Italian Marble Price in India Basis Cities, Brands, Colours and Types

Updated On: May 17, 2024

When we think of grandeur appeal and glamour for interiors that have a captivating beauty- Marble quickly comes to our mind. The timeless elegance of this stone stands as a beacon of luxury and stature, elevating structures and interiors with its unparalleled allure and quality. Who can deny the iconic beauty of the Taj Mahal? For hundreds of years, this natural stone remains the epitome of refinement.

Its eccentric textures and diverse colours have made it a most sought-after choice for homes. In addition to its exquisite beauty, the prices of Italian marble are fairly expensive, involving installation and high labour charges. So, whether you’re thinking of renovating your kitchenette or envisioning a grand architectural entrance, understanding its diverse types and pricing trends can prevent you from offsetting your budget. 

Italian Marble Price In India

Italian Marble Price In India

Marble, an enduring and versatile stone, plays a pivotal role in the construction industry across India. Marble's inherent charm and beauty can grace any structure or monument. Below is the comprehensive table highlighting the Italian marble price per square foot in India. The Italian marble price ranges based on several factors such as type, colour, quality, and brand. Calacatta, Carrara, Statuario and Botticino are some popular types exhibiting distinct characteristics and price ranges.

City  Cost (Per sq ft)
Mumbai Rs 150 to Rs 310
Delhi Rs 140 and onwards
Bangalore Rs 150 and onwards
Chennai Rs 170 and onwards
Kolkata Rs 160 and onwards
Pune Rs 160 and onwards
Hyderabad Rs 170 and onwards
Ahmedabad Rs 190 and onwards


*Please note the prices mentioned above are indicative of market factors and subject to


Cost of Italian Marble per Square Foot: Different Colours

Italian marble boasts a wide range of colours and is widely appreciated for its high lustre and visual appeal. The neutral shades instil tranquillity and brightness, creating a sense of illusion in the space. In contrast, bolder colours or darker tones bring in cosiness and intimacy. Refer to the table below to discover the colour-wise Italian marble rate in India.

Italian Marble Colour Cost (Per sq. ft)
White Rs 190 – Rs 510 per sq. ft.
Grey Rs 170 – Rs 450 per sq. ft.
Black Rs 230 – Rs 550 per sq. ft.
Beige Rs 180 – Rs 375 per sq. ft.
Pink Rs 225 – Rs 500 per sq. ft.
Gold/Yellow Rs 310 – Rs 675 per sq. ft.
Green Rs 220 – Rs 600 per sq. ft.
Red Rs 290 – Rs 680 per sq. ft.
Blue Rs 330 – Rs 800 per sq. ft.
Brown Rs 190 – Rs 445 per sq. ft.

*Please note the prices mentioned above are indicative of market factors and subject to


Italian Marble Types and Cost

Italian Marble Types And Cost

Read on to learn about the popular Italian marble types with their price ranges:

Statuario Marble

Renowned for its luxurious appearance, this marble features a bright white background with striking and bold grey or gold veins. It's one of the most premium types due to its rarity and unique veining. You can introduce this type of marble in countertops and flooring for upscale interior designs.

Calacatta Marble:

Calacatta marble is eminent in interior design for its dramatic and bold beauty. Its exquisite veining patterns make it a highly sought-after material for feature walls, countertops, and plush flooring.

Carrara Marble:

With its soft grey background and subtle veining, this distinguished marble is a popular choice for Indian homeowners. It is frequently used in various interior applications because of its affordability, timelessness, and understated beauty.

Botticino Marble:

This beige Italian marble lends a uniform appearance and a sense of sophistication to spaces. A preferred choice for flooring, wall cladding, and decorative accents, bringing a lush allure and magnificence to homes.

Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina Italian Marble

Nero Marquina marble boasts a striking black background with white veining. This eye-catching marble creates contrasting design elements in traditional and modern interiors.

Bianco Venatino Marble:

If you are a fan of fine and delicate patterns that showcase elegance, this white marble with light grey veining can add a touch of refined beauty to interiors.

Breccia Aurora Marble:

This captivating Italian marble features warm tones of beige, pink, and gold and is eminent in interior applications for unique brecciated patterns. Craft this marble in feature walls, fireplace surrounds, and statement flooring for a luxurious aesthetic.

Arabescato Marble:

Another rising Italian marble is Arabescato marble, which exudes a sense of movement and artistry with its intricate designs in flooring, countertops, and other applications.

Type of Marble Price Range
Statuario Rs 750 – Rs 1,400 per sq. ft.
Calacatta Rs 800 – Rs 1,850 per sq. ft.
Carrara Rs 250 – Rs 700 per sq. ft.
Botticino Rs 280 – Rs 700 per sq. ft.
Nero Marquina Rs 500 – Rs 1,100 per sq. ft.
Bianco Venatino Rs 350 – Rs 900 per sq. ft.
Arabescato Rs 450 – Rs 1,050 per sq. ft.
Breccia Aurora Rs 280 – Rs 900 per sq. ft.

*Please note the prices mentioned above are indicative of market factors and subject to


Italian Marble Applications in Interiors

Italian Marble Uses

Italian marble is renowned for its excellent appearance in interior applications. Here are some of its popular uses:

  1. Flooring Excellence: A hallmark of luxury, marble flooring adds a touch of sophistication to homes, from Carrara’s classic elegance to Calacatta’s extravagant veining. Introduce foyers and living areas to lend an unmatched beauty in space.
  2. Artistic Kitchen and Bathrooms: Embrace Italian marble for kitchen countertops or bathroom surfaces to incite modern flair to your home. Its heat-resistant nature and durability make it an ideal choice for your culinary haven.
  3. Walls as Canvas: Transform your mundane wall into visual spectacles with Italian marble, inciting texture and character to the space. Carrara’s delicate veins or Statuario’s bold patterns make a stylish statement, elevating your bedroom or dining areas.
  4. Ornamental Flourishes: The versatility of Italian marble finds expression in ornate accents like sculptures, vases, and fireplaces. These intricate pieces exhibit the material’s beauty and boost the aesthetics of your home.

Maintenance Tips

While caring for Italian marble you can ensure its elegance and longevity. Avoid vigorous scrubbing as it may harm the marble’s surface. Try to use gentle cleaning techniques to sustain the stone’s integrity and beauty.

  • Clean marble surfaces using a soft mop with a pH-neutral stone cleaner regularly to remove dust and dirt.
  • Try immediately to wipe away spills to prevent staining.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners like bleach-based substances and vinegar that can dull the shine of the surface.
  • After the installation of marble, apply a high-quality sealer that acts as a protective barrier against any stains or damage.
  • After a certain time, inspect the marble for any signs of wear or stains and take action to prevent further deterioration.

In A Nutshell

Italian marble is a coveted material that promises timeless beauty and unmatched elegance in interior and architectural design.

The cost of Italian marble in India varies significantly depending on the quality, type, grade, size, and availability of the stone. In addition, the labour charges, market demands and location also influence the overall price. Before investing in quality Italian marble, conduct thorough research and seek the advice of professionals to make a desired and optimum choice. For more valuable content on interiors and home decor ideas, connect to the experts at Interior Company.

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Is Italian marble expensive?

    Yes, Italian marble exudes superior quality, rarity, and exquisite designs. The pricing of the marble varies based on factors like type, colour, quality, and market demand.

    What is the size of Italian marble in feet?

    Italian marble typically comes in various sizes and thicknesses, commonly in slabs with dimensions ranging from 2 feet by 3 feet to larger slabs of 5 feet by 8 feet. Additionally, tiles are available in sizes such as 12×12 inches, 18×18 inches, or larger, depending on the specific requirements.

    Which Italian marble is best?

    Marbles allure the interiors and exteriors of the home. Choose the one that suits your personal preferences, project requirements, and desired aesthetics. However, Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario, and Botticino are among the popular choices known for their quality, unique veining, and modern flair.

    Which colour of marble is costly?

    Marbles that exhibit more unique patterns and veining tend to be more expensive. Pure white marbles like Calacatta and Statuario, along with black marbles, are more costly due to their rarity and distinctive aesthetic appeal.

    What is the strongest marble?

    Statuario marble, renowned for its strength and durability, is considered one of the strongest and most durable types of marble.