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A pooja room is a holy space for prayer and devotion, offering solace and ataraxy in our homes. Discover the striking balance of tradition and modernity with our mandir designs that give the space a distinctive identity and blend with the decor. Whether you prefer ornate styles that embrace tradition or have a flair for minimalist and contemporary aesthetics, our tailored pooja room designs suit every decor style. Explore the captivating and soothing home temple design ideas to create a deeply personal and uplifting space.

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Inspirational Mandir Design for Your Home at One Place - Interior Company

A pooja room or mandir design is one of the most sacred spaces in the home. No wonder a well-designed mandir can evoke positive vibrations in the house. The mandir design can be crafted as a simple space or an intricate unit to suit the individual’s preferences right here at Interior Company. Our curated collection of inspirational Mandir design ideas is soulful retreats that anchor your home with spirituality and grace. From the latest pooja room designs to Jalli patterns or the warmth of wooden mandirs, each design echoes faith, tradition and innovation, transforming your prayer room into an exquisite beauty.

4 Different Types of Pooja Room Designs for Every Indian Home

Pooja's room sets the peaceful and auspicious aura in the home. Temple design at home can be broadly categorised from individual rooms to freestanding Mandirs to pooja room corners and wall-mounted units to create a heavenly backdrop within the living space. The curated designs from our experts at Interior Company provide inspiration in each category, embodying a unique blend of spiritual and tranquil elegance within the confines of modern Indian Homes.

Elements You Must Consider While Designing a House Temple

Designing a pooja mandir involves meticulous attention to detail, which can sometimes feel daunting as you strive to find the perfect match for your needs. The design team at Interior Company offers a comprehensive guide, from choosing the ideal colour palette to selecting backgrounds, incorporating false ceiling concepts, and determining the right lighting. We provide planning insights and customisation options to help you create a distinctive and captivating space. Some important points are:-

  • Choose from a simple and elegant ceiling design to traditional motifs.
  • Marble, granite, or tiles with a matte finish are popular flooring choices. Consider adding a small, washable rug or mat for comfort during prayer.
  • Add soft, diffused lighting to add a spiritual glow.
  • Opt for subtle colours to maintain a serene atmosphere.
  • Adorn the wall with a Mandala pattern or Om motif that creates a distinctive look
  • Consider traditional or modern doors, functional cabinets and wooden partitions that add to the decor.

Vastu Tips You Should Follow When You Design Pooja Mandir for Home

Pooja Mandir is the beacon of positive and spiritual energies in the house. Placing the pooja room design aligned with Vastu Shastra is paramount. Here are a few sacred tips from our experts to ensure your mandir design leads your way to a happy and prosperous home:-

  • The ideal pooja room direction is the northeast, followed by north and east respectively.
  • Just like the direction, place the idol above the ground level.
  • While placing the pooja unit design in the home, ensure you face the north or east direction while praying.
  • Place diyas, lamps, and Agni kund in the southeastern, north or east direction to usher prosperity and health in the home.
  • Choose soothing or light colours for your mandir design, like whites, light yellows, or pale blues, that facilitate meditation and peaceful vibes.

5 Perfect Materials for Pooja Unit Designs

Choose the right material for a separate pooja room design or a free-standing unit to capture the essence of purity and perfection. So, do you prefer classic wooden mandir designs, the pristine beauty of marble, and the authentic touch of brass, copper, and earthy stones? Interior Company fetches an array of home mandir ideas designed with expertise, creativity and style.

Standard Size Must Know When You Design Pooja Room for House

Crafting the latest pooja room design is a deeply personal endeavour that fills the space with divine charm and promising energy. Whether building a new house or renting an apartment, consider the available space and personal preferences to tailor the home mandir ideas. From enclosed pooja room design that should be at least 5x7 feet to standalone mandir units ranging from 2 feet 6 inches to 5 feet across and a minimum of 15 inches wide compact pooja units, choose a design to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Pooja Room Interior Design for Different Areas of Your Home

Finding the dedicated spiritual corner in the home can be a challenge. With limited spaces in modern apartments, it's a struggle to fit in storage and furniture and finding a room for the pooja unit design can be difficult. But don't fret over it, the experts at Interior Company craft contemporary pooja mandir designs for divine celebrations, radiating peace and warmth.


How to design a mandir at home?

Home mandir ideas can be simple and subtle to fancy and intricate. From space-saving modern designs to elaborate wooden carvings, craft a pooja room that delivers your devotion and personal style.

Which type of temple is good for a home?

Wooden mandir designs for home amp up the pooja room look, creating a modern yet divine vibe. Another timeless idea is the marble temple design that makes your worship space stand out, giving an unparalleled appeal.

What is the shape of the mandir in the home?

A gopura design on the ceiling of the pooja room or the pyramid-shaped roof is considered holy to bring positive energies to the home.

How to place mandir in the home?

Place the pooja room design in the northeast direction of the home as per the Vastu principles to channel prosperity and merriment.

Which colour is good for the mandir?

Light, soothing colours, like beige, white, light yellow and wooden accents create a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to meditation and prayer.

How to arrange a pooja room?

Craft a calm and serene pooja room space, whether your home decor is modern or traditional. Choose the right direction of the pooja room, placing it in the northeast corner and keeping idols at eye level for an elevated design. Drench the space in light colours, warm materials and interesting carvings or Jali patterns to infuse character and depth in the space. Lit the room with ambient lighting and traditional lamps to cast an ethereal glow.

Should the mandir at home have doors?

According to the Vastu, a pooja mandir door design maintains its sanctity and adds practical and aesthetic elements to the holy space.

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