9 Best Grey Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Published On: Jan 17, 2023

The responsibility of choosing the right colour for your bedroom is a tedious task indeed. And when it comes to pairing up two different hues and one of them is a colour that is generally taken as dull and washed then? Need not worry! Because we have gathered some amazing grey two colour combinations for bedroom walls.

Grey has always been considered an undertone, a colour that is silent and one that cannot stand out. Today, we are going to change that thought and give you some designs that will make a difference and showcase some Avant-garde grey colour combinations for bedrooms. We are sure these combinations will be hard to resist.

1. Mustard and Grey

Source: Pinterest

Mustard and grey are one of the most unexpected grey colour combinations for the bedroom Design. It is true that people fear using bold colours in their houses because they might not suit the aesthetic they want to achieve. As an expert, it is a safe bet to move forward with a mustard and grey colour scheme bedroom. Create a dramatic backdrop by only using the yellow shades in the middle of the wall. Add similar colour bedding to match or walls to add a tad bit of sunshine to your grayscale.

2. Grey ceiling Drama

Source: Pinterest

Let us take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this grey-white combination room looks. 

The designer has cleverly utilised a slate grey colour on the ceiling to create a focal point in this bedroom paired with a minimalistic white colour tone. This design looks like it is already midnight and It’s time to sleep. We are sure that this bedroom provides the sound sleep that we all are looking for. It was a great idea to match the wedding with the ceiling colour to continue with the illusion of this room. 

3. Grey Blue

Source: Pinterest

The blue and grey bedroom colour schemes are a great way to complete an understated look of your bedroom. Grey doesn’t always have to be distinguished from light colours. Also, skim the blue palette for inspiration. Get blue bedding and wrap your bed in blue linens that will add the needed colour to the room. Choose dark blue shades such as navy and indigo for which you don’t have to do much to refresh the look of your room. 

4. Slate Grey

Source: Pinterest

Choosing a darker colour for your bedroom is a good idea because it creates a slumber and relaxing environment to sleep in. This grey-on-grey colour combination for the bedroom is definitely working, as it showcases a beautifully industrial interior. The wall moulding and the copper bed frame as seen here adds an element of character to the walls. 

Pro Tip: The best decision when choosing such a bold colour combination, is to amp up the interior with some beautiful and colourful decor items to add a pop of excitement. 

5. Grey and Wood Brown

Source: Pinterest

It isn’t so difficult to imagine your modern bedroom design with some wooden aesthetics. This brown and grey colour scheme bedroom is a modern touch on traditional choices. Introduce some warmth to your bedroom with wooden elements like this backsplash panelling. Grey is an ideal minimalist shade that one could find, it would be a great idea to pair up some panelled lighting to make the most of the wooden accent and to light up the grey walls. The colour of the moment, this combination is not only compatible with your bedroom but can be a great choice for any space be it the living room, dining hall or even the patio. 

6. Luxurious Greyscale

Source: Pinterest

No need to overthink this but grey is in itself a complete colour. It is a very soothing and peaceful choice which is what exactly we all are looking for in our bedrooms. This monochromatic room stands out not only because of its luxurious appeal but also because of the stunning elements used in this grey colour combination room such as the oversized chandelier, and the tufted furniture. Is it just us or does this bedroom look like the one from frozen?  

7. Red and Grey

Source: Pinterest

Being a powerful pigment, it is best to pair red with a more subtle choice like a grey colour combination for bedroom. The red and grey colour scheme for bedroom crosses this space beautifully, blessed with this patterned rose red headboard against the pale walls. The colour added to this space not only helps elevate the style but also adds more character to it. Red altogether is a good choice of colour for a bedroom, it symbolises love and passion but it also states danger

It is excellent that red is used with limitations in this bedroom because no one wants danger in the most relaxing room of the house! 

8. Pink and Grey Dream Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

This bedroom is an example of a heavenly grey room colour combination. The ceilings of this space are filled with breathtaking traditional circular rose designs from where a caged pink pendant light dangles. The contrasting cove design along the corners adds character to this grey interior. It’s no shock if you want to paint the lower and upper parts of the walls in different colours. Adding a little feminine touch to the room; grey helps soothe the environment whereas pink assists in adding the required detail which makes the room more grounded and balanced.  Meeting the colour scheme halfway, this pink and grey combination bedroom definitely is the place to get your beauty sleep in.

9. Contemporary Hint of Green

Source: Pinterest

Green is one of the best choices to be used in the bedroom.Why? One may ask; this is because it represents nature, growth and also puts the mind at ease. Lighter and more muted hues can be used to create an ideal setting. Adding a hint of green to any grey colour combination for bedroom will help revitalise the space. It is not necessary to paint the walls in a different colour but a second colour can be easily incorporated in the form of decor pieces, bedding or even lighting. The Green and grey bedroom colour combination creates a sense of softness and helps create a much calmer and more peaceful environment for sleeping. 


A colour that is compatible with every room in the house is definitely going to be the choice for 2024. We hope these distinct styles of a grey colour combination for bedroom showcased various possibilities that can become a part of your house. This soft hue complements and contrasts a variety of design solutions and never back downs from serving a prominent relaxing aura. For more design tips get in touch with Interior Company or log on to www.interiorcompany.com.

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    What colours go well with a grey bedroom?

    Coordinating colours like dark blue, red, mustard, white and even green can be best paired with any grey room colour combination.

    What is the most relaxing colour that can be used for a bedroom?

    Blue is a great choice when choosing a colour for your bedroom as it is not only calming for the brain but also helps create a soothing environment for sleeping.

    Is grey colour still in style?

    Grey is highly used in designer and high-end designs. It is currently one of the top choices for homes as a grey colour combination for bedrooms can be the winner.

    What is the new grey room colour combination available in the market?

    The new grey room colour combination is beige and grey also known as “Greige”.

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