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Terms & Conditions

  • Payments Schedule
Payment terms for INCO Projects:
A project can have multiple order types based on the type of scope of work ( e.g., 1 project can have multiple orders like modular work, on-site services and store products). Payment terms will vary on order level.
  • Order Type
  • Booking Fees
  • Place Order
  • Execution stages**/ Prior to Delivery
  • Modular
  • 10%
  • 40%
  • 50%
  • On - Site Services
  • 10%
  • 80%
  • 10%
  • Store Product
  • 10%
  • 90%
  • NA
**Booking Fee has to be paid on total order value. For more information on the payment schedule and execution stages please refer to the FAQ/Help section.
  • A project refers to home design undertaking for a single home. Multiple orders can be placed for a single project (for e.g., one order for modular products, a separate one for services such as civil work). Payments are processed on an order level. The minimum order value that will be executed by Interior Company shall not be less than INR 2 lakhs.
  • Once the project is booked, you are provided with a 72-hour free look window during which you may choose to cancel the project. After this window, no refunds will be provided if the project is cancelled.
  • Your booking fee (10% payment) is adjusted against future orders. If the scope of your project increases significantly, you shall be required to pay 10% for the new scope before design can begin.
  • Execution stages help us track the progress of your order. They mark the completion of an important activity at which balance payment (for that order type) will be due. SY Interior Pvt Ltd can proceed with completing the rest of the order only after the amount due for that execution stage has been paid for. The following table defines execution stages for the different types of orders.
  • Item
  • Execution Stage
  • Order type 1 - Services such as civil work, custom furniture
  • Based on the scope of your project, 50% of your order value (s) will be due.
  • Order type 2 - Marketplace furniture, decor items, modular products (such as kitchen).
  • Execution Stage
  • This quote is indicative and generated based on your current requirements. As a quote is affected by the design, product, materials, colours and services you choose, it is subject to change. Please speak to your designer to understand how she/he can work around a budget.

    If the project scope or value is changed at the execution stage, then any free gift(s)/discounts offered during the time of sale shall stand withdrawn.
Quote Validity
Initial quotes at 10% stage are valid only for 60 days & price will change in case project does not goes into execution.

Please note that the prices quoted in this proposal are valid only for 21 days. Prices may vary if the booking is done post this period. Any modification (such as changes in scope or requirements) to the proposal may result in a price change. The prices here are applicable for this project only.
Delivery Time
Your order will be delivered on or before the assured delivery date except in cases when the order or the scope of work is changed after confirmation or due to reasons beyond the control of SY Interior Pvt Ltd, including force majeure events and change in applicable law.

The approximate Delivery Time of the Project from the time of placing the order -
  • Project Value
  • Scope of work
  • Total
  • 0-5L
  • Modular
  • 45
  • 0-5L
  • Modular + Custom
  • 55
  • 5-8L
  • Modular
  • 55
  • 5-8L
  • Modular + Custom
  • 65
  • 8-12L
  • Modular + Custom
  • 70
  • 12-15L
  • Modular + Custom
  • 80
  • 15-20L
  • Modular + Custom
  • 90
  • 20L+
  • Modular + Custom
  • **
** - will be informed within 5 days of Placing the order depending on the scope of work
Order placement stage
At this stage, orders for S Y Interiors Pvt Ltd furniture and decor items are placed, and the marketplace furniture and decor items are shipped to the warehouse to prepare for delivery onsite. Civil work and manufacturing of custom furniture will be initiated as per defined execution stages. Please note all work specific to an order will begin only after the 50% payment has been processed.
Post Sales Service
SY Interiors shall provide post sales service to the customers as mentioned below:
  • During the project execution stage - You are entitled for free service requests for manufacturing defects only if any.
  • Within 30 days from the date of completion of project - You can make any number of free services requests
  • Between 30 days and 6 months from the date of completion of project - You are eligible for one free service request.
  • Beyond 6 months from the date of completion of project - Any service request made after this period shall be attended to on a chargeable basis
Modular Delivery & Warehousing
For projects where the SY Interior Pvt Ltd scope only includes modular products, our team would request the customer to confirm the material delivery date according to the readiness of the site with civil work completed. The material will be dispatched once services on site are completed, and final payment is made. In case of the site not being ready, the material would be stored in the warehouse for up to 10 days beyond the planned delivery date, after which warehousing charges would be applicable, at Rs 500 per day until the actual dispatch date.
Delay Penalties
Interior Company will be liable to pay a delay penalty @ INR 500 per day for delay in handover of the project beyond 15 working days (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays) from the confirmed handover date. The confirmed handover date is communicated in the Client Service Agreement; however, it is linked to all payments made by the client as per the schedule and all sales orders for the project are raised.
  1. 1. Delay penalty is only applicable if all the norms as per Interior company Delivery Guarantee is fulfilled.
  2. 2. The maximum delay penalty payable cannot exceed 3% of the total project value.
  3. 3. Delay penalty would be paid out through a refund to the customer's bank account provided the client has paid 100% of the Project Amount as per schedule and Completion of Handover.
Invoices for the design service, products and other services shall be raised by SY Interiors PVT LTD. Product invoicing for all branded products will be done by the authorized sellers/distributors of such products. For any queries, please get in touch with your Interior Company representative.
Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution
  1. 1. In the event of any dispute between the Parties under this Client Service Agreement, the Parties shall first try to resolve the same amicably by mutual discussions/negotiations. In case, the parties are unable to resolve the disputes amicably within 30 (thirty) days from the date of the notification of the dispute by one party to the other, the same shall be referred to Arbitration for resolution.
  2. 2. The Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 or any enactment or modification thereof for the time being in force and its decision shall be final and binding. The venue of arbitration shall be Delhi and the proceeding shall be held in English Language only. The award passed by the arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the Parties.
  3. 3. The cost of arbitration shall be borne by both the parties equally
  4. 4. This Agreement will be governed by Laws of India and this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Delhi.
Financial Services:
SY Interior Pvt Ltd only facilitates financial loans and services. Approval, processing and terms are at the sole discretion of the financial entity.
Cancellations & Return:
At design stage: Any product in the tentative BoQ can be replaced or removed while you're still discussing designs with our team i.e., before order placement. SY Interior Pvt Ltd cannot cancel, replace or modify items once the order is placed Since each item is made to order.

Products with non-manufacturing defects and damages post-delivery are not eligible for returns or replacements.

The returns policy is not applicable to services, customised products and made-to-order furniture pieces
Quality Promise:
The unparalleled SY Interior Pvt Ltd Quality Promise assures you a premier home design experience. With multiple quality checks at every stage, we ensure all our products are free from any material and manufacturing defects. Marketplace furniture, decor products and accessories sold via are covered by the manufacturer's warranty period.
Marketplace products
All furniture, decor, appliances and accessories which belong to the SY Interior Pvt Ltd's brand partners are referred to as marketplace products.
Services and customized products offered by SY Interior Pvt Ltd are not covered under SY Interior Pvt Ltd quality promise. is a marketplace that facilitates buyers and sellers to transact on products and services, and is not the seller under any circumstance. All registered Service Partners undergo intensive quality and background checks.

Guarantees and warranties, if any, are directly provided by Service Partners for products and services offered by them. All invoices for the products and services provided by the registered Service Partners, excluding design and project management fees, shall be issued by them directly to customers. only acts as a facilitator to ensure Service Partners honor their commitment/ guarantee/ warranty and under no event can be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages and quality issues. Please get in touch with your authorized representative to know more.