13 Awesome Balcony False Ceiling Design Ideas

Published On: Dec 20, 2022

False ceilings are revered by interior designers and architects in modern homes and apartments. It's the most effective way to hide unsightly items like electrical wires, pipes, and air conditioning ducts. With these balcony POP designs, your space can be anything you want it to be: a lounge area, a home office, or a yoga retreat.

Homeowners frequently overlook the importance of extending their home's aesthetic to their balconies. That is why we have enumerated a list of how you can be creative with your balcony false ceiling design. Make it a place where you can unwind after a long day at work and sip your favourite drink. 

Balcony False Ceiling Designs

Brush your interior decor with creativity using these false ceiling designs for balcony. 

1. Mediterranean Magic

Source: Pinterest

Experience the essence of a relaxed, fun-loving, and colourful vibe of the Mediterranean style on your balcony. The characteristic of this balcony false ceiling design is the use of wooden rafters as beams. Patterned fabrics and metal are the staple elements of any Mediterranean design, so make sure you do not miss out on them. 

2. Lush Greenery

Source: Pinterest

It literally cannot get prettier and simpler than this. This balcony false ceiling design is adorned with natural plants to let the space take a more organic curve. The design works beautifully in a tiny space, so if you cannot place your plants on the floor, suspend them on the balcony. There are numerous ways to hang your plants, rafters being one of the most common pieces of equipment. 

3. Balcony with Home Office

Source: Pinterest

Working from home can be made more interesting by separating the home office space; just stretch it out to the balcony. Good lighting is imperative in an office space, so do not compromise on that. The balcony must be restricted with sliding windows to avoid heat and water. Mount a wall cabinet equivalent to the height of the ceiling for extra storage. Embellish the space with a sleek study table, a plush revolving chair, succulent plants, or picture frames to ace the look. 

4. Wooden Ceiling with Lights

Source: Pinterest

This balcony false ceiling design is ideal for those who have a small balcony as it can easily improve its appearance. Instead of plain tiles or wooden planks, consider a wooden ceiling with lights, a sure-shot way of rendering a voguish demeanour to your balcony. Depending on your preferences, lighting can be installed at various levels.

5. Metal Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

To effectively use glass in a balcony false ceiling design, the balcony structure is made of metal. The brittleness can be reduced with the use of appropriate additives making the metal false ceiling look vintage yet chic. A traditional wooden lounge chair is an excellent place to unwind and read in this balcony designs

6. Simple Ceilings

Source: Pinterest

This POP design balcony can work wonders for those who want to avoid a gaudy appearance. This simple ceiling is designed on the idea of ‘less is more’. A false roof is erected, with small bulbs protruding from it. A neutral-hued ceiling can help in creating a neat yet elegant look. 

7. Front Balcony 

Source: Pinterest

Do you have a front porch? Why not try this ceiling idea instead of regular roofing? This contemporary porch ceiling has swayed the designers to use a similar blueprint extensively. The geometric and irregular look only adds to the dynamic demeanour. 

8. Exterior Balcony

Source: Pinterest

Consider this stunning front balcony POP design to achieve a voguish look. The sophisticated roof pattern complements the abstract wall art in neutral. It appears modern and stylish, but not garish. The LED ceiling lights top up this brilliant idea.

9. Painted Ceilings

Source: Pinterest

Make this false ceiling design for balcony a source of your inspiration. The outdoor roof is made of special sheets that are laid symmetrically. The unique mix of blue and green hues renders this balcony a breezy summer porch feel. Make sure to choose an exterior paint colour that will not fade quickly.

10. Glass Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

Glass panes on your balcony can serve two functions:

  • It enables natural ventilation.
  • It gives the impression of being larger than the original size.

This image can show you how to use a combination of POP and glass on your balcony roof. The entire concept gives your sit-out a majestic feel and earns you numerous compliments from your guests.

11. Rustic Ceilings

Source: Pinterest

If you like rustic designs, this balcony will definitely appeal to you. Either adorn the side walls with a rough brick finish or paint them with neutral hues. The ceiling, in most cases, is made of wood panels. The idea is to keep everything natural and free of unnecessary embellishments. 

12. Outdoor Skylight

Source: Pinterest

A ceiling cutout provides an upward view, inspired by the Western concept of open dining areas. The brick wall complements the design by giving it a rustic yet modern appearance. For the ultimate leisure, guests can recline and gaze up at the sky above.

13. Balcony with a Swing

Source: Pinterest

A swing is always a good bet. If you have an extensive space, go for a large one that can also serve as a daybed. You could even do one of these single-chair swings if you have a smaller balcony (the reference is shown below). Even the teeny-tiny garden swings can be perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and a swing to swing on!

Source: Pinterest

To a Bespoke Balcony!

Whether you are renovating an existing design or building a new home from scratch, these balcony POP designs will add finesse to your interiors. You can take inspiration from these fascinating ideas and enhance them with your own creativity. So, which of these do you prefer? For more balcony POP designs contact our experts at Interior Company. 

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Which is the best false ceiling design for balcony?

    Plaster of Paris or POP is the most popular and commonly used material for a false ceiling. Front balcony pop designs are in trend for all the right reasons. Use a vintage-style fan or throw in some attached lights for that touch of extra charm.

    Does a false ceiling for balcony reduce heat?

    Balcony false ceiling designs are most commonly used for thermal insulation. The gap (air-filled) between the ceilings’ two layers helps in cooling down the room.

    Which balcony false ceiling design is waterproof?

    PVC false ceilings are the most effective waterproof materials to adorn your balconies. They are highly durable in extremely high moisture areas like basements, bathrooms, and balconies. PVC false ceilings also work wonders in kitchens.