Must to Have Bathroom Accessories for Senior Citizens of Your House

Published On: Dec 24, 2022

With age, the seniors in our homes lose mobility and sensory abilities. As a result, we need to consider their comfort as well as safety whilst designing a secure home environment, including bathrooms. Based on literary studies, ageing individuals meet with several accidents in the bathroom due to the slippery floors, triggering health hazards. Therefore, it is essential to cater for their needs and design an ergonomic bathroom that combines utility, safety requirements and aesthetics. 

Following important considerations, use these simple yet effective bathroom fittings for senior citizens. In this blog, Interior Company has also handpicked some valuable tips that can help to create a comfortable space. 

1. Grab Bars

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Grab bars are the small railings fitted near the toilet or shower stall to provide secure support to the elderly’s in the home. These grab bars come in a wide range of sizes and models to suit their needs. Avoid using bathroom fittings for senior citizens that block the way or are not suitable for the weight of the users. Make sure the bars are made of aluminium or stainless steel and are mounted tightly to the wall. For expansive washrooms, install grab bars on the empty walls that will provide additional assistance to senior citizens. 

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2. Raised Toilet Seats

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Elevated toilet seats are a comfortable addition for seniors with back aches and joint pains. Raised toilets are designed higher than conventional seats. These toilet accessories for senior citizens ease the movement of sitting and standing. Moreover, they install easily and can mitigate the risk of falling by minimising the distance between the user and the toilet seat. These seats come in multiple heights and design options and should be strengthened firmly to the wall or floor. 

3. Anti-skid Flooring Mats

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The bathrooms are inclined to slippery floors while increasing the chances of falling. Instead of bulky bath mats that tend to skid, invest in anti-slip floor mats that provide extra protection. These mats are made from high-quality rubber and PVC and are less likely to flip at the edges while increasing safety. As bathroom tiles and floors may be prone to water spills, these mats are essential senior citizen bathroom accessories. 

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4. Shower Heads

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Handheld shower heads that can detach make bathing easier for ageing people without having to move around when showering. Install a shower handle with an on/off switch for a smooth and safe bathing experience. Choose the model with the lightweight design and spray settings that suit their needs. These bathroom fittings for senior citizens add more convenience and independence for the elderly. 

5. Ergonomic Faucet Designs

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Generally, bathroom faucets can be difficult for the elderly with reduced physical and sensory abilities. Choose ergonomically designed faucets with wide operating angles and effortless one-hand control that ensures smooth flow. High-spout faucets with sensor touch regulate the flow, water pressure, and temperature control. Comfort and safety are the key elements when planning bathroom fittings for senior citizens. 

6. Shower Benches and Chairs

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The shower area in the house should be at least 30 inches wide for elderly comfort, while bathtubs should be avoided due to sitting and getting up. Consider shower benches for safety and stability while bathing. The well-designed lightweight chairs have fibre seats and nonskid legs, reducing the risk of falling on slippery or wet surfaces. These senior citizen bathroom accessories provide physical support and independence for people with limited mobility. 

7. Shower Curtains

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This simple toilet accessory for senior citizens reduces slip and fall risk by keeping the surface floor clear of the water. Curtains made of heavier material are ideal for walk-in showers. They give them added balance and support while reducing the amount of water splash on the floor.

8. Automatic Toilet Accessories

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Smart gadgets ensure bathroom safety for seniors with low mobility, including LEd sensor lights, automatic soap dispensers, electric toothbrushes, water temperature thermometers, etc. After the pandemic, contactless sanitaryware is much in demand to maintain hygiene. Also, make certain these bathroom accessories for senior citizens are placed within arm’s reach. These gadgets are easy to install and enhance safety further, saving energy while reducing running costs. 

9. Bright Lighting with Sensor Touch

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Illuminating the bathrooms with night lights helps senior citizens navigate their paths safely. Install multiple lights in the bathroom to avoid unnecessary falls and collisions. Try to keep all the switches within reach for easy access. Auto-sensor lights with motion detectors are another brilliant idea adding convenience to their lifestyle. No fumbling of the light switches in the dark, as it detects the movement, thereby saving power and energy. For more lighting design ideas, connect to the experts at Interior Company. 

10. Declutter the Bathroom

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Lastly, when designing the bathroom for the elderly, declutter the space to avoid stumbling or tripping on the mats or clothes etc. Fill the shelves with essential items, including toothpaste, lotions, and shower gels, for their daily hygiene. Moreover, opt for floating vanity to have more clearance space, adding to a good ergonomic bathroom design. 

In Nutshell

Desiring to live happily and independently is a right for every senior citizen. Design a safe and accessible bathroom environment with functional utilities and smart devices to give a sense of security to the elderly by ensuring dignity, comfort and quality. For more information and guidance on bathroom decor ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What are the essential toilet accessories for senior citizens?

    For seniors maintaining their health and safety is a priority that keeps them stimulated and confident in their daily tasks. There is a wide range of bathroom accessories & safety products for the elderly:

    1. Grab Bars
    2. Raised Toilet Seats
    3. Non-skid Mats
    4. Motion Detector LED lights
    5. Shower Chairs
    6. Shower Heads
    7. Cleaning Supplies

    How can you make the bathroom more senior-friendly?

    1. Install lever faucets or sensor touch faucets
    2. Adjustable Shower-heads with control temperature.
    3. Install the grab bars and handrails for added safety.
    4. Raise the height of the toilet to ease movement.
    5. Place thick rugs for cushioning and protection.
    6. Non-slip bath mats are essential around bathing areas and entrances.
    7. Curbless or Walk-in showers for a comfortable bathing experience.

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