9 Clever Small Living Room Ideas to Maximise Your Sitting Area

Published On: Feb 10, 2023

Tiny rooms can be tricky to design, but they're like a blank paper for your imagination. Your little living room is a chance to show off your style and make the most of what you have. We're going to talk about some cool ideas for small living rooms.

So, get ready to make your space awesome!

Avoid Outlines

Avoid Outlines- Small Living Room Ideas

Don’t make outlines in your room by putting carpets or tiny rugs in your small living room. Why? Avoiding such items will keep your living room design for small space open. If you want, you can use a big rug that can warm up the room without stretching any lines on the floor. However, cleaning is easy without adding an extra layer of fabric to the floor.

Big Furniture, Small Room

Big Furniture, Small Room- Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

There are many small drawing room ideas for furniture, however, the quality checklist is quite big. Choose furniture that sits close to the ground and has storage compartments. This will help you keep your room tidy. Also, ensure the back and the sides of the sofa are slim, you can even avoid the armrest for more flexible seating arrangements.

Furniture Ideas for Small Living Room

Another furniture oriented design ideas for small living room is to get furniture that does more than one job, like an ottoman that’s also a coffee table. It’s like having two things in one! For some fun, go for see-through furniture. It will give the room an open and bright appearance. Plus you won’t have to hassle much when looking for things under the table.

What About the Walls

What About the Walls- Small Living Room Design Ideas

To make your small living room design ideas work, you need to make it look brighter. Use light and cool colours on your walls, trims, and ceiling. Pick colours that make you feel good, like soft blue, calm green or maybe beige. Add nice details to your walls, so that you don’t have to put things on the floor or hang it on the floor.

Long Curtains Are the Way Forward!

Long Curtains- Ideas for Small Drawing Room

Picking curtains that are long enough to touch your roof and floor are excellent small sitting room ideas. The straight-line pattern will help you create an illusion of a taller room. Plus the curtain makes it plush and classy! Choose light and soft fabrics with neutral tone shades. If you like patterns, choose ones that are not too busy. You can also use sheer curtains to let in natural light.

Go Big!

Go Big- Small Front Room Ideas

Chunky and big pieces of art grab attention and look cool, even in a small living room. Hang different artworks, or just the one on the wall are some great small living room decorating ideas. Mix up sizes and frames for a nice touch. You can also use mirrors on one wall as decor, it bounce light around and makes your room feel bigger.

Play Around With Textures

Play Around With Textures- Tiny Living Room Design Ideas

Blending textures adds depth and character to your small living room interior ideas. Choose plush fabrics for cushions, throws, or rugs to create a sense of comfort. Complement these soft elements with the warmth of wooden furniture and decor pieces.

Light It Up!

Light It Up- Small Drawing Room Design

Lights take up more space than you can think of. From floor lamps to massive table ones, small room decoration like lights can be too much. To remedy the situation, try roof-attached lights. They are easy to install and save a lot of space. You can also use handles to attract any lamp you want to add to your room.

Hang Some Greens

Hang Some Greens- Interior Design for Small Living Room

Small living room decor ideas like hanging plants are perfect! You can hang them on the sunny side of the room and let them grow into magnificent home decor. They are also natural room purifiers, so you can breathe in fresh air without much effort.

Get Folding!

Get Folding- Small Drawing Room Interior Design

If you want to make some free space in your small living room interior design, get furniture that can fold up. These could be tables or chairs that you can easily fold and store away. It’s an easy way to make your living room work for you. Now you can have more space for your activities with no hassle.

Wrapping It Up

Making your small living room nice is a doable and fun task. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a studio or have a fireplace; there are cool ideas for everyone. Just keep it simple and do what reflects your personality.

For more such small living room ideas connect with our experts at Interior Company. Stay tuned and keep decorating! 

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    What's the best way to arrange furniture in a small living room?

    The best way to arrange furniture in a small living room is to put furniture in the middle of the room, use rugs to make sections and skip a big coffee table.

    What colours should I use for my small living room?

    Choose light colours like bright white and light blue. Painting everything the same colour makes the room look bigger.

    How can I set up my TV in a small living room?

    Hide your TV on a wall with pictures, or put it on top of furniture like a small table or dresser. You can also make a special area for watching without too much stuff.

    Can I use a fireplace in a small living room?

    Yes, make the fireplace a focal point, display art or decorations on the mantle, or use it as a backdrop for colour to add warmth without taking up much space.

    How do I define spaces in a studio apartment's living area?

    To define spaces in a studio apartment’s living area, use rugs to separate areas, like a big rug for the living space and a smaller one for the office. Colour blocking with furniture can also create distinct zones.

    What's the trick for incorporating a dining area into a small living room?

    To incorporate a dining area into a small living room, use a dining table to define the living room boundaries. You can also choose a table that serves multiple purposes, like a coffee table or storage unit.

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