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Which Mandir Design is Best for Your Living Room?

Published On: Jul 29, 2021

The Pooja room or Mandir is a very sacred area in many Indian homes. They are special areas inside homes that are primarily used for spiritual worship of the Gods or for meditation. A Mandir design in living room brings positivity to the entire home. The pooja room has to be designed correctly to bring these positive vibrations to the home. The mandir can be designed as a simple space or an intricate one to suit the individual’s preference. Traditionally, mandirs may have a specific size, location, layout and arrangement, but they can be personalized. There are certain features that can make your pooja room more positive and more harmonious.

A pooja room should be in the northwest corner of the home so as to enhance positive energies. It is a personal space where people have special experiences.

Here Are A Few Tips For Designing The Best Pooja Room For Your Home:

  • The mandir can be an enclosure between the dining room and the living room. This is a great option for people who prefer to meditate in private spaces.
  • Wood is a very popular and preferred material for pooja room enclosures. It offers a stunningly spiritual and peaceful atmosphere for prayer and meditation. 
  • In order to maintain a spiritual significance, the pooja room should be kept away from other areas in the household. 
  • The pooja room can be kept on an elevated platform that separates the usual walking area in the house. This ensures that the area is used only for spiritual purposes.
  • Marble or wood can be used for building the platform- this brings the natural element into the sacred area.
  • Lighting is another important aspect of a pooja room. It created a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The lamp or the light should be ideally place in front of the idols of the Gods. Other lights in the room should be placed in the southeast direction of the pooja room. 
  • When the lighting is done according to tradition, it is believed to increase the positivity of the mandir. 
  • Other lighting options can be candles, lanterns, small terracotta lamps or decorative lampshades. 
  • Next comes the colour of the background in the pooja room. Light shades like white, blue, light yellow or violet should be used as these colours do not distract the person while praying. They also provide an appealing atmosphere for the Gods. 
  • The mandir should have double doors made with high-quality wood. 
  • The idols of the Gods are generally placed on a shelf or a stand. They should be placed at the appropriate height so that the person performing the pooja can reach the idols for offering flowers. 
  • Another important aspect that has to be considered while building the pooja room is placing the idols. They should ideally be placed in the north-east, west or eastern areas in the mandir. The space above the idols should be left empty- nothing should be placed above them. The idols should not face each other in the pooja room. 
  • For a comfortable praying environment, the seating should be low. Carpets can be placed for the seating arrangement. The carpets can be chosen in tan, white or muted gold. This provides a peaceful, serene atmosphere which is ideal for praying and meditation.

Now let us see some beautiful pooja room ideas in living room that you can choose for your new home.

Mandir With Jaali Panels

Mandir with Jaali Panels

If you love having Jaali panels, then this is the design for your Mandir. This design can suit any type of living room, especially with a wood finish TV unit. As the lattice looks great in wood or laminate, this wooden and white pooja unit is highly decorative too. You can store the pooja things and utensils in the drawers. The beautiful marble idol and hanging bell from the top of the mandir give this whole pooja room design a very divine look. This design not only looks great but also occupies very little space in your living room. 

Compact Glass Mandir Design

Compact Glass Mandir Design

This beautiful and compact pooja unit is ideal for that unutilized corner in your living room. This beautiful mandir, made with thick tempered glass looks so elegant yet divine with a traditional touch. You can use soft focus lights for illuminating the corners and make it the perfect mandir design for your living room. Small brass idols of Gods and brass lamps will be a conversation starter with guests who visit your new home.

Sleek Mandir For Open Living Room Space

Sleek Mandir for open living room space

This is a modern living room with sleek furniture and Scandinavian design, yet this sleek temple design in living room fits in perfectly. A wall niche has been converted into a pooja room which looks amazing with beautiful lighting. You can add a base unit for the small God idols. The picture in the centre of the wall and the traditional hanging lamps bring serenity to the pooja room. Use neutral colours and be sure not to crowd the unit so that the modern design maintains its aesthetics.

Compact Mandir On The Wall

Compact mandir on the wall

Do you have wall space in your living room that has not been utilized, then this is the Mandir design for your home. The compact Mandir on your wall looks very beautiful and unique. This is a beautifully designed marble pooja unit painted with bright colors. The steps at the base create a temple-like appearance. Small draws can be added at the base of the unit to store your pooja items, and hanging brass bells will bring glitter to the whole set-up. This unit brings life to the otherwise unused corner in your living room. Complete the pooja area with a bowl filled with water and let lovely fragrant flowers float, and bring in all the positive energy into your home. 

Corner Temple/ Miniature Temple In Your Living Room

Corner Temple/ Miniature Temple in your living room

To create a miniature mandir in your living room, this is the best design for you. A separate section in the corner of your living room can be made into a small temple that everyone will be amazed about. You can place the unit on the floor and match it with marble dividers to create a designated area for you to sit and offer pooja. The beautifully carved marble gives your pooja room an elegant yet serene atmosphere ideal for your meditation.

Traditional Wooden Pooja Unit

Traditional wooden pooja unit

You can set up a home temple or pooja space in living room with this traditional wooden pooja unit. This ornate mandir in wood is carved with traditional designs. You can highlight this area with focus lights and suspend jolly bells from the ceiling to give a temple-like effect. The pooja unit is ideal for placing small pictures of the Gods and brass lamps. Decorating the corners with brass will give this area a perfect finishing touch.

Mandir Design With Yellow Background

Mandir Design with yellow background

This simple and stark pooja corner in your living room is a winner. You can place the Mandir against a suitable plain wall and color the wall yellow as background. Match the wall with a red cloth base for creating an amazing and interesting visual effects. Shimmering lamps on either side of the panel and candle lights around the mandir adds drama and completes this picture-perfect pooja room design. 

Half-Open Mandir

Half-open Mandir

For an elaborate home temple, this half-open mandir design will be perfect for your living room. The coloured glass on the doors and brass bells in the carvings look beautiful. With more space to sit and meditate and offer prayers, this design creates a serene, calm and positive atmosphere. You can maintain privacy while at the same time need not completely shut it out. The wooden latticed archway is so beautiful that your pooja room will be the topic of conversation when you have guests come over to your new home.

Dual-Purpose Mandir and Display Unit

Dual-purpose Mandir and display unit

For those of you who are not very religious and like to keep it very simple, this design is your best choice. It doubles up as a mandir as well as a pooja unit. You can place both idols and decorative items in this setup. A beautiful terracotta hanging lamp completes the picture and brings out the classy taste in designing.

Modern Pooja Unit With Flower Decorations

Modern Pooja unit with flower decorations

You can cleverly use space in your living room by choosing this Modern yet compact pooja unit. This mandir is space-saving and modern. The modular unit is set perfectly between the door and the storage unit in your living room. You can personalize it with the idols of your choice and pictures with golden frames. The whole setup can be decorated with lovely artificial flowers and this would give a vibrant and serene vibe. You can add drawers at the bottom for storage. 

Special Pooja Rooms

We have five different types of pooja rooms that you can choose from. 

Jain Mandir In The Living Room

Special Pooja rooms

You can make use of a portion of your living room and convert it into a pooja room. This is a Jain mandir design with a beautiful marble flooring and small marble steps. This enclosed pooja room is very traditional with beautiful gold and color paints. Space has been well utilized and customized with Gods on the wall panel. The light coloured walls and floor create a serene atmosphere and with adequate natural light it is perfect for your home. The base unit has space for the idols and lamps. You can sit comfortably and meditate peacefully in this beautiful glass mandir.

Elegant and White Pooja Room

Elegant and white pooja room

For complete connectivity with the deities in your pooja room, choose one with white background. The background ensures the sanctity and serenity of the mandir. This creates a tranquil atmosphere ideal for meditation. The three step black granite shelves contrast against the white makes the pooja room look more divine and beautiful.

Meditation Room With Frosted Glass Windows Design

Meditation room with Frosted Glass Windows Design

This mandir is elegant with frosted glass windows and white background is a beautiful space for meditation. The idols are placed on the marble tops, creating a modern effect altogether. You can convert the room into an elegant space by choosing this design as natural light from the Sun brings more positivity to the house.

Embossed Glass Door Semi-private Mandir Design

The embossed glass door mandir lets you have a peek into the pooja room. The glass doors are ribbed and etched with wooden frames creating a semi-private mandir design for living room. They are suitable to be placed anywhere in your room. The dark floor tiles and the frosted glass backdrop give this mandir design an ultra-modern look. You can draw beautiful rangoli designs on the floor to complete the picture.

Frosted Glass Pooja Room

Frosted glass mandirs are very trending and in style these days. This design is elegant and sits in your living room with its blend of frosted glass and wooden frames. The ambience is beautiful and very much suitable for a calm and tranquil meditation session. 

Wooden Pooja Room Designs

We have five beautiful Mandir designs made with wood. Wood being a natural element brings positivity and elegance to the pooja room in your living room.

Mandir With Wooden Backdrop

Wooden Mandirs add to the aesthetics of your house. This mandir has a beautiful wooden backdrop and ample space for storage. It is a perfect fit in any room with extra space and can be demarcated effectively with a latticed wooden partition.

Wall Mounted Mandir With Pop Designs And Wooden Doors

Wall mounted Mandir with POP designs

If you have a shortage of space but want to have a separate area for the mandir, wall mounted units come in handy and provide a beautiful small mandir. This pooja unit design is designed with wooden doors and POP designs to make it look like a real temple. The colors used for painting the POP art work adds divinity to the whole setup.

Backlit Panel Mandir Design

An excellent design for the Mandir unit is the backlit Jaali panel. This design is simple and made with a laser-cut wooden back panel with detailed inlays. The small storage areas are well designed in white which is in contrast with the dark grey back panel. The soft LED light pours adequate light, and the brass hanging lamps create a divine atmosphere in the pooja room.

The Traditional Mandir Design 

The Traditional Mandir Design 

This mandir design exudes traditional elegance. It is an elaborate mandir that screams heritage with wooden doors. The double doors have carvings to hang bells if you like and are sure to offer the worshipper a feeling of walking into their own private temple. This is your perfect temple design for living room if you are the kind of person looking for classy and elegant pooja spaces in your home.

Mandir With Ancient Carved Wooden Doors Design

Mandir with ancient Carved Wooden doors Design

Wooden doors are Vaasthu Shastra compliant. If you want to add an ancient look to your pooja room, wooden doors are just the choice for you. This beautiful mandir has been tastefully designed with divine carvings to give that ethenic and traditional ambience in your modern living room. 

Mandir Designs With Other Materials

Here are some more mandir designs designed with marble, wood and with wallpaper as background. 

Carved Marble Mandir Design

Carved Marble Mandir Design

This pooja room is made with marble and looks beautiful in your living room. Marble on the floor, with lattice carvings on all the sides it is a picture perfect pooja unit. you can add brass bells and lamps to make the room more divine. The white denotes purity, and the brass gold merges well with it and exudes a class of its own. This sets the mood for prayer and meditation in your pooja room. 

Magical Mini Designer Marble Mandir Design

Magical Mini designer marble Mandir Design

White is a colour that denotes peace and calmness. It is ideal for the pooja unit in your home. What better material can suit this purpose than marble? The intricate carved detailing compliments the white marble mandir, creating a divinity that brings out the worshipper in you.

Open Wall Mount Mandir Design

Open Wall Mount Mandir Design

You can convert any wall in your home into an open Mandir if you are facing the problem of lack of space. You can also add shelves in materials like marble, wood or even glass. Your entire wall can be recreated by changing colour or even adding wallpaper to suit your taste.

Small Metallic Mandir Design

Small Metallic Mandir Design

Metal and wood are wonderful together. They create an air of elegance and class in any set-up. This is a Vaastu friendly pooja room built in wood with metal in the doors. The beautiful metal carvings and bells complete the divine picture perfection of this beautiful mandir design.

Marble Floating Mandir Design

Marble Floating Mandir Design

This perfectly pristine pooja unit fits into the corner of any room and requires very less space. This small marble mandir features all the requirements of a pooja room- drawers, backlit panel and also blinds. You can choose this model for your pooja mandir in the common room of your home. 


The Pooja room is a personal space that you use to connect with your spiritual side and with the Gods. It should, therefore, be important that this space is a calming, secure and peaceful area. Hope the pooja mandir ideas for living room were helpful for you to choose the best Mandir design for your living room.


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