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10+ Romantic Bedroom Color Designs 2024

Published On: Feb 15, 2023

A bedroom is, more often than not, a place where we come to relax, and re-energize. A romantic aesthetic in the bedroom can provide a sense of comfort and closeness, allowing couples to connect and create a sense of intimacy. This hack is a godsend for couples who are struggling to spend quality time together. Romantic bedroom colours help achieve just that. 

So without further ado, let's explore some of the best bedroom colours for couples that can help curate an aesthetic filled with love. 

Tips on How to Choose the Right Colours for a Couple's Bedroom

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A brief guide on the parameters you should be working with to hit the right note on romantic colours for bedrooms. 

1. Prioritise Personal Preferences: One of the most important things to consider when selecting bedroom colours for couples is your individual preferences. Think about colours that you like collectively or those that actively reflect both your personalities. 

2. Incorporate Neutral Colours: Neutral colours are great for creating a calm vibe in your bedroom. Consider incorporating shades of beige, taupe, and grey for a subtle, relaxing feel.

3. Add Accent Colours: Accent colours add a great deal of visual interest to your space. Choose colours that compliment the already existing neutral colours in the room, but those that still have some vibrancy.

4. Size Matters: The size of the room can have an impact on the colours you choose. If you have a smaller bedroom, opt for lighter colours to make the space feel bigger. Similarly, darker colours when used in larger rooms tend to create a more intimate feel. 

5. Think About the Mood: Consider the mood you want to create in the bedroom. Darker colours are great for creating a cosy, romantic setting, while lighter colours can create a more airy, uplifting feel.

Romantic Bedroom Colour Ideas

We have cracked the list of the most romantic master bedroom colours so that you won't have to. 

1. Warm Whites

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Soft, warm whites like creamy ivory, champagne, light grey, and pale beige can go a long way in rendering a romantic touch to your bedroom. These colours evoke a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Soft whites also provide what is often a blank canvas of sorts, for decorating and allowing you to add personal touches when it comes to styling your room. You can use pops of colour in the form of artwork, bedding, and accents that bring you ever so closer to your partner. 

2. Grey Blue

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A soft grey-blue palette is one of the most loved romantic bedroom colours. Try shades of blue-grey like pale periwinkle, muted steel blue, or light aqua. Adorn it with accents of cream or gold for a warm atmosphere.

3. Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams

Source: Pinterest

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is a warm, light grey that works exceptionally well in most bedroom spaces. Its uniqueness is highlighted with the slightly green undertone, which helps in achieving tranquillity. It blends in very well with both light and dark furniture whilst it can be  similarly balanced with accents of yellow, blue, or green. Silver Strand is a versatile couple bedroom colour that can be used in traditional, contemporary, and even eclectic bedroom designs.

4. Pale Oak

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Pale oak is, quite simply, the perfect passionate romantic bedroom colour palette. This warm, neutral hue subtly increases the chances of a healthy environment. Pale oak can be paired with deep, earthy tones such as burgundy, navy blue, and deep purple to craft an intimate space. Accessorise with plush fabrics and ornate lighting fixtures to add more texture and cosiness. 

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5. Beige

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If you are envisioning a romantic bedroom, a beige colour scheme could be perfect for your space. Beige is one of those peculiar neutral hues that ropes in calmness, making it ideal for a private space. To create a more romantic look, pair beige walls with a light grey or a pink accent wall, while using light grey, pink, and white bedding to compliment the look. Soft textures like velvet, fur, and linen can add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to the room. 

6. Deep Reds

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A deep red colour, such as a deep burgundy or a deep wine, can be a great choice for a romantic bedroom design. This colour will have your space feeling more passionate than ever before, and usher in a timeless and classic look. You can pair this colour with lighter neutrals or even white to ignite the romance.

7. Orange

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Using an orange hue in a bedroom can create an ambience, perfect for romance. Doing this  through the walls, bedding, or accents can assist in highlighting the warm undertone of this hue. Adding warm lighting, such as candles or an orange-hued lamp, and adding romantic touches like flower petals, soft music, as well as scented candles, can also help create a dreamy, romantic bedroom.

8. Aqua

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Aqua is a soft, muted colour that can bring a touch of romance to any bedroom. Throw in those white and light grey accents for a more modern look, or use deeper shades of aqua for an otherwise traditional feel – the choice is yours! Incorporate texture with sheer curtains, plush rugs, and a velvet headboard. Finally, add some throw pillows, candles, and a few plants for a heartfelt space.

9. Raspberry Pink

Source: Pinterest

Raspberry pink is a perfect colour to create a romantic bedroom. This colour is warm, inviting, and the perfect backdrop for an intimate aesthetic. Choose furniture in muted shades of cream, beige, and grey to complete the jigsaw. Add a few touches of raspberry pink in the form of bedding, curtains, and pillows to further tie the look together. 

10. Caramel

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Brush up the walls with a soft, buttery shade of caramel and use light-coloured accents like white, ivory, and cream throughout the room. For bedding, opt for a caramel-coloured duvet set and add a few throw pillows shaded in beige or tan. Hang sheer curtains in a creamy caramel hue to add softness and romance to the space, and layer the bedding with a faux fur throw to add a touch of luxury. Consider adding some unique touches like candle holders and wall sconces with a touch of gold or brass to complete the look.

11. Black

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Dark shades, like charcoal or deep black, can help curate a sensuous vibe while a lighter shade, like a deep charcoal grey, can have a delightful appeal. To create a romantic bedroom with black walls, add pops of colour with light-coloured bedding, curtains, and rugs, and layer in texture with plush blankets and throws. Embellish it with mood lighting through lamps and sconces to ace the brief.

Colours Compliment Your Romance!

Romantic colours for bedrooms can be anything from soft, dreamy shades of pink and purple, to bold and daring hues of red and black. Whichever colour you choose, ensure it reflects your own personal style and that alone will help you ignite the romance in your bedroom. By adding a few furniture pieces, lighting, and accessories in the same colour palette, you can create the perfect passionate atmosphere for you and your partner. For more inspiring ideas contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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    What are the best bedroom colours for couples?

    Some of the best bedroom colours for couples are light greys, blues, greens, and earth tones. These colours tend to be calming and soothing, which can help promote relaxation and restful sleep. Additionally, bright colours such as yellow, orange, and pink can be used to create a cheerful and energising feel.

    Which colour scheme is excellent for creating intimate and romantic settings?

    A soft, warm colour palette such as hues of pink, red, and purple can be excellent for creating an intimate and romantic setting. Warm tones of yellow, orange, and cream can also be used to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

    What colour scheme attracts people's attention?

    Bright, vibrant colours such as reds, oranges, and yellows tend to attract people’s attention more than other colours. Cooler colours such as blues and greens can also be used to draw attention, but they usually have a more calming effect.

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