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Top 6 Beautiful and Modern Dressing Table Designs for Small Bedrooms

Published On: Dec 14, 2022

The dressing table is an extension of your bedroom, it can easily lift up the ambience of a room from utilitarian to affluent and radiant. It is essential to let out your creativity when designing a dressing table interior design. A space that is the reason for your everyday appearance should be well-maintained. When working with appetite spaces, it is ideal to keep in mind how to use the given or even lesser space creatively which further creates a focal point in the house. Here are some mind-blowing dressing table ideas that can fit any home with ease. With these clever choices choose the most promising one that will accentuate the beauty within you and that of your room. 

1. Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Idea

Source: Pinterest

Add up to your vanity by investing in this simple wall-mounted dressing table idea. This classic dressing table idea has been an ultimate option for years now. A slim tabletop is a better base for stationing a mirror. With some drawers below, you'll get the luxury to store all your knick-knacks. 

This multi-tasking piece of furniture not only fits by the dressing area but can also be set beside the bed to save more space. 

2. Cupboard Affixed 

Source: Pinterest

A small nook like this one right beside the cupboards will make your everyday hustle of getting ready a tad bit easier as you will save time going around the room. Urban homes in India struggle with space and this is the perfect solution to the problem. 

The vanity dressing table decor can be made more functional by adding a side stool that slides in to save space. In India, people believe a lot in Vastu Shastra, according to which the mirror should be either placed behind the gate or hidden away from the bed. To solve this problem, this hidden vanity will be a preferred dressing table idea, which will hide the mirror behind doors when not in use. 

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3. Side Table Dressing Table 

Source: Pinterest

Amp up your bedside table and change it with something like this. Since the dressing table is a part of the bedroom, it is also important to keep the aesthetic in mind. A simple movable table that opens up to provide additional storage and even a stool for you to sit. Isn’t this a dream come true for space savers? 

4. Ladder Dressing Table Ideas 

Source: Pinterest

This simple yet modern twist on the dressing table interior design will definitely steal some hearts. This is specially designed for individuals who like their essentials in an on-the-go position, with moderate planning but minimal design. The class of this piece of furniture is effortless and it can be further converted into a plant storage or a shelf. 

A simple design like this one paired with a matching wooden stool and a beautiful mirror design will fit perfectly in a bohemian setting or perhaps a cottage. The drawers underneath can easily accommodate a few make-up and everyday items. 

5. Glam Up with Fur

Source: Pinterest

To create a statement girly look, one can choose to opt for a clear minimal table and to pair with it a furry chair that will help add the oomph factor to the decor. This dressing table idea won't overpower the room due to its size and will also give you the freedom to add other decorative pieces. 

This pop of pink-coloured fur is definitely a crowd-pleaser, while the rest of the decor is muted, the slight pop brings the whole room together. 

6. Floating Table 

Source: Pinterest

When working with a small spaced room, a floating shelf or table is the best idea to adopt. This dressing table idea hardly occupies a lot of space. Being mounted on the wall, this vanity design gives more leg space for movement. A plus point with this design is that the make-up can be kept tucked away in the drawers leaving the station clutter-free. This sized table will also promote economical shopping and avoid buying stuff that is not necessary. 


When searching for the best dressing table interior design, it is ideal to consider the space in your room and the items that need to be stored. A well-designated space for anything helps organise the house better. Having a dressing table to sit down for applying your lipstick is better than applying it looking in your car mirror, isn’t it?  

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    What type of material is best for the dressing tables?

    There are no limitations in terms of the materials that should be used for making dressing tables but MDF and solid wood are some options that can be ideal as per your requirements.

    What can be stored on a dressing table?

    A dressing table can be used to store; jewellery, make-up, skincare, perfumes, and other accessories.

    Which side should the dressing table face?

    The east direction is the most ideal position for placing dressing tables.

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