12 Easy Steps to Decorate a Small Living Room

Published On: Feb 10, 2023

Small living rooms are easier and cheaper to maintain than larger ones; moreover, you can clean them quickly and easily without help. But do you know that you can use simple living room ideas to make them look bright and airy?

This blog delves into tips and small living room ideas to choose your wall decor, flooring, furniture, and colours to maximise your minimum living room space.  

1. Make a Statement with Limited Colours

The walls in a small space are too close to hide any defects, and thus you must be extremely cautious while choosing a colour for your living room. Aim to accentuate the small living room design by choosing light or white shades. While single colours look perfect for a small living room interior, a splash of colour by adding a fancy wall decor or a floor rug in a bright shade like yellow, red, or pink could ruin the whole effect.

2. Use Simple Living Room Ideas

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Although the industrial decor style of home interiors has been around for several years, its rustic appeal makes it trendy. The wooden floors and the brick wall give an unfinished look to the small living room design. The pendant lights in dark brown and white shades help brighten the otherwise dark room. The large industrial window brings in the light, giving an airy appearance to the small and simple living room design.

3. The Positioning of Lights Makes a Big Difference

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Don’t just fix some lights in one place. Position different types of light to bring out the best in your simple living room interior design. Use ambient lights on the ceiling with controls to dim or brighten. These lights will fill or darken the entire room.

You can use a combination of two or three types of lighting fixtures. You can choose from cove, soffit, and valance. You can also use pendant lights in areas with a seating arrangement. Recessed light streaming down from the ceiling creates a spectacular small living room interior design. 

Use small living room ideas in lighting, such as wall accent lights that attract attention to an element on or around the wall or floor lamps that reflect on the glaze floor tiles. 

4. Pull Down the Walls to Accommodate Large Windows

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Living spaces don’t need privacy as bedrooms or bathrooms do. Moreover, closed-in living room spaces with walls all around look smaller and cramped. It thus makes sense to break at least one barrier wall to accommodate a window. The large window design for the small living room interior usher in the bright natural light and make the room look fresh, light, and airy. It also provides additional seating space in the small living space.

5. Simple Living Room Designs for Rooms without Windows

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If the architecture of your small living room design doesn’t let you break down a wall, use light-coloured paint to colour your walls, for that’s another small apartment living room idea to make it look bigger.

Alternatively, you can paint the wall in neutral shades with white trims. You can also convert negative windowless small living room spaces into bright, roomy interiors by covering your walls with large murals in bold graphic art.

6. Simple Living Room Designs with Mirrors on the Wall

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Putting up a mirror on the wall in the path leading to the living area gives the appearance of open space. You can create a beautiful living room wall design by placing a sunburst mirror on the wall facing the door. The elegance of the wall design not only enhances the living room interior design but also holds the visitors’ attention and keeps them from noticing that the living room is small. 

Alternatively, you can position hanging mirrors parallel to each other, increasing sightlines and creating an illusion of a bigger space. Cover the walls with a mirror to enhance the living room interior design and make it look more prominent than it is.

7. Sleek Small Living Room Ideas with a TV

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Small living room ideas with a TV are challenging. The TV and its connecting wires could stand out, ruining the effect of the beautiful living room interior decor. However, the big black box can easily blend with the rest of the living room interior with small living room decorating ideas like the one in the picture. 

Put it up on a slate grey wall, so it blends with its surroundings, and position it on the wall next to the one opposite the door. Also, create a beautiful wall design parallel to the door with family pictures to attract visitors’ attention.

8. Multi-utility Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

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You will always appreciate investing in a coffee table like the picture. You can create a themed simple living room interior design by adding a vase with wildflowers, a planted pot or bonsai, and even some memoirs from a trip to a distant land or a stack of books. The drawers of the coffee table can hold your essentials too.

9. Luxurious Seating During the Day and a Comfortable Bed at Night

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Another excellent idea for multifunctional furniture is the futon. Prop it up, place a seat in a shade that matches your room for a luxurious sofa for a small living room during the day and fold it down to become a bed that you can comfortably sleep on at night.

10. Merge Study and a Small Living Room Designs

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You can convert a small windowless room into a small living room cum study or office. Use a portion of the room as a living room space and build a counter where you can work. The neutral shades on the walls and floors give the room a spacious feel. Natural light cannot light up the room as the room is without a window. The designer has to use the layering of lights technique to fill the space with brightness.

11. Sofa Design for a Small Living Room

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Plush sofas and couches take up a lot of space and are too large for small living rooms. But if you live in a 1 BHK or studio apartment, additional sleeping space can help. Use a multifunctional sofa for a small living room that you can sit on during the day and sleep on at night. A beautiful wall design in bright colours and a multifunctional coffee table are all you need to make your living room functional and beautiful.

12. Small Living Room Decorating Ideas for the Floors

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas for the Floors

White-coloured tiles are best for small spaces, making the room look airy and spacious. But tiles in beige and light brown also make an impact in essentially white living rooms, and they make the small living room look cosy. Add a plush carpet in a darker shade for a beautiful contrast.  

Add larger tiles to create an illusion of a more ample room, and use light shades like ash-grey or off-white for a modern home interior design. If your want a patterned small living room floor design, use light-coloured tiles and a dark shade for the grout. The diagonal layout of floor tile makes a small space look bigger too.

Wrapping Up

So the tiny living room in your home need not be lifeless, dark or cluttered. It is easy to convert them into beautiful small living room designs using neutral shades. Use a colourful rug or throw pillows to accentuate the small living room interior with a splash of colour. Use simple living room designs to combine functionality and style to create a living room space that will make you gleam. For more design inspiration, reach out to the experts at Interior Company.

How to decorate a small living room?

Simple living room ideas like covering the whole floor of the small space with a rug in a geometric design to make the room look big, using neutral or white shades for the walls and using creative concepts for storage are great ideas for your small living room interiors.

What furniture should I buy for my minimalistic living room?

The minimalistic living room looks airy and light or dark and cluttered depending on the furniture’s colour, type and arrangement. Multifunctional living room furniture for small spaces provides storage and saves space. Use minimal footprint ladder-style or built-in open shelves to use minimal floor space.

What kind of windows matches the small living room interior?

Small apartment living room ideas like open walls with large floor-to-ceiling windows are excellent for bringing natural sunlight into a small living room. Position a mirror to reflect light from the large window to brighten the small living room interior.

My living room has no windows. What are some small living room decorating ideas that can help?

You can use small apartment living room ideas like creating fake windows or strategically placing mirrors to make your living room look light and spacious.