10+ Small Pooja Room Designs in Apartments

Published On: Jan 21, 2023

Pooja rooms frequently act as a refuge from the chaos of the outer world when people want to reflect inwards for peace. These spaces leave no stone unturned to provide a tranquil vibe and help us reconnect to our spiritual roots. But, the layouts of urbanised spaces rarely render a designated area for pooja. So how can we accommodate small pooja room designs in apartments that are loyal to contemporary looks? 

Here are a few ideas for small temple designs specifically curated for modular apartments. Spruce up your house and this holy place for a serene environment. 

Small Temple Design Ideas

These house mandir designs will provide you with a step closer to achieving zen. 

Living Room Puja Area

An ideal living room modern mandir design, this idea is perfect for small apartments. Built immediately next to the entrance it keeps the colour scheme monochrome and includes a marble platform with a wooden jali design. The area is made more charming by the golden bell hanging above the idol.

Source: Pinterest

Pooja Area in Kitchen Cabinets

The avant-garde kitchen cabinets in this modern kitchen have a carved niche constructed away from the cooking area that houses a small temple design. The carved niche is a deep cupboard with wooden shelves that allow idols and other pooja items to be arranged inside. The entire area is illuminated with smart edge lighting.

Source: Pinterest

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Corner Pooja Room

Small pooja room designs in apartments can be easily carved out in a corner to save space. 

By erecting a set of tidy pedestals similar to these the idols can be elevated several inches above the ground level. This idea makes it simple to transform a vacant corner of the dining room into a pooja room. Accent lights below the shelves, above the idols illuminate the area and serve as storage for pooja necessities. 

Source: Pinterest

Private Pooja Space

We must maximise the limited space we have in a small apartment. According to this design, a tiny area of the living room has been divided with a brick wall and converted into a pooja room. This unique mandir design for living room is uncluttered and secluded to allow privacy for meditation and prayer. 

Source: Pinterest

Prayer Space in a Wall

Expensive prayer altars or extravagant sacrifices simply cannot sway God. By employing the one wide shelf as a pedestal with a cupboard underneath, the wall unit in the living room has been transformed into a space for pooja. The pooja items are kept in the drawers, while the idols are set aside on the shelf. 

Source: Pinterest

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Marble Mandap in the Alcove

With the elegant mandap built of marble, this modest private pooja room demonstrates how even the remote end of a corridor can be transformed into a serene place of devotion. These mandaps are easily accessible both online and offline, and they can be mounted on a wooden pedestal or put up as a wall attachment.

Source: Pinterest

Modern Pooja Room

All you need is a tiny area to adopt this imaginative small pooja room designs in apartments. The same effect is achieved here thanks to back-lit panels, which have the power to alter even the most mundane surroundings in a fascinating way. The lighting and marble pedestal make up for its limited size and awkward placement in the house. 

Source: Pinterest

Aesthetic Pooja Space

This is a clever idea for designing stunning pooja rooms in apartments without taking up much floor space. This mandir’s laser-cut design adds a distinctive touch while blending in seamlessly with the eccentric surroundings thanks to its white colour. Additionally, the mandir has been placed in the living room so that, despite the small amount of floor space, the occupants can comfortably pray there.

Source: Pinterest

Pooja Space in a Cupboard

You can create your pooja room in the already-existing closets if you don’t want to spend money on building a separate cupboard for your pooja mandir. The benefits of this design include the fact that you don’t need a unique room for your mandir or any other decoration. Your pooja mandir is ready as soon as you set your god’s idol on the shelf of the cabinet. 

Source: Pinterest

Wall Mounted Design

This is one of the most popular small mandir designs for home, but your decorating style and sense of creativity will set it apart. These design ideas look nice with all styles of home décor and save the most amount of space possible. Additionally, you can use various sizes of the wall-mounted mandir to ensure that you have enough room to store all of your necessities. 

Source: Pinterest

Pooja Rooms with Jali Doors

The mandir designs for small flats are separated by these beautifully carved jali doors, which can be made of stainless steel or wood. Depending on your personal style, you might install these in the living room or even the bedrooms.

Source: Pinterest

In a Nutshell

Pooja Ghars are crucial for maintaining calm and tranquillity in the home. The aforementioned suggestions for house Mandir designs are ideal for small flats. They are lovely to look at and would also assist you in utilising the limited space wisely. For more creative ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company.

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    Q1. Where should the mandir be placed in a small apartment?

    Ans. The ideal direction of a small temple design is North East. Ensure that the mandir is not placed under the staircase or adjacent to the living room.

    Q2. Which floor is best for a puja room?

    Ans. Small pooja room designs in apartments should always be placed on the ground floor. A puja room should never be on elevated floors or in the basement.

    Q3. How can I beautify my puja room design?

    Ans. Pooja room designs for Indian homes can be beautified by painting the walls with serene colours, selecting an exquisite door design, using effective lighting, decorating the floor, curating a beautiful backdrop, and accessorising the space.

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