Kitchen False Ceiling Designs

Kitchen ceiling designs add a visual character to the room and conceal unsightly wires, pipes, and ducts, facilitating your cooking space with a seamless appearance. Crafted with indigenous materials, including PVC, Gypsum, POP, Wood, Particle board, etc. Our kitchen ceiling ideas boost the functionality and aesthetics of the hub of the home. With endless creative possibilities, design the kitchen false ceiling in accordance with the personal taste and style.

Explore Several False Ceiling Design Ideas for Kitchen Space

A modern kitchen false ceiling design can be trendy yet chic keeping the clutter to a minimum. To have the right balance of things, you need to maintain a balance between decor, functionality and lighting. Explore several new kitchen false ceiling designs with Interior Company to create the space of your dreams.

Simple and Classy False Ceiling Designs for Your Modular Kitchen

It might get difficult to choose which design is ideal for your kitchen false ceiling. At Interior Company, we specialise in giving our customers a personalised experience.

Latest Kitchen False Ceiling Design Trends for 2023

Investing in an efficient kitchen roof design lifts up the mood and shows its importance in space structure. Choose from an array of designs provided by Interior Company:

  1. Classic POP ceiling
  2. Modern False ceiling design
  3. Floating False ceiling kitchen
  4. Coffered Ceiling
  5. Pannelled False Ceiling for Kitchen
  6. Wooden Panelled Ceiling
  7. Honeycomb Patterns
  8. Glass Drop Ceiling
  9. Concave POP Vertical Ceiling

Different Types of Modern False Ceilings for Modular Kitchen Rooms

There are several designs to choose from when selecting a kitchen false ceiling design. Some of those designs are mentioned in this list:

  1. Regular Ceiling
  2. Vaulted ceiling
  3. Drop Ceiling
  4. Coffered
  5. Tray Ceiling
  6. Beams
  7. Shed Ceiling

False ceilings are also divided into different types of materials that are used to create the ceiling:

  1. POP false ceiling
  2. Gypsum false ceiling
  3. Wooden false ceiling
  4. PVC false ceiling and
  5. Metal false ceiling

Things to Consider Before Choosing a False Ceiling Design for Kitchen Room

It is advised to consult an expert before choosing a false ceiling for the kitchen. Get in touch with our top-rated designers to create a kitchen equivalent to a dreamscape. Considering the height of the room, the lighting required and the layout of the ceiling structures.

Importance of False Ceiling Design for Your Modern Kitchen

The interior design of any Indian home is a very important design aspect nowadays. It helps improve your home aesthetically.

  1. A kitchen false ceiling provides structure, uniformity and a neat look, also providing a rich quality environment that can also increase one's work efficiency.
  2. Unique kitchen false ceiling acts as a hidden space for lighting, rather than putting them in direct contact with the eye.
  3. It also helps hide away extra wiring, reactors and cables that usually create clutter at home.

Material Required for Kitchen Roof Design

The choice and the type of material which is required for a kitchen roof ceiling design in India usually depends on the requirements and designs. Some types of materials are as follows:

  1. Plaster of Paris or POP
  2. Gypsum
  3. Wood
  4. PVC
  5. Metal
  6. Calcium Silicate
  7. Asbestos
  8. Particle sheets

Explore a Wide Range of Kitchen False Ceiling Designs with an Interior Company

Explore the collection of modern kitchen false ceiling designs, and find the one that suits your Indian home the best with the Interior Company.


Which false ceiling is best for the kitchen?

There are several kitchen false ceiling designs that can be chosen:

  1. Regular Ceiling
  2. Vaulted Ceiling
  3. Drop Ceiling
  4. Tray Ceiling
  5. Beams
  6. Shed Style
  7. Coffered
  8. Ceiling Tiles

What is the best way to clean a kitchen ceiling?

The best way to clean the kitchen’s false ceiling is to splash some dish soap (the one that is liquid is used for washing dishes in a sink) on the ceiling, as some soaps have the ability to remove grease and dirt just by application. Gently scrub the ceiling with a damp cloth to clean away the unwanted. With dry dust collected over the ceiling can also be removed by a duster or a broom.

Which is the best false ceiling for a kitchen which can prevent heat?

Gypsum board false ceiling is the best choice for the kitchen false ceiling because of its list of advantages. One of which is its heat-resistant and non-combustible core material.

Which colour is best for kitchen ceiling designs in India?

It is best to opt for neutral colours for a kitchen false ceiling design.

Should kitchen cabinets touch the ceiling?

It is completely fine if your cabinetry touches the kitchen ceiling design.

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