Trendy POP Designs for Bedroom Ceilings and Walls

Published On: Jun 7, 2024

This is not to say that a home has any unimportant rooms, but let us also not say that a bedroom isn’t one of the most important ones. The decor is endless when you sit and think about it. Earlier, it was about the floor, furniture, or walls. Now we’ve reached the ceilings with designs-literally!

POP designs for bedrooms are innovative and very trendy. Imagine lying back at the end of a long day and gazing up, not at a bland, blank surface, but at a beautiful, bespoke masterpiece that reflects your unique taste. That’s the magic of Plaster of Paris! So, let's explore some of the latest POP designs for bedrooms.

Modern POP Wall Designs for Bedrooms

Latest Pop Designs For Bedroom

Every time someone chooses to jazz up their space uniquely and creatively, the world of decor rejoices. So, here are some POP wall designs for your bedroom that can help jog your imagination and bring forth some more joy.

Victorian and Ancient Murals

Simple Pop Design For Bedroom With Victorian Accents

Not many people can strictly say no if asked if they've ever dreamed of living in a castle. Building a castle isn't a feasible option in this economy, but that's not to say you can't sleep like one. Add some simple POP design for your bedroom with Victorian accents and murals for that fresh royal look and sophisticated air. You could even go for outrageous intricate patterns, embrace mythological chaos and dive in.

Go fancier than your grandmother's best china with these POP Wall designs for your walls. Pair with some minimalistic furniture or side lamps for a balanced look.

Accent the Nooks with Stripes

Pop Designs For Bedroom Walls With Stripes

Turn your basic bedroom into a “wow, who lives here?” kind of retreat with some cleverly placed POP accent nooks. Deck out that sad little window seat or your “I sometimes read here” corner with some snazzy, minimal stripes. It’s like putting on eyeliner'suddenly, everything looks more intentional. POP wall designs for bedrooms with stripes appear very clean and chic and when accented with a trendy colour, they bring out the best of a room.

Maybe opt for a circular bed that adds to the design, as shown. Add some stucco and gentle pink stripes for a vibe that’s less “dorm room”, and you've got a Pinterest board that has come to life.

Stack 'em Like Pancakes: Multi-layer POP Wall Design

Best Pop Design For Bedroom Walls

Another one of the best POP designs for bedrooms is to opt for a mix-up of some Plaster of Paris (POP) with a dash of wood or metal. It's very urban yet rustic and gives an industrial-chic vibe. Adding a multi-layered POP design for the walls brings character. You can stack them like pancakes and paint each layer slightly differently.

As shown, you can choose soothing colours like light blue and orange that combine well for a great complementary combo.

For Teeny Tiny Rooms: Wall-to-Ceiling POP Design

Wall-To-Ceiling Pop Design For Small Bedroom

You can also simply add a POP design that just doesn't know when to stop, going from ceiling to walls in one grand swoop. POP designs for small bedrooms help make the room feel less cramped. They create an illusion of height and space.

Suddenly, your cramped quarters feel like the Sistine Chapel without the crowds. You can add in some panel lights that highlight the textures of the designs and their expansive feel.

Circular POP Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Circular Pop Design For Bedroom Ceilings

One of the grand picks out of all POP designs for bedrooms, circular POP ceiling designs are great for a luxurious feel. These are royalty on a budget, really if you think about it. You can just lie in bed, look up and simply go “Wow, I’m fancy.” With its shape, the Circular POP ceiling designs feel like a crown for the rooms. You’ll love the instant posh vibe it adds!

Square POP Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Square Pop Design For Master Bedroom Ceilings

Square POP design for the bedroom ceilings offer a minimalist and clean approach to bedroom aesthetics. The simplicity of straight, sharp lines brings a modern, orderly look to any room. To elevate this design further, you can add cove lighting along the edges of the square. This creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadows and adds a gentle glow that highlights the geometric shape. 

Zig-Zag Rider POP Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Zig-Zag Rider Pop Design For Bedroom

Now, for those over the same old run-of-the-mill decor, Zig-Zag POP ceiling designs for the bedroom are a better pick. An adventurous choice, these feature bold, angular lines zigzagging across your ceiling. This design infuses your space with a vibrant, dynamic energy that commands attention.

Pair this eye-catching ceiling with more subdued furnishings to keep your room from feeling too chaotic. You can add neutral-toned shelves and book cabinets, as shown. This strategy makes your ceiling POP design the undeniable focal point.

Fans and POP Bedroom Ceiling Designs

Pop Design For Bedroom With Fan

Don't worry we've not forgotten your ceiling fans. POP designs for bedrooms with fans can easily be installed with a false ceiling built to integrate a central fan. This design perfectly balances functionality with aesthetics, placing the fan at the heart of a simple, elegant setting.

Done right enough, the fan would add to the design. A false ceiling adds more depth to the rooms and the soothing warm lights make the room lights less harsh.

Unapologetically Extravagance of Chandeliers and POP Ceiling Design

Pop Design For Bedroom With Chandeliers

As the name suggests, for those with a taste for fancy, chandeliers can be easily integrated into the POP ceiling designs for bedrooms. In fact, they can enhance the luxurious feel all around. It's like shouting, “I've arrived and brought the bling.”

Sure, some might say you've overdid it, and then some would say you've done it just right! You’re just living your best, most opulent life, one ceiling at a time. Add in some purple accents with the bedsheets, or curtains or cushions for a decor statement if I've ever seen one.

POP Ceiling Design for Kids Bedroom

Modern Pop Designs For Kids Bedroom

Now usually when one says kids, everyone imagines colours and rainbows and butterflies, and I think honestly, that's just unfair to the kiddos to be boxed quite like that. Kids have big imaginations, bigger than most. Their rooms should be a canvas for creativity. Opt for cool geometric shapes or gentle pastel swirls to mimic a sky like the image above.

And at the end, if you're still blank, you can not go wrong with a Starry Night.

Precautions To Take

When installing POP designs for bedrooms at home, keep these five simple precautions in mind for a smooth and safe setup:

  • Proper Marking and Levelling: Before starting, make sure all markings on ceilings and walls are precise. Use a water level or laser level to ensure that the POP designs are even and aligned, avoiding any visual or structural mishaps.
  • Check Structural Integrity: Always check that your existing ceilings or walls can handle the extra weight of the POP designs to prevent damage or collapses, especially with heavier decorations.
  • Use High-Quality Materials: Choose top-notch POP and related materials for durability and a better finish. Low-quality materials might not last and could need more frequent fixes.
  • Allow Adequate Curing Time: Give the POP plenty of time to dry and set after application. Hurrying this step can lead to cracking and weaken the overall structure.
  • Plan for Electrical Installations: If your POP design includes lights, integrate the electrical work with the design early on to avoid any changes that might affect its stability or appearance.

POP Enters the Bedroom

So, there you have it. There are multiple POP designs for bedrooms to choose from, and turn those drab walls and ceilings into show-stopping features. If you want to add a touch of minimalist chic with sleek lines, POP can do it. Or if you want to go full-on baroque with elaborate swirls and curves, POP has got you covered.

Remember, the only thing more durable than these designs is your bragging rights at the next neighbourhood gathering.

Looking to choose your favourite POP designs for bedrooms and let it do all the talking, our experts at Interior Company can make it a breeze. So you can sleep in style as quickly as you can. (or at least pretend to while you binge-watch your favourite series in a room that looks fantastic).

*Images used are for representational purposes only. Unless explicitly mentioned, Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images. *


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    What is the lifespan of a POP false ceiling?

    A POP false ceiling can last many years, typically over a decade, due to its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

    Is a POP false ceiling water-resistant?

    Yes, plaster of paris is water-resistant, making it a suitable option for humid climates once it’s properly cured and installed.

    Can POP false ceilings support heavy light fixtures?

    Yes, they can, but it’s crucial to plan the design and installation to ensure that the ceiling can safely accommodate heavier fixtures.

    How long does it take to install a POP false ceiling?

    Installation time varies depending on complexity and size, but it generally takes a few days to complete, including the time for the POP to cure.

    Can a damaged POP false ceiling be easily repaired?

    Yes, one of the benefits of POP is that it can be easily repaired in the event of damage, restoring the ceiling to its original appearance.

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