9 Modern Four Poster Bed Decor Ideas

Published On: Feb 8, 2023

Are you picturing a four poster bed right now? Because we are. Associated with luxury, vintage and grandeur, these four poster beds are exactly like what we are thinking. Referred to as the “bed of kings” or “king of beds”, these vintage dipped beds go back to the 14th and 15th centuries and were designed for nobility. While the bed's fabric has evolved with time, the character of this furniture piece has stayed intact and speaks a lot about its history and impact in the world of interior design.

There are numerous ways a four poster bed can be used. While these beds solely create contemporary and characteristic purposes in an interior frame, dramatising it won’t be the worst thing. From piquing advancement in material, structure and touches, the evolution of these beds has created a traditional story and essence, thereby preserving an era. 

1. The Heritage Chamber:

The Heritage Chamber

We all know how wooden contemporary four poster beds remind us of heritage, transforming the bedroom into an opulent chamber. This luxurious and traditional design has an imposing height with posts reaching from floor to ceiling. The adjoining panels on top also add a decorative touch, while wooden bed rails are responsible for offering structural support. 

2. A Contemporary Twist to the Four Poster Beds

A Contemporary Twist to the Four Poster Beds

Bringing essence from the contemporary aesthetic, these four poster beds relish angular cross-beams, replacing the traditional posts and columns. In this bed type, the bed base is invisible, and the posts travel vertically to the ceiling, making it appear like a floating bed. Other sleek additions that can be added to this bed design headboard with sleek slates and a trolley table that sits at the foot of the bed, replacing the classic ottoman. 

3. Carved Headboards

Carved Headboards

Inspired by the traditional 4-post bed designs, the idea of intricately carved or designed posts came into the picture. While the bed’s classic design recites grandeur and luxury simultaneously, adding sheer curtains induces a poetic disparity. On one side, the curtains isolate the frame but speak of romantic freedom on the other side. The fabric also breaks the monotony of the woodwork, adding an interesting character to this luxury four poster bed. 

4. Steel Posts

Steel Posts

This modern poster bed includes a wooden base with sleek and cylindrical posts. The entire design theory might remind you of canopies without curtains, but using them makes the bed design turn towards minimalism and modernity. While metals like steel bring definition to the table, adding an upholstered headboard perfectly balances this frame.  

5. 4-Poster Bed For Kids

Poster Bed For Kids

It is unnecessary to stick to the basics when discussing poster beds. While you might go crazy over interior themes, do not hesitate to paint these poster beds the same. Be it a kids' themed ocean blues and whites or vibrant yellow and pinks, drape the four poster bed design in the same contemporary silhouette. 

6. Antique Beds With Posts

Antique Beds With Posts

Using a dark wooden bed leaves it swinging between modern and vintage fabric textures. At the same time, classic materials escalate the poster beds without any intricate carving or design. The beds can be seen standing upright with only flowy silhouettes swaying parallel to the curtains, bringing a balanced sense of romance between the fabrics. The subtle use of these textures makes it apt for the eyes and not too much to occupy visual character. If you are looking for a contemporary twist, you can add a metal headboard and coincide it with the complete design frame. 

7. Ornating four poster beds

Ornating four poster beds

This four poster bed decorating idea registers a canopy-type ornate fabric that sways from the top and drapes by gravity on the sides. Inclusive of turned legs and vertical head posts, these elements are intricately ornated by carvings. These vertical posts embrace a slatted headboard with carved-out motifs and reflective surfaces to bring an additional traditional component, making it visually appealing.  

8. The Wabi-Sabi Concept:

The Wabi-Sabi Concept

This bed typology embraces the industrial aesthetic while keeping the character unfinished. The posts of this bed are designed along the lines of exposed plumbing with either metal or distressed wood. The shades of grey and blue only add to the rustic yet cool colour scheme. Adding ceiling/ pendant or accent lighting along with some planters cater to the warmth in the ambience. Some gold between finishings would also accentuate the luxury four- poster bed. If you are looking forward to adding more focus to the backdrop wall, you can add wooden vertical louvres as a statement-making character. 

9. Modern four-poster beds: 

Modern four-poster beds

No longer kept isolated to traditionally styled rooms, these sleek modern four-poster beds come with a design layout that appreciates modern designs. These modern and aesthetic designs are wood and have slim tapering pencil posts. The lightweight connecting frames on top give flexibility to the entire system. Adding rings for curtains is another way you can notch up the setup. 

What's Your Four-Poster Bed of Choice? 

While these beds create curiosity in interior frames, these ideas caress the last of them. Using these four poster bed decorating ideas, not only can you build interest but also amplify the character of your interior decor layout. These ideas will take a spin in your bedroom for a while and make you the best attention seekers of all time. Make sure to match the room’s aesthetic with the bed and add some warm lighting that will only accentuate the entire layout. For more design-related details and advice, reach out to the experienced team of the Interior Company.

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    Q1: Are four-poster beds out of style?

    Ans: No, four poster beds are still in fashion. Decorate your way through!

    Q2: What is the point of using four-poster beds?

    Ans: Four poster beds promise a warm and tucked-in environment. The users cannot resist snuggling all night with the drawn curtains.

    Q3: Does a four-poster bed make your room look smaller?

    Ans: Four poster beds are supposed to create visual barriers that make the room appear smaller.

    Q4: What is the top of the poster beds called?

    Ans: The top of the poster beds is called a tester or canopy. These are usually carved out of cloth-draped wood or carved wood over a bed, tomb pulpit or even a throne. This concept comes from the 14th century and is generally made of the same material as the object it is supposed to cover.

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