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Interior Design Ideas

Discover the world of home interior design ideas to complement your style. From choosing the right furniture to selecting the perfect colour palette, these crafted interior design ideas will inspire you to create your dream home. Whether your taste is classic, contemporary, or modern Scandinavian, our team of interior designers and decor pros bring you the best home interior decoration ideas.

Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room

Choose from our curated list of living room designs that will suit your style and budget.
Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Master Bedroom

Draw inspiration from our bedroom designs that reflect your personality and taste.
Modular Kitchen Design Ideas
Cook up your favourite memories in these spectacular modular kitchens.
TV Units Design Ideas

TV Units

Elevate your entertainment nook with these TV Unit designs to complement your living space.
Kids Room Design Ideas

Kids Room

Let your kid's imagination come to life with these tasteful and fun room designs.
Wardrobe Design Ideas


Delve into a wide range of wardrobe styles to suit your palate and pocket.
Kitchen Wall Tiles Design Ideas
Have some fun with your kitchen by introducing wall tiles that speak for themselves.
Balcony Design Ideas


With a view of your city skyline and sunset, unwind with our breathtaking balcony designs.
Bathroom Design Ideas


Peek into stunning bathroom designs that can be customised to suit your personal taste.
Kitchen False Ceiling Design Ideas
Jazz up your kitchen’s fifth wall with these spectacular false ceiling designs.

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Latest Interior Design Ideas that Will Enhance Your Home Spaces

Are you in touch with the latest interior trends that will amaze you? Discover inspirational home design ideas at Interior Company. With some planning, our experts’ advice and a creative mix of home interior decoration ideas ( furniture style, colours, lighting, placement of accessories and flooring designs), one can transform their home into a beautiful alcove.

Design Your Dream Home with Interior Company

Have you thought of designing your dream home but didn't know how to start? Don't worry - Interior Company by Square Yards is here to help you create a space perfectly suited to your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you want an expansive home or studio apartment, our team of experts will guide you with infinite home interior design ideas suited for every budget.

7 Easy Home Interior Decoration Ideas Recommended by Designers

When transforming your house into a home, there's more than meets the eye. If you're starting from scratch or remodelling your home, make sure your space looks its best while reflecting your personal sense of style. Our designers guide and efficiently manage every project while understanding your needs and elevating the look of your home. Here are some Indian home interior decoration ideas that will add an extra flair of style to your home

Add a Dash of Colour

Colour is an excellent way to revamp your home and personalise your space. Every hue sets a different tone. For new home decor ideas, warm and rich colours exude a glamorous vibe, whereas cool neutral tones create a relaxing atmosphere.

Accentuate with Accessories

Emphasise your style while decorating your home with accessories such as rugs, pouffe, decorative mirrors, metallic-coloured sculptures, quirky items and much more. Incorporate the latest interior design trends while using differentiated colours, textures and patterns to achieve a cohesive look.

Embrace the Outdoors

Adding elements of nature in one way or another can make your home feel like an outdoor oasis. Planters, airy nooks and earthy textures are some indoor decoration ideas that bring life to your home interiors.

Personalise with Art

Another easy and affordable interior decoration idea to pep up your home is to hang unique art pieces on the walls. From DIY art to family photos, framed works can help pull the entire room together and adds a thematic aesthetic to home interiors.

Layer Your Lighting

Layered lighting lends a new perspective to interior home decor ideas. Try to illuminate your room with an assortment of lights and lamps to change the mood and brighten your space.

Swap out Your Throw Pillows

A simple home design idea to glam your interiors is to replace your throw pillows with more patterned and coloured ones. Play with prints and textures to create a contrast and add character to your room.

Shine Your Walls

From stencilling to whimsical wallpapers or metallic paints, shine your bare wall to add a lustrous look to your room.

Most Renowned Types of Interior Design Styles

Decorate your home with personalised interior design styles, including contemporary, mid-century, industrial, Scandinavian, and Bohemian, among others. Every individual has a style, and our expert designers at Interior Company will help you define your personal spaces.

Explore Home Interior Design Ideas from Small Homes to Villas

Whether starting out in a studio apartment or living in an expansive villa, decorating a home can be overwhelming and tiring. However, experts at Interior Company provide innovative interior design ideas with their signature style to elevate your space.
Designing luxurious apartments/vacation homes requires a lot of attention while furnishing with interior decoration ideas.

  • 1. Since they have expansive wall spaces, go for unique wall designs with wallpapers or textures to accentuate your living space.
  • 2. For high ceilings, sparkle your apartment with bespoke lighting pieces for a well-finished look.
  • 3. Choose enduring furniture, high-quality materials and colours that won't fade away with time.

As for smaller apartments with space constraints, the room must not feel cramped.
  • 1. Incorporate reflective materials like white lacquered walls, glossy tiles, and mirrors that will make the space appear bigger and airier.
  • 2. Cut the clutter and chaos to make your home functional and spectacular.
  • 3. Decorating small spaces can be inexpensive as compared to their sprawling counterparts.

Latest Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2022

Interior design trends 2022 are amalgamating venerable and contemporary elements that will give you a pleasant mélange of then and now. We delved into the Interior Company archive to bring you the latest Indian interior design ideas.

  • 1. Bring in nature-inspired elements in house interior ideas
  • 2. Imbibe the 70s- 80s retro house decoration ideas
  • 3. The latest interior design trends make use of multi-functional spaces
  • 4. Mindful Zen Interiors making waves as new interior design trends
  • 5. Use pastels in home interior ideas
  • 6. Smart homes and furniture make their way into the latest interior decoration ideas.
See your home decoration ideas coming to reality with Interior Company.


How do I find interior design ideas?
Explore the ultimate Interior design ideas from small homes to large mansions that complaint your style at Interior Company.
How do interior designers get harmony?
Harmony can be described as a repetition of similar elements like colour, shape, textures and forms. All these elements are combined together to achieve harmony in design.
When designing a basic room or space, what is the correct order to follow?
When designing a room or home, the foremost is understanding the space and requirements. Followed by planning according to the budget, design development, choosing home accessories and furnishings and finally, a check on finishing.
What is rhythm in interior design?
Rhythm is all about the visual repetition of patterns. We follow rhythm and harmony for home interior design ideas to create a cohesive look.
What are the phases of interior design?
The five phases of the Interior Design process are:
  • 1. Strategic Planning
  • 2. Conceptual Development
  • 3. Design Development
  • 4. Construction Implementation
  • 5. Construction Maintenance & Project Management
How do I choose a theme for my house?
Consider space, analyse your preferences and style and look for inspiration at interior design companies before selecting a theme for your house.
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