Spiritually Inspired Pooja Room Door Design for Your Home

Published On: Nov 6, 2023

Whether we think back to the earliest days of temple conception in the 5th century under the Gupta dynasty or consider the current day and age, the fundamental purpose of a temple remains unchanged: to foster a connection with our inner selves. This connection is nurtured through the cultivation of spiritual energy, often harnessed through meditation and worship. Temples were created as places of worship for those seeking this spiritual connection. Over time, temples, or mandirs, have evolved, and with these transformations, the guiding principles of building a temple that radiates peace and positivity have somewhat blurred.

Today, we aim to redefine these essential guidelines, with a focus on one crucial element: the mandir’s entrance ' its door. The design of your mandir door holds a profound significance as it serves as the threshold through which both positive energy and yourself enter. We will outline key considerations for selecting the perfect mandir door design, and we’ll introduce you to some talented designers who have thoughtfully addressed each of these aspects. Let’s begin with these guidelines.

Traditional Pooja Room Door Designs

Traditional pooja room doors are often made with natural materials like wood, glass or steel. If the mandir main door faces west, or north use metal. If it is in the east use wood with the hint of metal. If you are wondering about the south, well it’s not good to have a south-facing mandir.

Next comes the design. The whole concept of a mandir is to have a well-balanced mental and spiritual well-being. So, it’s important to have a gate with space for light and fresh air. The same goes for the windows. Pick the pooja room door designs with glass and wood which has a “jali pattern”. Also, make sure there are two parts of the gate. Vastu says it’s auspicious. You can go for sliding doors, folding or two small ones on each side. But make sure it’s two.

Lastly, the mandir must be spacious enough to feel positive. Temple door design also needs spaces to open and close without abrupting everything. Also, anything connected to the mandir, be it the gate, or the idols, is perfectly maintained with no cracks or damages.

Contemporary Pooja Room Door Designs

Since we are going to pick the designs that are ideal for your mandir, most of the designs do come with traditional or modern pooja door designs of “jali”. You can use these designs for your windows as well.

Here is a list that will make your design selection easy.

Modern Pooja Room Door Designs with Bells

Modern Pooja Room Door Designs with Bells

As you can see this door is made of wood and has steel bells in it. Plus it has bells at the side of the door that adds charm to the pooja room door designs in wood. This door is ideal for an east-facing mandir. The square pattern makes this room contemporary, on the other hand, the classic golden of the bells makes the overall look just perfect for your pooja room.

Floral Pooja Room Door Designs

Floral Pooja Room Door Designs

Flowers are nature’s best friend, for years we have been using fragrant flowers to please the deities we pray to. From festivals to daily poojas, flowers are ever present. Floral patterns make for the most trendy and traditional pooja room door designs. You can see that carvings make the door transparent and give you enough space for light and air. On top of the door, the side walls are also carved in the same pattern giving the whole area a cultural theme. You can also use the god or goddess you want to pray to as the inspiration for the design, for instance, lord Laxmi loves lotus flowers, so you can have lotus flower carvings on the entrance of your pooja door design.

Geometric Modern Pooja Room Door Designs

Geometric Modern Pooja Room Door Designs

Geometric patterns are the new way to make your home stand out from the crowd. These patterns are very diverse and have the power to make your place attractive in no time. From simple squares and diamonds to integrated designs like this image, this category opens a wide door for you! You can use geometric contemporary pooja room door designs to give the entrance of your home temple under rules of modern rooms.

Fauna Mandir Wooden Door Design

Fauna Mandir Wooden Door Design

Like flowers and plants, animals were also a part of nature. In fact, a lot of gods and goddesses have chosen a specific animal or bird as their travel companion. So, like the pattern in the image, you can select this pattern for your next modern pooja room door design. You can go with birds, holy animals or any other animal you find interesting enough to put on the mandir door. You can also add a layer of curtain to give the room some privacy during your prayers or at night.

Holy Symbol Pooja Room Door Designs

Holy Symbol Pooja Room Door Designs

Holy symbols are one of the most traditional ways to decorate your temple or home. It’s best if you use it at the entrance. If you are planning to make a mandir door design grand, then you can use symbols like the sun, Om, Swastik, Shubh-Labh, and more. In this image, you can see the sun symbol is used to make the door decorative and unique.

Collapsible Simple Pooja Room Door Designs

Collapsible Simple Pooja Room Door Designs

If you are searching for something more than just the designs, then this one’s for you. Collapsible doors can add an eye-catching element to your room without putting much effort. Since they are made by connecting two or more doors, the guidelines also match. On the door, you can either leave it plain or try different designs that are mentioned so far.

Pooja Room Door Designs in Plywood

Louvered Pooja Room Door Designs

Another great way to incorporate a simple plywood pooja door design into your home. The louvred door can add ventilation and light to your pooja room while giving your door a simple yet decorative look. You can choose the intensity of layers you want to add to the door. While wide layers can make it look bold, finer ones can give you a sleek look. Also, you can make a decision about whether to keep the pattern onto half or full door.

Pooja Room Sliding Door Design

Sliding Temple Wooden Door Design

Sliding doors are a versatile way to make your home look pretty and attractive. Choose a simple mandir wooden door design or a creative one, it’s up to you. Make sure the gates are oiled and maintained occasionally for easy sliding. You can also go for glass or metal, depending on your preferences and home temple door needs. The best part is, they take very less space to get installed and working. They are the best for small homes and apartments.

Pooja Room Shutter Design

Rolling Shutter Pooja Room Plywood Door Designs

Like louvred, these shutter doors had a texture no other door could give. To add some fun, you can make the shutter go up or on the side to open the doors to your home heaven. Make sure there are two parts or even parts in the door. They are easy to use and make the most of your roof space. Shutter pooja room plywood door designs are ideal for both luxurious and simple homes. The only drawback this shutter carries is it cannot be designed. You can paint the shutter but cannot carve or put a sticker onto it. If you do so, it can hinder the working of the door.

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In your home mandir, picking the right door design is crucial. The temple’s purpose remains the same, connecting with your inner self and nurturing spiritual energy. To choose the perfect door, think about the direction it faces and use materials like wood, glass, or steel. Ensure it lets in light and air, and keep it well-maintained. You can explore contemporary designs, like those with bells, floral patterns, geometric shapes, animals, or holy symbols. There are also collapsible, louvred, sliding, and rolling shutter doors to consider. Your choice can create a peaceful and spiritual space for your daily practices.

For more such articles you can visit our website. Also if you want to renovate or build a new home mandir, feel free to connect with our experts at Interior Company.

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    Can I use any type of wood for my mandir door design?

    While wood is a common choice, it’s essential to select the right type of wood that complements the direction your door faces. Consider using oak, teak, or similar woods for a positive Vastu influence.

    Are there any specific design patterns that are considered auspicious for mandir doors?

    Yes, according to Vastu, it’s considered auspicious to have a “jali pattern” on the door, allowing for light and air. Also, having two parts to the gate is recommended for positive energy flow.

    Can I incorporate a modern door design while still adhering to traditional principles?

    Absolutely! You can find contemporary designs that incorporate traditional elements, like bells, holy symbols, or natural motifs, creating a harmonious blend of modern and traditional aesthetics for your mandir door.

    How can I ensure that my mandir door remains well-maintained over time?

    Regular maintenance is essential. Check for any cracks or damages and repair them promptly. Keep the door clean and polished to maintain its spiritual and aesthetic value in your home temple.

    Can I install a sliding mandir door in a small living space?

    Sliding doors are a great choice for small homes and apartments. They take up minimal space and are highly versatile. You can choose from various materials like glass or metal to suit your preferences and the door’s needs.

    Are there any specific considerations for selecting a mandir door for an east-facing temple?

    For an east-facing mandir, wood with a hint of metal is recommended. This combination aligns with Vastu principles and enhances the positive energy within the temple.

    Can I personalise the mandir door design to reflect my chosen deity or spiritual preference?

    Yes, you can customise your door design to incorporate elements that are significant to your chosen deity or spiritual beliefs. This personal touch can make your mandir even more meaningful.

    Are there any particular benefits to using louvred doors in a mandir?

    Louvred doors not only add a decorative touch but also provide ventilation and allow natural light into your pooja room. You can choose the intensity of louvre layers and whether to cover the full door or only part of it.

    What is the significance of bells in mandir door designs, and when should I consider using them?

    Bells on the door are considered auspicious, especially for east-facing mandirs. They add charm and a traditional touch to the design, creating a sacred and welcoming entrance for your temple.

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