15 Creative Balcony Seating Ideas That Adds Wow Factor to Your Outdoor Space

Published On: Dec 26, 2022

Create your little patch of paradise irrespective of size with these balcony seating ideas. As the world recovers from the pandemic, we have discovered the health benefits of adopting nature. Balconies have become the staples of modern urban homes. Designing these valuable outdoor spaces is about creating comfort and enhancing visual appeal. Choosing the perfect seating for the balcony, accessories, and plants is key to making a convivial and multi-functional outdoor space to enjoy all year round. 

Are you looking for balcony seating area designs to spruce up your outdoors? Would you prefer a personalised nook or an alfresco dining setting? The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating balcony seating ideas. From minimal industrial style to contemporary edge or Mediterranean accents, read the blog to get inspired and add an inviting spot to your home. 

Swing Seating for Balcony

What's better than embracing the lazy summer days on the swing for the balcony sitting area ideas? Swings provide comfort to unwind and lend a laid-back vibe. With plenty of options available, from a wicker or bamboo swing to a plush swing, this balcony area design oozes style and warmth. Perfect for nestling into smaller spaces, swings are affordable balcony seating ideas. Deck your background wall with artificial grass to maximise the terrace green space. 

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Eclectic Balcony Seating

Curate a mix of styles to elevate the space for affordable yet eccentric outdoor balcony seating ideas. Opt for Aeri lounge chairs with cushions and wooden benches to add a distinctive style to your balcony sitting area ideas. These modern mid-century chairs are durable and treated with water-resistant material to withstand temperatures. Get quirky and adorn your balcony with antique finds to accentuate the decor. 

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Modern Seating

Several small balcony seating ideas exude an intimate outdoor setting in keeping up with the modern trends of urban homes. Opt for minimalist furniture that allows free-flow movement. Layer the small potted plants in the corner or on a simple hanging structure that pops up the space with colour and vibrance. The visual heights of the plants are seen, adding a decorative aspect to the balcony.  

Source: Pinterest

Balcony Bar Seating Ideas

Bars are the staples of the living room or den areas. But think about a balcony bar that can be a welcoming escape after a long hectic day of work. An outdoor balcony with a sky bar makes a beautiful place for friends and family to get together. Add a few bistro stools and accent chairs to elevate the social experience. Spruce up your decor game with trending geometric wallpaper and pendant lights that completes the look.

Want to embrace this beautiful bar setup? Let Interior Company be your design partner to curate your personalised outdoor space. 

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Egg Chair Small Balcony Seating

When you have limited space, utilise smart, sustainable balcony seating ideas instead of sticking with an average set of chairs and tables. The egg-shaped chair acquires the minimum floor space and lends an exuberant style to the outdoors. Add a personal touch to your balcony with plenty of plants, ottomans, rugs, and other small decor items, to elevate the space with textures and colours. 

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Shade Balcony Seating Ideas 

There are a lot of brilliant ways to cover the balcony space, providing privacy and protection, including fabric canopy, teepee, and curtains. Instead of chairs or benches, opt for balcony low seating ideas. Layer with a cushion, throw pillows, and a blanket to create a warm and inviting space. It packs a punch of personality into your balcony decoration with mirrors and mood lighting to set a convivial vibe. 

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Enliven with Colourful Chairs

If you're looking for balcony seating ideas to elevate the outdoors, play with colours, patterns, and textures for a quirky and stylish space. Choose colourful metal furniture against the neutral background with printed cushions adding vibrancy and energy to the outdoor space. Surround with the green thumb and statement rug to liven up the terrace area. 

DIY Wood Pallets Seating 

Build your cocoon with a DIY wood pallet daybed and layer with cushions and blankets for the ultimate snuggle spot! Add a colourful rug to your small balcony seating ideas for a cosy look. Cover with bamboo screens to bring privacy and character to your outdoor space. Accessorise with festoon lighting that mimics the exposed night bulbs and potted greenery for an alluring ambience. 

Source: Pinterest

Au Naturel Balcony Seating

Fan of organic textures and rattan furniture? Create your boho outdoor heaven amid the city with linens, plaids, and pale-leaf plants. Set a cosy and laid-back vibe with wooden panelling and woven furnishings. Illuminate your space with string lights, decorative scones, and DIY candle lanterns to add zeal to your outdoor living. Take cues from this balcony sitting area design showcases unique touches to bring charm to your home interiors. 

Source: Pinterest

Cosy Balcony Seating Ideas

Create a cosy nest with a comfortable lounge, throw blankets, and cushions and add an inviting spree to your balcony low seating ideas. Make sure you select outdoor compatible furniture that is practical and beautiful, including faux wicker or teak wood. Choose fairly lights, lanterns, and candles to exude a whimsical vibe and set an intimate scene. 

Mesmerised with this balcony design, get in touch with the Interior Company for your next home makeover. 

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Al Fresco Dining

A large balcony or roof terrace like this makes for a fabulous alfresco entertaining space for a Sunday brunch. For a cool and laid-back affair, decorate with natural furnishings and wooden elements that keep the look open and airy. Maximise space with floor pillows adding comfortable and cosy balcony seating ideas. Paper lanterns or string lights complete the look and create an exquisite evening ambience. 

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Simple Reading Nook Balcony Sit-out

Balconies are the perfect outdoor spaces while reading your favourite book and enjoying the sunset view. Select furnishings suitable for outdoor use and appeal to personal aesthetics, creating a serene haven. For instance, a hammock or rocking chair, covered with throws and textures, adds personality. Moreover, a layer of small potted plants or a vertical garden brings an enticing charm to balcony sitting area ideas.

Source: Pinterest

The Desi Style Seating for the Balcony

Looking for quirky balcony sit-out ideas that draw the eye? Create a fusion of styles with eccentric furniture elements such as rattan chairs and old-school balcony bench ideas that brings warmth and an inviting ambience to the space. Deck up the balcony with vibrant accessories and antique finds for a bespoke design. Display your shrubs on wall-mounted brackets for a floating garden. 

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Balcony Seating with Flexible Furniture

When space is at a premium, choose space-saving furniture that can extend or fold, like foldable chairs and balcony bench ideas. These affordable furnishings provides comfort and comes in varying sizes. Make your balcony cosy with plenty of potted plants to warm up the space and enhance the lively vibe. Utilise the vertical height and free up the floor space to display your plant collection with hanging planters and floating shelves. 

Source: Pinterest

Multi-Functional Balcony Seating with Storage

Terraces and small seating balconies need clever storage solutions. Incorporate furniture elements that maximise the space and double up storage such as ottomans and daybeds. Screen the balcony with wooden slats and mix up your planting scheme with trellis, florals, and planters to add charm and enliven the outdoor space. 

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Nestle in Your Greenspace!

A balcony is an extension of your home that connects you to an outdoor space. With bustling cities and compact apartments, balconies are mood boosters and a healthy escape. Layering the balcony seating ideas with complementary colours, textures, green thumb, and furnishings such as throws, rugs, cushions, and soft lighting will help create a warm and welcoming aesthetic. Design the perfect balcony tailored to your style with Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Q1. How do space planning for balcony seating ideas?
    • Determine the purpose of your balcony, whether you want a personalised nook or social space
    • Pick the style and theme for your balcony decor, and choose the furniture that compliments the space. 
    • For small balcony seating ideas, opt for lightweight and multi-purpose furniture and decorate with furnishings, accessories and lighting.
    Q2. How to make the most of a small balcony design?
    • Choose foldable or built-in furniture such as benches and foldable chairs. 
    • Create a vertical garden by hanging the plants on the wall or perching on the railings. 
    • Opt for low-seating multi[urpose furniture that blends with the design and doubles up the storage.
    Q3. How do you organise a balcony?

    Proper placing of elements from plants to sitting arrangements is essential. Space management has to be adequately done while organising the balcony, from furnishings to lightings and a planter selection that complements colour shades selected for sofas, chairs and walls.

    Q4. How do you make a small balcony cosy and comfortable?

    To enhance the warmth and inviting appeal, treat your balcony as an extension of the home by factoring in cosy balcony seating ideas, soft lighting, and plenty of cushions and throws.