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10 Inspiring Corner Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

Published On: Dec 26, 2022

Living room corner ideas are bursting with space-making opportunities. You would be surprised that these niches have so much potential to decorate with furniture, pieces of artwork, shelves and other decor elements in an elegant way. Keep reading this blog to get inspired with our room corner decoration ideas and transform neglected nooks into functional and welcoming spaces.

1. Custom Bookshelf for Room Corner Decoration

Source: Pinterest

Whether you're a bibliophile or want to create a cosy nook, bookshelves are one of the best room corner decoration ideas that bring an empty space to life. See this gorgeous bookshelf that stands tall from floor to ceiling, and is filled with books and decor items curating for a good mix of elements. Add a comfy chair, ottoman, and a side table to complete the mini-library aesthetic. 

A room without books is like a body without soul – Cicero

2. Floating Shelves – Living Room Corner Ideas

Source: Pinterest

No matter the size of your living room, open shelving is a brilliant hack to update your living room corner ideas. Personalise your living space to display vases, artefacts, books, plants, and more. Shelving provides functional and voguish ways to spruce up your home interiors. 

With DIY living room corner ideas, add texture and colour to your space. For instance, use some rustic log piles or woven shelves to create a standout look and strike a balance between the display objects. 

3. Indoor Plants for Corner Decoration in Drawing Room

Source: Pinterest

Plants are the best decor elements to inject life into the awkward corners of your living room. A dash of greenery can add dimension and texture while elevating the vibe of your living space. 

Further, these aesthetic plants come in different leafy textures, shapes, patterns and colours to give your home an elevated personality. Adding a tall potted plant for room corner decoration ideas brings a strong visual impact to the living space. 

4. Display Wall as DIY Living Room Corner Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Gallery wall decoration ideas has been trending for a while as they drive aesthetic appeal and become the focal point in the living room. What better way to add a little personality to the living room corner design?

Mix and match with large and small frames that create a dramatic look and bring a contemporary vibe. This DIY living room corner idea feels modern and makes a style statement to your home interiors. 

5. Trendy Workspace in Corner Design for Living Room

Source: Pinterest

In the age of the flexible work-from-home culture, sometimes a living room corner idea can lend itself to a boosting and stylish command station. Further, it makes your living room appear bigger because you've carved out zones for different tasks all within the space. To make this work, pop a small desk with a sensible lamp and an occasional chair, and voila! Add floating shelving units for some extra storage. 

6. Leaning Mirror on Room Corner Design

Source: Pinterest

Looking for creative ways to decorate corner design for the drawing room? Then deck up with the floor mirrors that open the space and elevate your home interiors. 

Mirrors are intriguing art forms that create an illusion of space. Make sure that the mirror faces something that needs to be amplified. For instance, plants, artwork, or any other decorative element on the wall. Moreover, for a minimalist style, pick arched mirrors that complement the decor and enhance the appearance.  

7. Accent Wall Living Room Corner Interior Design

Source: Pinterest

If you want a pop of colour in your living space, just painting a section of the drawing room corner is the perfect solution. Never underestimate the power and effect of a fresh coat of paint. It can create distinct zones within the living space, dining or reading nooks, adding dimension and functionality. This feature wall blends the transition from a neutral interior to a vibrant space decked with mirrors and planters.  

8. Decorative Screens for Drawing Room Corner

Source: Pinterest

Another smart living room corner idea, bring screens as decorative aspects to divide the rooms and style the awkward spaces. A folding screen can function like a piece of art and create cosiness in the living room. Further, they are available in a wide range of designs, including geometric, abstract, or striped. With immense versatility, they allow you to add, remove or resize partitions at your convenience. 

9. Home Bar Living Room Corner Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Home bars are a stylish way to use of an awkward living room corner. 

You could easily DIY a similar bar that fits seamlessly into the space. Add a couple of floating shelves to display your wine collection. For a limited space, a bar cart can make all the difference. They are portable easily move to another room without much hassle. When decorated eloquently, they add chic and functional elements to the room.  

10. Dazzle Lights in Drawing Room Corner

Source: Pinterest

Layered lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design in a room, adding aesthetics and appeals to the living space. When it comes to filling empty drawing room corners, use floor lamps to create an ambience and cast a glow onto another feature within your room. You can also use luxe table lamps coupled with the right corner table to enliven the lonely corner. 


Work around the Corner

When decorating the living room corner design, it's imperative that the corner compliments and matches the decor. Simple sculptural additions, eye-catching art pieces and even a refreshing potted plant instantly elevate the living room’s vibe. Take inspiration from the above examples and switch between these corner additions with changing trends and seasons to style your drawing room corners.


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    How do you decorate the living room corner ideas on a budget?

    Some of the best inexpensive options for corner decoration ideas for living are:

    1. Display a Large Mirror to expand the space.
    2. Create a DIY Gallery to make a style statement.
    3. A fresh coat of paint to brighten the living space
    4. Breathe life into empty corners with potted plants.

    What is the best way to hide the drawing room corners?

    If you have an awkward corner in the living room, use it for storage or seating purposes. Design a bookshelf that will take up the entire corner space and add some dimension to the room.

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