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Latest POP Ceiling Designs To Add Elegance To the Dull Interior

Published On: Oct 12, 2021

Are you looking forward to voguish ceiling designs that are easy to maintain? If that is a yes, Bingo! As modern main hall fall ceiling designs are the best bet! In this article, we have encapsulated top-notch Pop ceiling designs that will add a stylish and impressive touch to your boring hall and front room.

The interior of a house is as important as the exterior. Choosing the right color combination, furniture, lighting, and ceiling are crucial. A ceiling is one of the most vital elements when it comes to adding a majestic touch to the interior. It offers a lot more than just offering a pleasurable sight to your eyes. If you are thinking of making the ceiling the centre of attraction for your guests, choosing a classic Pop design for the Hall area is definitely a superb idea! It offers a great extent of versatility contrary to other sorts of ceilings. 

In the last half-decade, POP ceiling designs for hall has taken over the market. This is because they are very versatile and something is amazing for every home. With the little amount of regular maintenance, these ceilings can last for decades. With a vast variety available in the market, it is difficult to choose the correct one for your home. Fret Not! As Square Yards got you covered. Here is a list of some of the modern POP design for hall: 

Best Main Hall False Ceiling Designs to Add Voguish touch: 

If you want to give your hall, living room, and lobby a unique voguish look then go through these, striking the main hall false ceiling designs, and living room main hall fall ceiling designs. Well, you don’t have to stress more as the correlated images will make the imagination part easier for you. Dig deep and explore all fantastic designs including pop design for hall 2018, latest modern pop design for hall 2019, pop design for hall images 2020, and latest modern POP design for hall 2021 to imagine your hall in every classic look. 

Plus Minus Pop Ceiling Design For Hall 

It’s a grid-like pattern that radiates simplicity. The design is easy to create, just smoothen the walls and put POP in straight criss-cross lines. It can be made using any desired color combination. It’s very versatile and complements simple homes. The plus minus ceiling design can be further enhanced by adding patterns on the boundary and the corners. 

Pop Interior Design For Hall

The design is created in ceilings where there is a small recess in the ceiling, preferably in the center of the room. The Pop is added in solid shapes like squares or circles. The design and color are easy to experiment with. Some suggested color combinations are brown and beige, gray and black, beige and black, etc. 

Pop Ceiling For Hall With 2 Fans

This design is perfect for places that experience moderate heat or have very large rooms. There is space for the attachment of two fans in between the design. The fans are chosen according to the color combination of the ceiling. 

Artistic Pop Ceiling Border For Hall

The border of the ceiling is painted with ornate or modern patterns around the room. The color and design of the pattern can be matched with the interiors. For soft colors, it is advised to keep the walls white as it will complement the design. 

Wooden Pop False Ceiling Design For Hall

Wood works very well with the main hall false ceiling design. Wood complements the look and color of the Pop a lot and it can be used as a boundary for the Pop design. You can also add a light fixture on the wooden panel. 

Pop Ceiling Design For Rectangular Hall

For longer rooms, it is preferable to have simple designs in light colors. For long rectangular halls, the best design is a long Pop rectangle along the length of the room on a white or cream wall. The color of the rectangle can either be a contrasting color to bring out the ceiling or a soft tone to make the room appear larger. 

Pop Ceiling Design for Square Shaped Hall

The more minimalistic a design is, the better it looks in smaller rooms. Simple, sophisticated designs are suggested along with bright light fixation around the room. Light colors allow the room to look larger and a lot less congested. Dark colors can be used for highlighting the Pop design. 

Traditional Pop Ceiling Design For Hall

Simplicity is key in traditional designs. A plain Pop checked design in a single color is suggested to make the Hall look more beautiful and elegant. The light fixation should only be in the center of the Hall. 

Modern Gypsum Hall Pop Design

Gypsum boards along with Pop designs have been relatively popular in the last few months. This is because it’s very easy to use them. Simple smoothen the ceiling and hang gypsum boards from there. Once suspended, attach lights around and under the boards. 

Contemporary Hall Design With Pop

Make the Hall look more modern by using contemporary pop designs. These are plain designs with softer colors that make the room look larger. The light fixation should be added slowly and according to necessity. 

Colorful Pop False Ceiling Design For Hall

Add a splash of color to the Hall by using colored gypsum boards along with Pop. It makes the room appear bright and airy. It is advised to use white walls to properly accent the color. Adding colorful splash to the main hall false ceiling design can create a whole different strike to your interior. 

Simple Pop Ceiling Design For Hall

Instead of plain white walls, add color to them which makes the room appear bright and young. You should keep the base color the same i.e. white or cream. This allows the color to contrast well in the Hall. 

Pop Design In Hall Room With Luxury Lighting

One of the most beautiful color combinations is white and silver or black and gold. This can be achieved by using abstract designs of Pop but painting the ceiling with another color and adding bright light fixtures. 

Decorative Ceiling Pop Design Small Hall

Along with Pop, the fabric

 can also be used for ceiling design. The fabric used can match the fabric of the furniture or any fabric that accents the color of the furniture. The design should be placed in the center of the room. You can add lights as required around the design. 

Pop False Ceiling Design For Hall With Fan

According to the size and occupancy of the room, people can use large gypsum boards of various colors to make a random pattern on the ceiling. This helps hide the fan and light fixations. 

Pop False Ceiling Design For Tiny Living Room

Circles are one of the best design elements that make a room appear larger than usual. People can design concentric circles with the help of Pop and color them with any desired color. To make the room seem larger, it is suggested to use light-colored walls and design. Circled living room main hall fall ceiling design makes the room appear more spacious. This way you can create the best pop design in the room and make it more perplexing. 

Pop Ceiling Design For Large Hall

For larger halls, the design should be simple and straightforward. They should make the large room look less imposing. People can use Pop to divide the room into subdivisions that allow you to shorten the room as and when required. 

Pop Ceiling Design For Half Roof

Instead of using an overwhelming amount of Pop throughout the ceiling of the room, one can also use Pop and gypsum boards in the corner or the stairway of the Hall. To make the room more stylish, the walls can be repainted to match and designs or patterns can be painted on the walls. For such designs choose black and cream or cream and golden. 

Latest Pop Design For Hall

The most popular Pop design is the one that connects the ceiling to the floor. It allows the interiors to match and flow with each other. The addition of LED lights further enhances the modern design. Black and white are the most commonly used colors in such designs. 

Artistic Pop Ceiling Design For Hall

The most grand use of Pop for the ceiling is the use of pre-painted POP disks that can be suspended from the ceiling. These disks are painted on with images or scenery. For a more luxurious feel, use metallic paints like gold, silver, bronze, and copper. A chandelier in the center of the room will suit the aesthetic of the ceiling fixture. 

Wrapping Up:

After going through an array of pop design for hall, it is crystal clear that working on ceilings is more feasible than changing the whole interior to offer a mesmerizing touch. The list does not end here as there is a lot more to explore. If you want to access “ceiling design for hall” that is more specific to the one you imagine, get in touch with interior designers. Go with the flow and impress your guests by adding life to ceilings.