12+ Best Blue Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls to Improve Your Home Interior

Published On: Jan 16, 2023

Blue is the closest colour to nature; the hue of the sky and oceans, of birds and flowers. Undoubtedly, the inherent peace and stillness in this shade have a soothing impact on all beings alike. Science backs the fact that your bedroom’s vibes are majorly dominated by the colours that embellish it which ultimately affects your frame of mind. Cue, serene blue colour combination for bedrooms.

Choosing this radiant colour is like investing in blue chip stocks that won't make you feel the blues. Too many idioms? Wait till we bombard you with our favourite blue two colour combination for bedroom walls.  

Voguish Blue Hues You Must Try

  • Baby blue
  • Denim blue
  • Indigo
  • Teal
  • Aqua blue
  • Duck blue
  • Marian blue
  • Ice blue
  • Powder blue

Blue Room Colour Combinations in Fashion

Incorporate these trendy blue colour combinations for a tranquil aesthetic. 

Blue and Beige

Source: Pinterest

Hues like off-white, beige, and ivory mix blend beautifully with the majestic blue. These colours also have the advantage of being simple to coordinate with the bedroom’s furniture and flooring, as demonstrated above. The beige creates a pleasing balance in the room with blue as the accent wall. 

Calm Blue and Teal

Source: Pinterest

The accent wall in this bedroom is stunning because they go well together. The tints are applied in various ways and in unique patterns. A hint of neutral hues balances out the colour palette beautifully. Together, the colours create a serene yet lively atmosphere in the room.

Blue and Purple

Source: Pinterest

The bedroom in the reference above has a gentle look to it owing to its harmonious blend. For those who dig the gothic look, use dark and powerful colours to make this combination dramatic and sombre. In either case, mixing these two cold hues results in a tranquil bedroom with an eye-catching appearance.

Blue and Silver

Source: Pinterest

If you want something timeless and elegant, darker blues and silver are the ideal choice. The silver touches in this bedroom do not overshadow the focal blue hue. Because of the cold undertones in both hues, they complement each other rather than vie for attention. 

Blue and Gold

Source: Pinterest

Blue looks aesthetically pleasing with a variety of metallics, not just silver. This chic bedroom is evidence that gold can be just as glamorous. The gold geometric pattern on the focal blue wall creates a look straight out of a magazine. The room feels contemporary and upscale thanks to the bed and navy blue bed and wooden side table.

Blue and Pink

Source: Pinterest

These vibrant hues work well together for a blue room colour combination, you do not have to give it a second thought. The pink wall decor and artwork stand up brilliantly against the pale periwinkle walls. The overall aesthetic is something that dreams are made of. 

Blue and Red

Source: Pinterest

Want a colour scheme that stands out but is also subtle? Making your chosen hues a little softer should be your pick. Blue colour combination for bedroom with red is the ultimate deal. It’s a classic match, especially when combined with white, like in the charming country home displayed here. Blue and red also go well with modern, retro, and Asian themes. It also works well as a colour scheme for a child’s room.

Blue and Green

Source: Pinterest

On the colour wheel, blue and green are positioned next to one another and complementing each other perfectly. You can go bright, but for a more relaxing blue colour combination for bedroom, stick to the pastel blue and somewhat more intense lime green, as in the space created here. The bursts of brown in the wooden furniture and bedding look great against the light blue walls and white trim. 

Sky Blue and Pale Beach

Source: Pinterest

This colour scheme is great when you want to use the colours in your home to make a statement while also wanting them to serve as a backdrop for other décor items to stand out. The perfect combination of sky blue and soft peach epitomises contemporary and understated elegance. The versatility of this blue colour combination for bedroom makes it an excellent choice.

Monochromatic Blue

Source: Pinterest

This navy blue and lapis colour scheme are just as lovely as a starry night sky. Blue is one of the greatest colours for this kind of design template since monochromatic design renders a timeless look. Darker colours give off a sleek, modern vibe, while softer colours give off a warm, inviting atmosphere. Both options are welcoming depending on your personality type. Monochrome magic is a great example of how versatile the colour blue is in interior design.

Pro Tip: A monochromatic colour palette is actually a clean slate to let your interior decor take the front seat. Do not hesitate to embellish the room with the statement and dramatic pieces. 

Blue and Grey

Source: Pinterest

Blue blends beautifully with grey and gives the space a slightly industrial feel. Since the backdrop is subtle with an understated vibe, you can adorn the space with any kind of decor piece, especially the ones that make a statement. The walls’ colour scheme of blue and grey also gives the whole scene a little drama. 

Blue and White

Source: Pinterest

White looks startling when combined with any other pure hue. You may achieve a significant amount of peace with a dash of drama by combining white with a deep shade of pure blue, as shown in the reference above. A relaxing and delightful blue and white combination bedroom can be created by adding nautical accents to the interior decor of the space. 

Blue and Orange

Source: Pinterest

Orange and blue are complementary colours, which means that they are situated on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Do not choose this palette if you want to create a muted or serene aesthetic because when they are combined, they create a strong contrast and a definite dramatic sense. However, blue and orange, when employed as accents rather than as major hues, provide a sense of enthusiasm without overpowering the room. Check out these striped orange and blue bedroom walls for inspiration. 

Blue to the Rescue!

From traditional, antique spaces to modern, contemporary homes, blue hues have the ability to uplift any and all interiors. Hence, it only makes sense to incorporate them in our safe havens; the bedrooms, to create a tranquil ambience. Elevate and energise with a blue colour combination for bedroom walls. For more aesthetic colour combinations for your space, contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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    Q 1. What colour goes with blue for the bedroom?

    Ans. The best blue two colour combination for bedroom walls are white, bright silver, and any other hue from the neutral colour palette.

    Q 2. What are the benefits of a blue colour combination for bedroom?

    Ans. Blue is popularly known as a calming colour that aids in making you feel serene, relaxed, and centred. Its effects are manifold including cleaning your mind, steadying one’s breathing, and lowering blood pressure.

    Q 3. How do you accessorise a blue bedroom?

    Ans. Light pastel colours look stunning in contrast to a blue room colour combination. Embellish this room with accessories like cashmere throws and pillows to accelerate the soothing effect.

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