12 Attractive Middle Class Indian Style Pooja Room Designs You Can't Miss

Published On: Dec 28, 2022

In practically all Indian households, pooja rooms play a significant role. Whether you believe in God or not, the presence of an incense burner and a lit Diya can help you feel more enlightened and infuse your home with positive energy. This effect is so great that even small residences have a dedicated puja room design where a magnificent mandir is placed. 

Finding low-cost middle class Indian style pooja room designs can be challenging, particularly if you think that an extravagant budget is the only thing that can make a room look beautiful. Well, you are in the wrong if you believe so! Here are some of the most convenient and simple pooja room designs that can help you achieve zen. 

Modern Puja Room Design Ideas

Get a little close to spirituality by experimenting with these pooja room designs for Indian homes. 

1. Marble Design

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Marble puja room design is one of the most modern ways to incorporate serenity into your home. Marble in itself is sturdy and keeps termites out. When properly paired with a broad variety and different types of décor and flooring, a marble pooja room can be an eye-catching addition to your home. In addition, the marble finish creates a rich, modern appearance.

2. South Style

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Simple pooja room designs in South Indian households are typically created with wood while brass idols are worshipped. The pooja rooms made of wood go best with all types of interior themes and finishes. They also render the area with a feeling of grandeur. These styles of pooja rooms can be easily renovated, offering both variety and warmth. 

3. Wooden Design

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Wooden middle class Indian style pooja room designs go well with a variety of decorating styles. Even though they provide the space with a sense of warmth and versatility, wooden pooja rooms need a lot of upkeep and attention. You can also experiment with reasonably priced used wooden mandirs and renovate old wood to give them the polish of your choice.

4. Highlighted Space

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A portion of the wall, or possibly the full wall, can be transformed into a modern pooja room. This Indian puja room design can be executed by cutting niches in the wall that are each 6 to 8 inches deep, with one idol placed in each niche. Make sure each niche has a spotlight so the idol put inside can be illuminated.

5. Small Pooja Rooms

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It goes without saying that you do not have ample space to set up a separate pooja room if you reside in a small house or flat. You could choose ready-made mandirs or create your own little and simple modular pooja unit. Shelving on the wall and changing it into your pooja area is a trending small pooja room design for Indian homes. You can choose to have the shelves made of marble, glass, wood, or any other material you like.

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6. Wall Mounted Spaces

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These devotional places for studio apartments or small apartments are installed on walls, as the name of the design suggests. They save on floor area, can be quickly positioned in any corner, and are perfect for small spaces. These pooja room designs for Indian homes are available in open shelves or closed cabinets.

7. Corner Spaces

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Most middle-class homes feature a pooja area in one of the corners of the living room. These pooja room designs in hall walls could be based on your preferences, although most people consider Vaastu Shastra when picking a wall for their pooja area. 

8. Stone Embossed Puja Space

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A puja room design with a stone-embossed back wall is a popular choice among devotees. The rustic look creates a traditional aesthetic complementing the modular design. You can experiment with the type of stone for the desired texture and shades that suit your personal taste. The exquisite stone design would help in achieving a colour contrast that looks elegant and exudes a feeling of devotion.  

9. Pooja Unit with False Ceiling

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The most creative option for decorating a pooja room is to install an artificial ceiling. To assist set the proper mood, choose to customise your pooja room designs in hall by adding a variety of textures or carving patterns. 

10. Tile Inlay Design

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A low-maintenance and minimalist idea, this puja room design is simple to clean with the addition of tile inlays. You can create a space that is uniquely yours by choosing to add lighting, flowers, idols, and religious symbols.

11. Stone Cladding Design

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Your prayer room will seem more earthy, natural, and fresh with a stone wall covering. This style has now gained immense popularity owing to its easy accessibility. They consistently bring a touch of sophistication to the interiors by offering a calming contrast to the light-toned walls. Make the area more distinctive and one-of-a-kind by experimenting with a range of stones that varies in colour, shade, and shape. 

12. Puja Room with Doors

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The puja unit’s door deserves intriguing architectural elements since it performs a number of functions. These include defining the space, creating an enclosed area, and providing a private room for prayer. Even though wood is the traditional and most frequently used material for puja room doors, you can also try using glass, metals, MDF, laminates, and a wood and glass combination. Try adding different patterns, ethnic Indian motifs (such as lotuses, flowers, the sun, etc.), intricate engravings, and embellishments to make it more attractive. Make the door with jali patterns or lattice screens if you want to make a grand entry and create a welcoming atmosphere for prayer.

Puja Room Design Hacks

Keep these tips and tricks up your sleeve for a perfect design. 

Use Bright Colours 

For the pooja rooms, try to utilise vibrant colours like white, pale, orange, or yellow. Pick pastel hues if you want the area to appear larger and airier. 

Designer Doors

Since pooja rooms are very private spaces in each home, choosing a distinguished door design is probably the most clever idea. For the pooja room entrance, choose between a solid wooden door with intricate carvings or a more unusual frosty or translucent glass door.

Warm Welcome

Pooja rooms are regarded as an auspicious location for all members of the household. Draw a rangoli, set up a large flower vase, hang marigold flowers from the ceiling, or incorporate other decor ideas to make the entrance feel warm and friendly.

Creative Cushions

Purchase some soft, colourful seating cushions and low, elevated wooden stools to create a beautiful sitting arrangement. 

Innovative Lighting

Interesting lighting options can completely transform your puja room design. Ceiling fixtures, string lights, chandeliers can also be used to keep the pooja room lit at all times. 

Wrapping it Up!

Puja rooms are a very personal space for everybody, especially because it helps people let their guard down. Hence, the design of this private area should be chosen with utmost attention to detail. Puja room designs that adhere to Vastu guidelines are known to provide greater benefits to the residents. For more designs and ideas contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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    How can I beautify my puja room design?

    Pooja room designs for Indian homes can be beautified by painting the walls with serene colours, selecting an exquisite door design, using effective lighting, decorating the floor, curating a beautiful backdrop, and accessorising the space.

    Which room is best to accommodate an Indian pooja room design?

    The pooja room can be aligned with the living room or kitchen, provided that it should be placed in the Northeast direction of the house.

    Which colour is best for a puja room?

    White, yellow, orange, golden, and green are the top five colours that you can adorn your modular pooja room with.

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