20+ Small Bedroom Storage Ideas to Keep Your Space Organised

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

Welcome to the world of innovative bedroom storage solutions! If you're constantly battling with clutter or struggling to find space for your essentials, you're not alone. Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, and keeping them organised is key to a peaceful mind. In this blog, we'll explore some clever and creative room storage ideas that will transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm and order. Let's dive in!

The Essence of Minimalism in Modern Design

The Essence of Minimalism in Modern Design - Room Storage Ideas

The space under your bed is a goldmine for storage. Opt for beds with built-in drawers or invest in stylish under-bed storage boxes. These can be great for storing out-of-season clothing, extra bedding, or even books and keepsakes. By utilising this often-overlooked space, you can free up a significant amount of room in your closet and reduce visible clutter. Needless to say, this is one of the best room storage ideas you can consider for yourself.

Utilise Wall-Mounted Shelves

Utilise Wall-Mounted Shelves - Bedroom Storage Ideas

Looking for a home storage idea that helps you in utilising your space? Then the home wall-mounted shelf would be a good option to go ahead with! It helps you create additional storage without sacrificing any additional floor space. They can be used to display your favourite books, art, or plants, adding both function and beauty to your bedroom. Experiment with different shelf lengths and arrangements to find a design that suits your space and style.

Invest in a Multi-Purpose Nightstand

Invest in a Multi-Purpose Nightstand - Home Storage

Having a nightstand is a good bedroom storage idea. With multiple drawers or shelves, it can double as a mini storage unit. Choose one that complements your bed and fits the scale of your room. Not only will it hold your nighttime essentials, but it can also store small items like chargers, glasses, or reading material.

Opt for a Storage Bench

Opt for a Storage Bench - Diy Storage Box

A storage bench is not just a stylish addition to your bedroom; it’s also a practical one. It can be used to store linens, shoes, or even books. Plus, it serves as additional seating. Choose a design that matches your room's aesthetic and enjoy the dual benefits it offers.

Embrace Vertical Storage with Tall Dressers

Embrace Vertical Storage with Tall Dressers - Home Storage Solutions

In small bedrooms, vertical storage is your best friend. A tall dresser takes up less floor space while offering ample storage. It's perfect for organising clothes, accessories, and other personal items. Select a dresser that complements the other furniture in your room for a cohesive look. You can also consider preparing a DIY storage box.

Over-Door Hanging Storage Solutions

Over-Door Hanging Storage Solutions - Storage Items For Home

Utilise the back of your bedroom door for additional storage space with over-door hanging solutions. This can include hooks for clothing, racks for shoes, or pockets for smaller items. It’s an excellent way to keep things accessible yet out of sight, making the most of every inch of your room.

Incorporate Storage into Your Headboard

Incorporate Storage into Your Headboard - Diy Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

One more practical storage idea will be a headboard. A headboard with built-in shelves or cabinets can be a game-changer for bedroom storage. It offers a convenient place to store books, glasses, or decorative items, keeping your bedside table free from clutter. This smart solution combines style with functionality, making your bed the focal point of the room.

Use Decorative Baskets for Loose Items

Use Decorative Baskets for Loose Items - Cardboard Box Diy Storage

Decorative baskets are not just aesthetically pleasing; they're also incredibly practical for storing loose items like scarves, hats, or even laundry. Plus, they come across as a handy room storage idea. You can place them under a console table or in a corner of your bedroom.

Consider a Custom Closet System

Consider a Custom Closet System - Diy Storage Closet

This is one DIY bedroom storage idea that will help you keep your space organised. If you have the budget, a custom closet system can be an excellent investment. Tailoured to fit your specific storage needs, it can include a mix of hanging space, drawers, and shelves. This bespoke solution ensures that every item has its place, making your daily routine more efficient.

Multi-Level Hanging Rods in Closets

Multi-Level Hanging Rods in Closets - Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas

Transform your closet space with multi-level hanging rods. This ingenious solution effectively doubles your hanging space, making it perfect for organising different types of clothing. The upper rod can hold longer items like dresses and coats, while the lower rod is ideal for shorter items such as shirts and skirts. This system not only maximises vertical space but also helps in categorising clothes, making your daily outfit selection quicker and more streamlined.

Under-Desk Storage for Multi-Functional Spaces

Under Desk Storage for Multi Functional Spaces - Room Storage Ideas

This is going to be a game-changer as far as your bedroom storage is concerned. Drawers or rolling cabinets can be neatly tucked under a desk, providing ample space for office supplies, documents, or even extra tech gadgets. This solution keeps your work materials close at hand yet discreetly stored, ensuring your bedroom maintains its peaceful and uncluttered ambience even when it serves multiple purposes.

Retractable Wardrobe Accessories

Retractable Wardrobe Accessories - Bedroom Storage Ideas

Embrace the efficiency of retractable wardrobe accessories. These smart fittings, like pull-out tie racks, belt holders, or even a foldable ironing board, enhance the functionality of your wardrobe. They slide out or fold away when needed, offering convenient access without taking up permanent space. This is especially valuable in smaller bedrooms where every inch counts, enabling you to have a well-organised, multi-functional wardrobe without compromising on space.

Ceiling-Mounted Storage Nets

Ceiling-Mounted Storage Nets - Home Storage

If you are looking for a functional room storage idea then a ceiling-mounted storage net would be a great choice. Ceiling-mounted storage nets offer a unique and playful storage solution, particularly suitable for children's bedrooms. These nets can hold soft items like stuffed animals, pillows, or light blankets, keeping them off the floor but still within reach. This idea not only saves space but also adds a fun, decorative element to the room. For adult bedrooms, these nets can be used for lightweight throws or even as a quirky way to display items.

Hidden Storage in Bedroom Seating

Hidden diy storage box in Bedroom Seating -

Bedroom seating with hidden storage combines comfort with practicality. Storage ottomans or benches with internal compartments provide a place to sit while concealing blankets, books, or seasonal items. This versatile solution is ideal for small bedrooms where every piece of furniture needs to be functional. Choose a style that complements your bedroom décor, and enjoy the dual benefits of seating and storage rolled into one stylish piece.

Magnetic Wall Boards for Accessories

Magnetic Wall Boards for Accessories - Home Storage Solutions

A magnetic wall board can be a stylish and practical addition to your bedroom. Perfect for hanging metallic accessories like jewellery, watches, or small tools, it keeps these items organised and easily accessible. This is especially useful for items you use daily, ensuring they're always at hand. The magnetic board can be a statement piece in itself, adding a modern touch to your decor while serving a functional purpose. This might just be your answer to a contemporary yet functional room storage idea.

Pull-Out Cabinets for Narrow Spaces

Pull-Out Cabinets for Narrow Spaces - Storage Items For Home

Pull-out cabinets are an ingenious solution for making the most of narrow spaces in your bedroom. You can even use this as your living room storage idea. These slim, vertical storage units can be fitted into gaps that might otherwise remain unused, such as between a wardrobe and a wall. They're perfect for storing shoes, bags, beauty products, or even laundry supplies.

Storage Above the Bedroom Door

Storage Above the Bedroom Door - Diy Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

The space above your bedroom door is often overlooked but can be a fantastic area for additional storage. Installing a shelf here is ideal for items that you don't need to access frequently, such as suitcases, extra bedding, or seasonal decorations. This high-up storage keeps items out of the way, helping to maintain a clutter-free environment in your bedroom.

Fold-Down Desk with Storage

Fold-Down Desk - Cardboard Box Diy Storage

A fold-down desk with built-in storage is a versatile addition to any bedroom, especially where space is at a premium. When not in use, the desk folds back against the wall, freeing up floor space. The integrated storage can be used to stow away work materials, books, or electronics, making this an ideal solution for a multi-functional bedroom that sometimes serves as a study.

Suspended Ceiling Racks

Suspended Ceiling Racks - Diy Storage Closet

Utilising the ceiling for storage is a creative and effective way to free up floor space. Suspended racks can be used for storing lightweight clothing, scarves, or hats. It is a great home storage solution. This storage method not only saves space but also adds a unique design element to your bedroom, turning storage into a part of your room's decor.

Storage Steps to Raised Beds

Storage Steps to Raised Beds - Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas

In bedrooms with raised or loft beds, integrating storage into the steps leading to the bed is a smart use of space. Each step can double as a drawer or a storage compartment, offering a practical place to store clothes, shoes, or books. This solution is particularly effective in smaller bedrooms or studio apartments, where maximising space is crucial.

In a Nutshell

You can transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis of calm and organisation with these innovative room storage ideas. These 20+ smart bedroom storage ideas are designed to maximise small room spaces, making them perfect for anyone looking to enhance their living area. From clever under-bed trays to versatile modular shelving, and space-saving corner shelves to practical wardrobe organisers, each of these bedroom storage ideas offers a unique approach to de-clutter. Thus, whether you're revamping your current space or moving into a new one, these room storage ideas are sure to inspire.

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    Can under-bed storage work with any bed type?

    Under-bed storage solutions are versatile and can work with most bed types. For beds without built-in storage, you can use rolling bins or flat storage containers. The key is to measure the under-bed space accurately to ensure a good fit.

    Are modular shelving systems difficult to install?

    Modular shelving systems are a great room storage idea. It is generally user-friendly and comes with instructions for easy installation. They offer flexibility and can often be assembled without professional help, making them a great DIY project.

    How do corner shelves affect room aesthetics?

    Corner shelves can enhance room aesthetics by turning an unused space into a focal point. They are a practical bedroom storage idea that provides a platform for decorative items, contributing to the room’s overall charm and character.

    Do bedside caddies suit all bed types?

    Bedside caddies are designed to fit most bed types. They typically attach to the bed frame or slide under the mattress, making them suitable for a wide range of beds, including those with box springs.

    Are wardrobe organisers a good option for small closets?

    Wardrobe organisers are ideal for small closets as they maximise the use of available space. By providing specific areas for different types of clothing and accessories, they help keep small closets well-organised and accessible.

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