Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs

Modern kitchen wall tiles are the staples of your culinary space, making a stunning impact as both practical wall decor and aesthetics to any design. As vertical surfaces, they induce colour, texture, and interest in the room while protecting the walls from spills, stains, and splashes. Discover our exquisite range of kitchen wall tiles design, from luxury marble to contemporary quartz and modern metals. Be inspired by these eccentric kitchen wall tile ideas to add a wow factor to your cooking haven.

Explore Wall Tiles Design Ideas for Kitchen Space

Looking for inspiration for your kitchen wall tile design ideas? Our latest kitchen wall tiles ideas suit all styles and budgets to upgrade an existing space into a new design.

  1. Choose Quartz tiles in the kitchen as a smart saver option for a marble finish.
  2. Wrap the room in a subway tile for an elegant yet traditional vibe.
  3. For a neutral kitchen, select bright kitchen wall tiles to add instant warmth.
  4. Enhance smaller kitchens by introducing modern kitchen wall tiles with a subtle shine or gloss like pearl hexagon tiles.
  5. Opt for stone-clad kitchen tiles to give a beautiful rustic touch to your space.

Simple yet Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles Designs

Kitchen wall tiles are not only limited to their functional utility but create a striking impression while adding a pattern or style to the vertical surfaces. Explore Interior Company’s modular kitchen wall tiles design catalogue.

  1. Bring your kitchen to life by adding attractive prints in modular kitchen wall tiles.
  2. Give a glam look to your modular kitchen with metallic-glossy finish tiles.
  3. Revamp your kitchen with mosaic tiles, as they are quite versatile and can be customised in endless options. Simple modern kitchen wall tiles design makes the cooking space cohesive.
  4. Create a stylish statement with marble as a backsplash time in your modular kitchen.
  5. Choose ceramic or porcelain tiles with bold patterns to transform the dreary-looking kitchen into a stunning space.

Latest Kitchen Room Wall Tiles Design Trends for 2023

Kitchen wall tiles protect your vertical surfaces and make a lasting impression on your space. In 2023, we’re seeing lots of bold colours, hexagons, patterned or encaustic tiles pastel tones and mixed metallics taking over the market. If you’re planning a kitchen project, check out the latest kitchen wall tiles ideas at Interior Company.

How to Choose Desired Kitchen Wall Tiles?

Choosing the best tiles for kitchen walls is really important whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodelling. They’ll protect working areas, including behind the hob and backsplash. The designers at Interior Company will guide you to select the best kitchen wall tiles design to deck up your cooking haven. From porcelain to glass and matt tiles to wood, the options are endless.

Kitchen Wall Tiles Price

Whether it's a subtle pattern style or natural stone tile, kitchen wall tiles are available in varied designs for every style and budget depending upon the user’s requirements.

Get inspired and revamp your cooking space with our modern kitchen wall tiles design to make a stunning focal point.

Five Best Colour Tiles for Your Kitchen Walls

Choosing the right colour wall tile for your kitchen is essential for both functional and aesthetic aspects. For small kitchens, design ideas opt for light colours to recede and create the illusion of a bigger space. We provide you with colourful kitchen wall tiles ideas to add style and personality to your space.

  1. Create a cool and contemporary look with sage green, this nature-derived colour calms the soul and feeds the mind.
  2. When it comes to kitchen wall tiles design in India, midnight blue is the latest trend in coloured tiles that brings with it a sense of freshness and serenity.
  3. Bold and Bright colours will enrich the homes and create cosy sanctuaries such as warm red or vibrant yellow.
  4. Neutral colours like white or grey are the evergreen choices in kitchen wall tiles designed in Indian style. These neutral tones are versatile and seamlessly blend alongside many different colours.
  5. Pastel shades like blush pink are growing up as kitchen wall tiles design the latest trend for a subtly sophisticated look. Mix and match with other colours to create a colour block pattern.

Suitable Tiles Size for Kitchen Walls

Are you designing from scratch, or remodelling your kitchen space? Choosing the right kind of kitchen wall tiles will make a great impact in enhancing your space. Kitchen wall tile design sizes are dependent on the layout, materials and intended use, so select according to your own preferences.


What are the best tiles for kitchen walls?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are one of the most commonly used kitchen wall tiles design in India.

Which colour wall tiles are best for the kitchen?

Depending upon the size and shape of the kitchen, the best tiles for kitchen walls are beige, green, white and light shades of grey and blue are great choices.

How high should I tile my kitchen wall?

The backsplash kitchen wall is installed to the height of four inches from the surface of the countertop.

Can you use large wall tiles in a kitchen?

Yes, large wall tiles in a kitchen make the space less cluttered and visually expanded.

How do you clean kitchen wall tiles?

The kitchen is the cooking haven. Dirt, smudges, and stains do accumulate in your kitchen tiles, so care and attention is required on regular basis. Use disinfectant with a clean cloth to wipe tiles smudges. For grease stains, use an effective tile cleaner, warm water, and soft cloth to scrub the dirt away.

How much does labour cost to install a kitchen backsplash?

The average labour cost ranges between ₹35 and ₹40 per square foot.

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