Bathroom Designs

Transform your bathroom design into that of a relaxing oasis with a few easy tweaks. From bold wall tiles to glamourous lights, rustic materials and chic decor elements, create a tranquil atmosphere perfect for rejuvenating yourself. Whether it's your primary bathroom en-suite or designer powder rooms, we've covered all the inspiration for sinks, storage, and mirrors to make a stylish splash!

Modern Bathroom Designs You'll Love for Your Home

Irrespective of the size of your space, design a bathroom that is calming and suits your taste. Functional and fancy, discover our bathroom design ideas that not just maximise comfort and efficiency but also elevate the experience. From remodelling the washroom design to elegant bathroom looks, create your personalised oasis to relax in style.

  • Go bold with the colours to enhance the oomph in a bathroom inside design.
  • Add patterned tiles to the latest bathroom designs inducing utility and visual appeal.
  • Introduce neutral colours to your modern bathroom design coupled with timber elements while bringing the zen vibes.
  • Choose a metal grid glass partition for bathroom design ideas lending an eclectic touch to your space.
  • Opt for floating vanities and invest in smart features like a touchless faucet or digital shower system for modern bathroom design.

Floor and Wall Tiles for Bathroom Interior Design

Tiles change the overall aesthetic of your bathroom space and bring out a vibrant atmosphere. If you're thinking of revamping your bathroom design, consider the desired look and feel - modern, Mediterranean, or classic subway tile - and select accordingly from an endless array of colours, shapes, sizes, and sheens. Tap into the latest bathroom design ideas by Interior Company and embrace the timeless look in your home.

Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Although short on space, tiny bathrooms have the potential to be charming and practical, adding to your personality. Transform your petite bath space with interesting features, clever storage solutions, stylish elements with our expert decorating tips and tricks and make the most of your bijou bathroom.

Latest Bathroom Design Trends for House

If you're thinking of crafting a new bathroom design or just looking to revamp an existing one, check out our latest bathroom decor ideas and get inspired for your next home remodel project.

  • Make a statement with Terrazzo tiles.
  • Colourful sinks to pop up the space.
  • Natural materials for a warm and inviting vibe.
  • Freestanding bathtubs and customised vanity units.
  • Bold patterned wall tiles and brass hardware. 

Essential Elements to Consider for Washroom Design

Creating a well-organised and aesthetically pleasing bathroom design can be exciting yet daunting. But don't fret over it, our experts have curated a checklist of bathroom essentials, including chic vanity ideas, countertop design, flooring, showering fixtures, exquisite lighting elements, and other artsy accessories to consider before starting the process. With Interior Company, make your desired space a reality!

Functional Glass Partitions in Bathroom Designs

Looking for glass partition bathroom designs for homes that blend function and style? Discover our vast array of designs, from transparent to reeded glass walls and sliding glass doors, to spruce up your bathroom design. These clever and chic ideas create zones and add aesthetic value to your bathroom interior decoration.

  • Half-glass partition is ideal for small washroom designs that seamlessly section the zones while offering a relaxing bathroom experience.
  • Use reeded glass to add a sleek and luxurious vibe to your space.
  • Glass brick walls add privacy and a distinctive look to your modern bathroom interior design.
  • Opt for framed glass partition designs to enhance functionality and elegance.

Attractive Bathroom Paint Colours to Check Out in 2023

Repainting your bathroom design adds an instant makeover while invigorating your space with an inviting vibe. Whether it’s a primary bathroom or a seldom-used powder room, our experts at Interior Company bring you the trendiest colour options to achieve the desired look. In 2023, complex moody blues will be popular for accent walls, while tranquil green and grey shades will be the go-to choice for a spa-inspired look. If you wish to add a dose of fun to your bathroom interior design, opt for minty sage or candy pink and induce personality to space.

Importance of Bathroom Waterproofing in India

Bathrooms are the wettest areas of the home, susceptible to moisture conditions leading to dampness, flaking of the wall paint, mould formation and ruining tiles. When planning for a new modular bathroom design or renovating a toilet interior, consider consulting experts for the waterproofing process to create a balance of functionality, comfort, and hygiene.


How to design a bathroom and toilet?

When designing a bathroom, choose the fixtures, finishes, and colours that suit your style and maximise comfort and efficiency. Make adequate space for decor elements, think about the lighting and seek the advice of the experts for your calming haven.

How to design a small bathroom on a budget?

There are several affordable yet effective small modern bathroom decor ideas that can elevate your space. From refurbishing materials to adding wallpapers, bringing in flowers or changing light fixtures, consult the experts at Interior Company to curate a beautiful, budget-friendly bathroom design.

What is a modern-style bathroom?

Simple, open-plan designs with natural finishes and colours, sleek vanity units and chic storage ideas club the modern bathroom decor ideas.

What is a luxury bathroom?

Pair marvellous marble with brass accents, bespoke vanity and plush elements, inducing a touch of luxury and elegance to your bathroom style design.

What is the standard size of an Indian bathroom?

The standard size for a functional bathroom design in India is 5 feet x 8 feet.

Which colour tile is best for the bathroom floor?

Light colour tiles make the space feel open and spacious, you can also opt for a combination of white tiles and wood to lend a modern and minimalist style.

What are the 2023 colours of the bathroom?

  • Dramatic moody tones
  • Calming beige and browns
  • Cool minty sage green
  • Splashing navy
  • Trendy grey and olive green
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