Everything about False Ceilings and Its Types

Published On: Apr 21, 2022

The purpose of top-notch interior designs has changed over the years. They not only elevate a space but also ensure its functionality. Whether it's the floor or the ceiling, the addition of intellectual aesthetics makes a significant difference. When it comes to the beautification of your home, the modern false ceiling is the first part that people notice after entering the home. So, if it is important to increase the aesthetical value of a room, it is always very crucial to pay special attention to embellishing the home ceiling.

The optimal aesthetic appeal of a room's ceiling can be achieved by putting up a false ceiling. False ceilings, also known as suspended or dropped ceilings, are supplementary ceilings that are suspended from the primary ceiling using suspension wires or struts. The functionality of modern false ceiling is not limited to elevating the aesthetics of a room. It also plays a major role in maintaining the thermal insulation of a home.

If you are a novice in the field of interior design, you might need a bit more of an introduction to false ceilings to get an idea of their importance. Let’s start by learning about its advantages and disadvantages, and then move on to its types.

The Pros of Having Modern False Ceiling

The use of false ceilings is not delimited to personal houses or spaces. The office rooms, meeting spaces, conference rooms, seminar halls, etc. also have false ceilings due to the potential for sound resistance quality. Besides that, false ceilings can change the whole mood of a room, transforming its aesthetics and visual aspects.

A room has so much electrical wiring, plumbing vents, and beams that hamper the beautification of the home. A false ceiling works wonders in eliminating these obstacles by concealing them behind its back. False ceilings also provide protection against fire by acting as barricades between the roofs of a building. Nowadays, the use of lights to decorate homes is widely prevalent.

Building a modern false ceiling for the hall plays a major role in letting you recreate with lights and their decoration. The more your room looks uncluttered and clean, the more it ensures aesthetic beauty. The bedroom's false ceiling provides a uniform look that elevates the neatness of the room, ensuring its utmost beauty. When it comes to corporate spaces, this feature helps in enhancing the work efficiency of the employees too.

The Cons of Having False Ceilings

Having false ceilings may lead to some disadvantageous situations if not taken care of properly. If your space does not have enough room to construct a false ceiling, it can reduce the height of the room, making it look smaller and claustrophobic. If the quality of the false ceiling is not sturdy enough, it may topple over during natural calamities like earthquakes.

The false ceilings also require special attention when it comes to maintenance. It may experience pest attacks or dampness if cleaning is not performed frequently enough.

Gypsum False Ceiling

If you want to use a material that not only serves the sturdiness purpose required to build a false ceiling but is also pretty lightweight, gypsum is the best option you can go for. This is a calcium-sulfate-derived material that provides protection against fire outbreaks and ensures sound insulation. Gypsum has gained massive popularity nowadays. It is due to its ease of installation as well as flexibility.

Gypsum False Ceiling

You can buy different sizes of material according to your demands and fit them using a wooden or metal framework. If you are keen on playing with colours on the ceiling to give it a more attractive outlook, you can also choose from different colour options available for gypsum, including white, brown, yellow, grey, red, etc. Even if you want to go beyond the traditional appearance of your home ceiling, you can try using a gypsum false ceiling in different shapes.

Designing the false ceiling with circular, stepped, and curved gypsum can elevate the aesthetics of your space in a very easy way. Gypboard false ceilings are also widely seen nowadays and are constructed with gypsum boards manufactured in factories. If you're looking for an out-of-the-box design to boost the ambience of your decor, a Saint Gobain false ceiling is a good option. It forms gypsum ceilings with specific patterns. It provides excellent sound absorption while also improving interior air quality.

POP (Plaster of Paris) Modern False Ceiling:

Are you looking for a cheap false ceiling material that serves all of the false ceiling purposes? Then, you should definitely try using pop false ceiling or plaster of Paris material to build your false ceiling. Pop in the ceiling is considered the cheapest material. However, this is quite capable of executing false ceiling functions such as fire resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation according to climate conditions, etc.

POP (Plaster of Paris) False Ceiling

It is basically a modified version of gypsum that comes in powder form. Gypsum is heated and produces POP. The powder of POP is required to be mixed in water until it forms a paste. The paste is used to form the false ceiling with the help of wooden or metal structures. The paste is likely to harden very rapidly. So, top-notch craftsmanship is required to build the fall ceiling pop flawlessly.

Despite being an economical choice, this plaster of Paris possesses greater durability, ensuring a long life span. If you run out of time because of a busy schedule, this material is also going to be your best choice because it requires less maintenance and cleaning. If you are looking forward to decorating your bedroom with a special aesthetic vibe, you can also create an accent ceiling wall by painting the pop ceiling bedroom with your favourite colour.

Wooden False Ceiling

Wood is such a material that it can be teamed up anywhere and everywhere. The timeless feature of wooden aesthetics effortlessly lights up the mood of a room. So, what could be better than using a wooden false ceiling in your room to signify the bold characteristics of your space?

Wooden False Ceiling

If you are planning to give a cosy and warm look to your space along with a rustic vibe, do not miss out on building a wooden false ceiling. Before you construct the wooden ceiling, you have to decide which type of wooden ceiling you are looking forward to building. There are various types of wooden panels that come in different sizes and shapes, including hollow blocks, boards, panels, plywood, etc.

You can have access to plenty of finishing options, including laminates, and veneers. These can bring a rich and luxurious experience to your interior space. The wooden false ceiling provides unquestionable durability along with top quality sound resistance.

PVC False Ceiling

The modern era of interior design makes sure that every corner of the house is taken care of in terms of beauty and functionality. Interior designers spend hours planning the layout of the bathroom areas to build up the place with aesthetics. When it comes to bathroom aesthetics, the bathroom false ceiling plays a major role in achieving the goal.

PVC False Ceiling

However, it becomes a little tricky to decide which type of material would be the best fit. Since the bathroom areas tend to remain damp most of the time, a PVC false ceiling would be the best option to consider. The PVC false ceiling installation is easily doable. The PVC false ceiling cost per square foot is also way cheaper than any other material.

Armstrong False Ceiling

Armstrong False Ceiling

If you care about the environment and want to use recycled products to reduce waste, Armstrong false ceilings can help. Recycled newspaper, perlite, fibreglass, mineral wool, and binding agents are used to make the ceiling tiles. The tiles serve as a very good sound-absorbing option too.

Fibre or Thermocol False Ceiling

Fibre or Thermocol False Ceiling

If you are looking for something pocket-friendly but also fairly accomplishes the primary requirements of a false ceiling, including thermal and sound insulation, a fibre false ceiling would be the best choice. It is also known as the "thermocol ceiling." However, a thermocol false ceiling is not a great choice if you are seeking something aesthetically pleasing. It is also not a durable option.

In a Nutshell

To sum up, false ceilings have become an integral part of home decoration as they not only play an important role in ensuring aesthetic visual representation but also ensure fire resistance, thermal and sound insulation, concealment of electric wiring, beams, etc. If you want to be experimental and try out different false ceiling designs, you can go for gypsum, pop, or wooden materials.

However, if you want to protect a dam area with a false ceiling, you would require a PVC false ceiling. If your budget is not very high and you do not want to spend much on aesthetics, you can opt for a thermocol false ceiling. For more such design ideas, follow the Interior Company.

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Q. How many types of false ceilings are there?

Grid and plain are two types of false ceilings.

Q. What is the average lifespan of a false ceiling?

The average lifespan of a false ceiling is 15 to 20 years

Q. Which is the best bathroom false ceiling?

PVC false ceiling is one of the best materials to use as bathroom false ceiling material.

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