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With Interior Company, design and construct your dream home. Our interior designers in Navi Mumbai pave the way for exceptional home projects.
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    Interior Designers

    Our top interior designers create unique spaces based on the client's inclined taste and budget.

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    Project Managers

    Our team of managers provides innovative solutions and tailored services to build cohesive designs.

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    With a perfect amalgam of furnishings, fabrics and decor, our trusted partners play a large role in the success of our projects.


From Concept to Completion, We’ve Got You!

Our in-house designers in Navi Mumbai devise bespoke solutions based on client’s preferences.
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    From completed homes to modular kitchens, and storage to decor, our top interior designers create spaces that match your vision.
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    We follow a meticulous planning approach with detail-driven designs for construction of your homes.
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    Our top interior designers spearhead quality assurance by extending support after the execution of home projects.

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Distinctive Home Designs in Navi Mumbai

Resort to our top interior designers in Navi Mumbai to execute quality decor ideas and add creative touches.

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With us, you experience the power of ideas, design and craftsmanship come alive.

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Our Navi Mumbai Clientele

Look what our clients in Navi Mumbai have to say about our services
  • Happy Client
    Navi Mumbai

    Ritesh mohite our project manager was very helpful. Overall experience was good. They are also responsive for service after installation.

  • Happy Client
    Navi Mumbai

    I am still getting compliments on the decor and everyone saying it was the best ever! I will be sure to recommend you to friends. Thank you again for everything!

  • Happy Client
    Navi Mumbai

    From creating the perfect layout to finding pieces I absolutely loved, my designer really took my space to the next level. I never dreamed my home could look – and feel – this good! I LOVE the new design Kajal and Prajakta made for us! They hit the nail on the head and totally read our mind about what we wanted!!!

  • Happy Client
    Navi Mumbai

    Good work

Our Live Projects In Navi Mumbai

Delve into the round-the-clock home projects and learn more expertise from our interior designers in Navi Mumbai.

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Meet the Designer
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Importance of Hiring an Interior Designer in Navi Mumbai

Charting out the interiors of a space can be difficult especially when putting together the colour palettes, and mood board fabrics, etc. This is where you can really use the help of a professional and get yourself a perfectly designed space.

Interior Company houses the best interior designers in Navi Mumbai, who are highly familiar with the latest design trends and their execution. This would make it easier for you to enjoy these trends in your home. Here are more reasons, why you need an interior designer for your home interiors in Navi Mumbai:

  1. Expertise: A professional interior designer not only comes with updated trends but also the expertise of marrying functionality to your vision. Apart from this, you won't be tricked into paying more money and you can get everything done under your estimated budget.
  2. Customised Solutions- Our team of home interior designers and decorators in Navi Mumbai takes the time to comprehensively assess your desires and requirements. Incorporate their professional knowledge and expertise to enhance the practicality and aesthetics of the house. From living room interior design to bedroom or modular kitchen design they maximise layout, handpick choice of materials and finishes and deliver the finest execution.
  3. Relaxation: By hiring an interior designer, you will get a better understanding of design execution, design concept and market rates. Save yourself from mismanagement, chaos, the hassle of selecting everything in between office hours, and so much more. Hiring an architect and interior designer in Navi Mumbai will make your home design journey more exciting.

Renovate Your Homes With Our Home Renovation Services in Navi Mumbai

If you feel like those walls in your house need a makeover, you can get in touch with our experts at Interior Company. Discuss upgrading your home interiors in Navi Mumbai. The Interior Company offers you a team of remarkable interior designers in Navi Mumbai that assist you throughout the process, right from the concept to the execution. The professionals ensure all your needs and requirements are met, all within a budget. They offer creative solutions and handpick valuable materials and finishes that come within your budget range while ensuring every design is prepared with the utmost care, specification, and attention to detail.

What Experience and Qualities Must an Interior Designer in Navi Mumbai Have?

For home construction or renovation, one must always look out for experience when choosing an interior designer. Apart from designing skills, the design expert must also be remarkable in communication, vendor dealing, management, etc. There might be a possibility that some professionals might try to overpower your choices. But, you need to make sure to choose an interior designer in Navi Mumbai who would understand and align with your thought trail. The best quality of top interior designers specialize in layout planning and seamlessly blending creativity with the latest knowledge. They collaborate with decorators and interior contractors in Navi Mumbai, combining their efforts to create a desired aesthetic for homeowners that aligns with their personal preferences and budget constraints.

Why Choose an Interior Company for Your Home Interior Design in Navi Mumbai?

Choose Interior Company! Why, though? Not only are we a cohesive community of experienced and skillful designers, but more importantly, we value our customers. Get complete assistance with designs that align with your thoughts, budget, etc. So, without further delay, book your appointment with Interior Company for your home interiors in Navi Mumbai.

Explain the Importance of Interior Design Services in Navi Mumbai

Interior design has the power to amplify a space. While you can completely change the outlook of a space, interior design allows you to layer, fraction and induce multiple themes to make a room appear more charismatic. Interior Company in Navi Mumbai will paint your room red. So without any delay, go book home renovation services in Navi Mumbai and get your room styled freshly.

Cost of Interior Design in Navi Mumbai?

If you wish to decorate your space or refurbish your existing home, the cost of interiors oscillates per square foot. The price is also directly proportional to the quality of materials and finishes, the designer’s experience, your requirements, and the time frame you have in mind.


How much do interior designers charge in Navi Mumbai?

Depending on the interior designer you choose, your preferences, scale of thought, area size and scope of work, the charges of designers will vary. On an average, a home interior designer in Navi Mumbai charges as per square feet.

Where can I find the best interior designer in Navi Mumbai?

If you are thinking of upgrading your home or designing a new space, get references or search on the internet. You can filter out the designers based on the locality and then you can pin your best option. Interior Company houses top interior designers in Navi Mumbai, providing bespoke solutions and crafting designs in accordance with your needs and desires.

Can I have a meeting at my home?

You can get your offline or online consultation from Interior Company, after booking yourself an appointment with the designer, our experts will assist you in identifying and comprehending your specific needs and desires.

What is the starting price for home interiors in Navi Mumbai?

The cost of interior designing depends on the requirements, the design’s scale, the designer’s experience, location, size, materials, specific timeline, etc. Find low-budget interior designers in Navi Mumbai at Interior Company that can bring your envisioned plans to completion.

What are the latest trends in Interior design in Navi Mumbai?

Trends in Navi Mumbai are highly driven by the crux aesthetics of the city. The fabric of Navi Mumbai captures an amalgamation of vintage and design fads, and that’s where most inspirations come from. As trends come and go you need to stay ahead of the curve, our top interior designers in Navi Mumbai create refined and cosy home interiors that are customised to their likeness and style.

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