person meetings with their interior designer?

You can easily schedule an appointment with our interior design company in Bangalore. Our representatives are ready to assist you in identifying and comprehending your specific requirements.

Can I meet with the interior designers of the Interior Company at my home?

Interior Company provides the convenience of online consultations. Simply book a consultation with us, and our experts will reach out to you to better grasp your needs. Whether you want to come to the office, discuss it online, meet outside or want us to come to your home, our team is ready to cater for your needs while keeping your comfort a priority.

How much can home interiors in Bangalore cost me?

The price of building or renovating a home in Bangalore varies based on factors like size, scope, and materials. Find budget-friendly home makeovers with Interior Company to make your vision solid and alive.

Why hire an Interior Designer for apartment renovation in Bangalore?

Interior designers have the skills and possess market knowledge of the latest trends to help you make the right decisions. You may have an idea or a vision for your home, but an interior designer can build it without any errors. With our team of committed designers on board, you don’t have to worry about a single thing!

How to update ourselves with the latest trends in Interior design in Bangalore?

Interior design in Bangalore is all about making homes and spaces look amazing. We work on different types of houses like villas, bungalows, and apartments. Our team of designers makes cool designs that match what you like. We also upload the latest trends and our work on our website, so you can go to our portal and soak all trending designs.

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