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A kid’s bedroom design is best executed if children's personality is reflected while also curating a playful ambience. A kid’s room must have all elements that enable their growth while also enhancing the space's aesthetic. We at Interior Company have mastered the tricks to accomplish the most functional yet ornamental kids' room designs for a spectacular space. If you want to redefine your child’s bedroom, then Interior Company is at your service.

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A kid's room has to be nurturing yet engaging in a fun way. Explore the best kids' room ideas. as we, at Interior Company, assemble excellence.

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Stylish Kid's Room Design Ideas To Inspire You
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Explore Several Interior Design Ideas for your Kid's Room

Kid's bedroom ideas are explicitly designed to highlight their playful nature. If you want to revamp your kid’s bedroom, you have landed on the right page. Interior Company leaves no stone unturned to render your kid’s room a stylish makeover with the trendiest designs and superior materials. All these factors are achieved at the most affordable prices under the guidance of Interior Company’s experts. 

Latest & Stylish Kids Room Design Trends for 2022

Here are some of the most modern children's bedroom designs that will create an inspiring and relaxing environment for your kids. 

Opt for Layers

If your kid’s room is spacious, layering is the best option to accentuate the room’s look. So, create vertical space and add fun elements of your choice to explore the concept of depth. 

Experiment with Colours

A modern kids' room has an array of colours either contrasted or matched to achieve a vibrant look. Choose light colours for a more subtle look and bright colours for a more playful ambience.

Introduce Florals

Floral designs in kids' bedrooms are the latest trend that has garnered the attention of new parents. It inculcates a fresh vibe into the room, fulfilling the theme of bringing the exteriors inside. 

Wooden Impressions

Incorporating wooden elements like furniture, cupboard, or accessories will help you achieve a more streamlined design. Also, wood will always be in trend no matter what year. 

Exciting Kids Room Decor Accessories You Should Have

These modern accessories will take your kid’s room design up a notch.

Modern Art

Pictures or abstract art paintings will not only adorn the room but also help develop those young ones. 

Global Maps

Huge global maps or even a globe accessory will render a vibrant touch to the room while educating the children’s minds. 

Wild Animals

Soft toys, wallpapers, or other accessories consisting of different animals are the most trendy ideas to embellish your modern kids' room

Cool Elements

Vintage cool elements will add a charming touch to your kids' room. Throw in some cushions, rugs, wall art, or different types of lighting to accentuate the look. 

Best Colour Combination Ideas for Kids' Room Interior

These colour combinations for your kid's bedroom interior would lift the look while beautifying the place.

Green and White 

Every colour infused in the kids' room interior design impacts a child’s brain; the colour green increases their ability to read. Incorporating it with white strikes a perfect balance of dark and light.

Greys and Neutrals

The colour grey is a tough nut to crack because of its tonality. Use an accent colour in the form of neutrals to bring out the best in the colour grey. Mix it up with white and beige to achieve the desired look. 

White and Deep Blue

Blue is renowned for its soothing effects, especially on a child’s brain. A blue and white combination is a classic match; nothing can go wrong with this pairing. 

Lilac Purple and White

Lilac is the season's colour and will be in trend for the coming years. Pair it up with white to bring out the correct tonality of the paint. This combination will transform the look of your kid’s bedroom. 

Different Types of Kids' Beds in India

These popular beds to incorporate in the interior design for children's bedrooms will help utilise space and enhance it. 

Bunk Beds

This bed is put one above the other in a multi-storey unit and is usually connected with a ladder. This is the kids' favourite kind of bed. 

Loft Beds

A typical loft bed is one where the bed is on the upper bunk while the space beneath is left empty for other uses. You can create extra storage in that space.

Single Beds

Due to their functionality and timeless design, single beds never go out of fashion. This kind of bed is affordable and stylish. 


Q 1. What are the best ways to decorate a kids' room?

Ans. To enhance your kids' bedroom design, you can add graphics, use the storage space creatively, incorporate different colours, use rugs of different patterns, and add open shelves to increase storage space. 

Q 2. How do you design a room for kids?

Ans. The basic fundamentals of kids' room design are to keep the layout simple, create a separate play area, use the storage space to the fullest, experiment with different colours, and make use of different textures and patterns. 

Q 3. What are some bedroom themes for kids?

Ans. Some of the most popular kids' room decorating ideas are space decor, woodland, floral, geographical shapes, bright colours, or a jungle theme. 

Q 4. Where should a bed be placed in a kids' room?

Ans. As per the children's bedroom design, a bed must always be placed in the Southwest or West corner of the room. 

Q 5. How do you make a small room look bigger for kids?

Ans. To make a kid's bedroom interior look bigger, you can embellish the ceilings, paint the walls with two colours, hang something on the wall, hang the curtains above the window frame, or use vertical shapes. 

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