9 Distinctive False Ceiling Designs for Bedrooms with Fan

Published On: Jan 21, 2023

Do you want to mount the fan to the ceiling but need to know how to do it in style? Your designer says it will ruin the ambience and look of the room. That’s all a matter of the past because Interior Company brings you to the right false ceiling design for a bedroom with a fan.

Unique false ceiling designs for bedroom Indian with a fan will keep you and your guests hooked. These designs include a modern, contemporary and minimalist touch that suits the style of each home. This blog will take you through classic false ceiling designs for a bedroom with fans to upscale your fifth wall!

1. European Style Fan with Effortless Ceiling Design

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This European-style false ceiling design bedroom with a fan is perfect for homes to add a luxurious touch. In this style for ceilings, the design is made from gypsum, giving it an illusion of high roofing. This POP false ceiling is perfect for mounting a fan easily. To make it more attractive, you can add a large circular ceiling style with an attached fan and yellow light illuminating the room. Opt for light colours like white or cream for the ceiling design and a dark-coloured circle ring covering the fan and lights. 

2. LED Framed Fan Mounted on Simple Ceiling

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When it comes to false ceiling design for bedrooms with a fan, LEDs are the right choice. In this kind of ceiling style, opt for POP borders that give a high-rise look with a fan in between. Make sure the fan has a large LED circular lighting attached. This simple false ceiling design for a bedroom with a fan is easy to achieve and is perfect for cinematically styled homes.  

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3. Wooden Fan-Style Bedroom False with Fan

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Have you ever thought about a simple plain ceiling with a wooden fan mounted on top of it? That can now be in your bedroom. This unique bedroom false ceiling with a fan will highlight your house. You can make the most out of the shining wooden style by adding lights in the middle of the fan. 

Doesn’t this style look fascinating? Then, what are you waiting for? Contact Interior Company today and get started with the bedroom false ceiling design fan you always wanted.  

4. Brown-White Ceiling Design with Fan

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Brown and white go well with each other, so why don’t you make it a choice for ceiling designs? This false ceiling design for a bedroom with a fan includes adding hues of brown being mounted on a white roof. Add a fan matching the shade of the roof with a brown board that is vertically mounted. Add lights hanging from the vertical ceiling design to complete the whole look of the beautiful bedroom. 

5. POP of White with a Wooden Dashboard

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This modern style false ceiling design for a bedroom with fans is perfect to go for in 2023. Defining the design, this style is simple to attain for the room. All you need to ask from your interior designer is to go for levelled ceiling style with a lower level of brown or wooden panelling to complete the whole look. Why not get this style for a false ceiling to bring a different vibe to your bedroom, painted in all white? 

6. Dome-Style Ceiling for an Antiquated Bedroom

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It is time to revisit the old royal days when ceiling design mainly focused on dome styles. But this can be the false ceiling style of your bedroom too. Go for dome false ceiling styles with brick-like finishing. Mount a fan in the middle of the domme-ceiling to complete the whole look of the room. Finish the look with old-style pieces of furniture for the room.  

7. Luminous Gypsum-Wooden Ceiling for Bedroom

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This illuminating ceiling is perfect for spaces that lack natural lighting. The ceiling is complete with gypsum that keeps the room cool by locking away the warmth. Furthermore, this ceiling design is perfect for adding multiple lights illuminating the whole room. The wooden touch is like the cherry on the top for this false ceiling design for bedroom Indian with a fan. 

8. Fortress-Themed Ceiling Design with Fan for Bedroom

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It is one of the best ceiling designs to opt for. Being inspired by the forts, it is yet another royal design that perfectly complements Indian households. What makes this design unique is the choice of colours and attention to detail. The whole look is further completed with an antique-style chandelier and old-fashion fan. 

9. Levelled Ceilings for Master Bedroom with Fan

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This multiple levels of ceiling design for Indian bedrooms are one of the most famous styles during the 70s and 80s. This design will accentuate the look of traditional Indian bedrooms. Maximising functionality, you can add five-blade fans to complement the ceramic tone of the ceiling style for the bedroom.  

Wrapping Up

Always remember, when you choose to go for a false ceiling design bedroom Indian with a fan, it is always a good idea to layer it so that the heat doesn’t get trapped in the ceiling. This will also help you keep the ambience of the room cool. Moreover, choosing the design for a false ceiling with a fan should be according to the size of the bedroom. With Interior Company, get to find the perfect false ceiling for a bedroom with a fan and interior design for the room accordingly. Get in touch today and start your journey to choosing the best design style for your bedroom.

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Q. What is the ideal false ceiling for a bedroom with a fan?

Ans: Gypsum is a choice that looks perfect for the false ceiling of a bedroom with a fan. It is an evergreen choice as it is easy to install and maintain.

Q. Can a fan be placed in a false ceiling?

Ans: There are two main ways to place a fan attached to a false ceiling. The first way is to mount and attach the fan to the original one; the other way is by mountain false to the original one and attaching the right fan on top.

Q. Which false ceiling design is the most effective?

Ans: Gypsum false veiling for bedrooms with fans is going to last long and is the most effective design that looks good for all kinds of Indian home styles.

Q. Which ceiling has a cooling effect?

Ans: The bedroom false ceiling design with a fan is used for thermal insulation. Therefore, the gap between the original and the false one calms and cools down the room.

Q. What uses a ceiling fan to cool a space quickly?

Ans: To use the ceiling fan for cooling down the room, you can place a bowl of ice, frozen hot water or ice packs behind the fan wings. As soon as you turn on the fan, the room will slowly start to cool down the whole room.

Q. How can I make my ceiling less heated?

Ans: Layering is a good idea to make the ceiling less heated. This method will prevent the heat from transferring to the ceiling design. As a result, the room will be less heated and the air conditioner will also not struggle to keep the space cool.

Q. Which colour suits ceiling fans the best?

Ans: Crisp white colours are the best to opt for ceiling fans. This colour goes well with all kinds of ceilings and designs.