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With Interior Company, design and construct your dream home. Our interior designers in Mumbai pave the way for exceptional home projects.
Every Home Has a Unique Inside Story, Meet the Designer
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    Interior Designers

    Our top interior designers create unique spaces based on the client's inclined taste and budget.

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    Project Managers

    Our team of managers provides innovative solutions and tailored services to build cohesive designs.

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    With a perfect amalgam of furnishings, fabrics and decor, our trusted partners play a large role in the success of our projects.


From Concept to Completion, We’ve Got You!

Our in-house designers in Mumbai devise bespoke solutions based on client’s preferences.
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    From completed homes to modular kitchens, and storage to decor, our top interior designers create spaces that match your vision.
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    We follow a meticulous planning approach with detail-driven designs for construction of your homes.
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    Our top interior designers spearhead quality assurance by extending support after the execution of home projects.

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Distinctive Home Designs in Mumbai

Resort to our top interior designers in Mumbai to execute quality decor ideas and add creative touches.

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Rita Kotecha


3 weeks ago

It was indeed a great experience with Interior company. We required some post sales service. The staff was very Co-Operative. Special mention to Ruchita who is the relationship manager who managed really well and made sure that the post sale service is taken care of quickly and hassle free.

Kavita Wakde


a month ago

The Designer team helped alot. Good job Sailee. Would recommend her work. Just make sure to confirm before committing with Sales team as they are the one who could fool you. Sales team is definitely not trust worthy.

Vivek Sapre


a month ago

I ordered kitchen cabinet and wardrobes, design phase was professional. I paid all the money in advance. however the delivery was delayed and it is still unfinished. The items shipped were not as per the design. in 2 months almost 4 project managers were rolled over. The carpenters were very nice and courteous

Vivek Nirvaneshwar


a month ago

Hello Team, We are happy with Modular furniture work, overall carpentry, false ceiling & painting work is also have good finishing. Thanks to design team for understanding our requirements Special thanks to Ops team especially to Ritesh Mohite, he was very supportive and very understanding guy. He guided us properly while executing. Thank you so much.

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Design solutions tailored to your style, space and budget.

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With an emphasis on details, extraordinary designs and exceptional customer service, we bring your dreams to life.

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From skirting to inlays, and furniture to decor, we look into every aspect of building ergonomic spaces.

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Design Trends in Mumbai

Our interior designers in Mumbai help you discover your style for your ideal home.

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Every Home Has a Unique Inside Story, Meet the Designer
By submitting this form, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of use

What is the Importance of Interior Design?

Interior design is a creative process, the end goal of which is to present the customer with efficient solutions for the space provided while ensuring an aesthetically pleasing ambience. The ultimate aim is to improve the user experience for a soothing yet imaginative environment. The specialists concerned regarding the interior design of your property scurry through it, pay heed to your needs and then create an optimised plan based on your preferences. 

What is the Difference between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators?

Interior design and interior decorating are often used interchangeably, but there are certain differences, both minor and major that draw a line between the two. Interior decorators have a major role in embellishing the spaces that are already in existence. Their expertise revolves around arranging furniture and home decor to enhance the look of your sacred space. An interior decorator selects furniture, colour schemes, materials, and wall designs under its work scope.  On the other hand, an interior designer curates work or living spaces to enhance the user’s life and accommodate the needs of people. Their work scope includes activities such as designing, spatial planning, and renovating interiors that make them aesthetically, socially, and physically functional.  Our top interior designers in Mumbai work round the clock and stay on top of trends to create an inviting and warm space. 

How can Interior Design Improve the Quality of Life?

The way you design your home has a direct impact on your quality of life. Our surroundings or environment affects our mood, attitude, and productivity which leads to peacefulness and relaxation. This in turn affects the harmony and energy in the relationships. Interior design and home renovation in Mumbai can improve your life in the following ways:

Organises Life

A well-adorned home inculcates discipline and order in your life. An environment in disorder takes a hit on your mental health. A cluttered home clutters the mind which hinders your ability to think. 

Creates a Safe Environment

A well-designed home not only creates a beautiful aesthetic but also makes us feel comfortable and safe. Since we need a home that renders us a sense of security, the interior designs create a cocoon sort of environment. 

Makes a Space Functional

A good interior design can enhance the way you live by improving your lifestyle. This way you can live the life that you always dreamed of. 

Improves the Mood

Like colour psychology, the interior design of your home affects your emotions and moods. Natural light also enhances the mood which can in turn affect your level of happiness. 

Tips to Renovate your House Economically

If you are planning your interiors from scratch or looking for budgeted home renovation in Mumbai, then ensure to keep these tricks up your sleeve. 

Set a Budget

Since the house is being renovated economically, it is important to have in hand a pre-thought budget which you should be adamant about. 


Whenever you renovate your house on a budget it is important to research and find out the necessary stuff that can be bought at a cheaper price. 

Plan and Conquer

Effective renovation can be achieved by effective planning. Create an individual plan for different sections of the house so that you can work on it with focus and concentration.


How much do interior designers charge in Mumbai?

The interior designing and home renovation services in Mumbai depend on a variety of factors like the scope of work, type of materials, size of the project, furniture designs, ceiling work, etc. You can reach out to our interior designers in Mumbai to get an estimate of the cost and budget of your home project.

Where can I find the best interior designer in Mumbai?

The top interior designers in Mumbai can be found at Interior Company who can revamp your space by also adding functionality to it. The famous interior designers in Mumbai will be your guiding light in transforming your interiors from concept to completion.

Can we meet at the Interior Company's Mumbai Office for interior design?

Yes, an appointment can be made with the representative of Interior Company to talk about your design requirements. The interior designers in Mumbai can help you figure out your style and how you want to design your abode.

What questions should I ask an interior designer?

You should ask a lot of questions your interior designer before you finalise one. You should ask about their design style, the design services that they offer, their charge, and if they can work within your budget.

What is the starting price for home interiors in Mumbai?

Designing of the home interiors and home renovation costs in Mumbai alter depending on a number of factors like material selection, the scope of work, space, and many others. Select the finest interior designers in Mumbai for your dream home.

What are the latest trends of interior design in Mumbai?

The latest interior design trends in Mumbai are inspired by India’s multicultural elements. These styles are a beautiful blend of contemporary and modern perspectives and are curated into smart designs, vibrant colours, and sustainable homes. Since the trends in home renovation in Mumbai keeps evolving, the top interior designers ensure that they always stay on top of these designs.

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