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24 Mindblowing Kitchen Entrance Design Ideas for a Superb Look

Published On: Jan 2, 2023

Most of our time is spent in the kitchen making hearty meals for the family. As kitchens have advanced, so has the scope for kitchen decor. The entrance to one's kitchen is one such area where there is plenty of scope for personalising. When it comes to kitchen entrance design ideas, deciding whether you want an open kitchen or a personal cooking space is the first step. Depending on the type of kitchen, you can create a simple kitchen design. 

To make things easier, we’ve curated a list of kitchen entrance design ideas for you to explore. 

1) An Arched Entryway for an Open Concept Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a grand entrance to your beautiful kitchen, choose an arched kitchen entrance design. This does not include a door and opens up the space. The white walls form a contrasting texture against the wooden ceiling. This is a great option for both types of open concept and closed-modular kitchen design. 

2) Sliding Casement Doors for a Sophisticated Kitchen Entrance 

Source: Pinterest

UPVC casement doors for a kitchen entrance design are not only budget-friendly options but also provide a lot of aesthetic value. These sliding white glass doors light up the room during the day and act as partition walls. You can slide them sideways to create more space and combine two rooms.

3) Shelf Wall Entrance Design for a Minimal Kitchen 

Source: Pinterest

Designers try to find a functional element in every design. This kitchen door entrance acts as an entryway to the modular kitchen space and as a shelf. You can display your treasured items on the shelf. From books to bowls and glassware, you can showcase your best collection to steal some compliments from the guests. 

4) Parallel Kitchen Entrance Design with Glass-Panelled Walls

Source: Pinterest

A parallel modern kitchen design is considered to be one of the most cost-effective upgrades that you can give to your kitchen. A light green parallel kitchen like the one in the image acts as an appealing entryway. The glass panels on the wall are a unique addition to the layout. Most parallel kitchens include a door in the middle, but you can create an entryway on either side of the cabinets. 

5) Rectangular Wall Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

A wide rectangular kitchen entry design like this one also acts as a dining space. The wall has been extended sideways to create a table-like structure. This is a unique example of utilising your space. The white border against the burgundy walls creates a bold contrast in this kitchen interior design.

6) Wood Entrance Design for a Traditional Kitchen 

Source: Pinterest

Turn your kitchen entrance design into a functional storage area. Using wood, you can make small cabinets and drawers to store your necessary materials. Decorate the empty space with some flowers and add a few lights. Any space at the top can be filled with floral grill designs. 

7) Arched Door Kitchen Design for a Luxurious Entrance 

Source: Pinterest

Arched entrance designs provide a luxurious touch to your kitchen room. The doors include hinges and are inspired by Roman Architecture Styles. For a timeless and classic look, explore different types of arch door designs and choose a modular kitchen gate design that best suits the style of your kitchen. 

8) Sliding Wooden Glass Door Entrance Design to Open Up the Space

Source: Pinterest

A medium-sized kitchen area needs a double sliding door entrance that will open up to maximise the space. This wooden kitchen main gate design creates an alluring entryway for the parallel kitchen. 

9) Open Concept Entrance for a Modern Kitchen 

Source: Pinterest

Open-concept kitchen entrance designs are very popular in modern homes. The grey and black industrial-style kitchen area have been highlighted using warm yellow lights. One way to create a sophisticated kitchen entryway is to add metal accents wherever possible. 

10) White Open Concept Entrance with a Scandinavian Theme

Source: Pinterest

A wide white kitchen entrance design with a Scandinavian theme will make your guests feel welcomed. Kitchen design ideas like the light colour of the space make the room appear bigger, and the jute accents are a sustainable decor choice.

11) Marbled Open Kitchen Entrance with Gold Accents 

Source: Pinterest

This open kitchen entrance design with its gold accents gives an air of luxury and finesse. The classy looks and ease of access provide a delicate mixture of design and quality at its finest.

12) Metal Glass Door Kitchen Entrance for a Nature-Inspired Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

The metal kitchen gate design provides a sturdy entry to the nature-inspired kitchen interior. The glass metal door design blends flawlessly with the modern design of the house. Large windows compliment the beautiful modern kitchen gate design and light up the room with the sun’s warmth. 

13) Industrial-style Sliding Glass Door Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

Transparent glass frames can never go out of style, and this industrial-style sliding kitchen entry design can be your latest addition to your interiors. If you’re thinking of open spaces, adding impactful yet minimalist touch to your kitchen entrance design, this is it! A classic combination of modern and urban living.

14) Contemporary Style Arched Kitchen Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

The Greco-roman arched entrances will compartmentalise your household well. This kind of arched entrance would provide continuity between rooms and create a more cohesive look. It would open up your interior modular kitchen space and add a symmetrical touch to your interiors.

15) Hall-to-Kitchen Entryway for an Open Concept Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

Having this hall to kitchen entrance design incorporated into your household would be a great idea if you have a large kitchen. With no barriers in between, this modular kitchen entrance design would seamlessly integrate with your household. With more space, greater ventilation and visibility, it would be a perfect idea to go for this design to showcase your decor style.

16) Traditional Kitchen Entrance Design Idea 

Source: Pinterest

Nothing can match the traditional style of home kitchen design, one with mellow tones and calm colours. This kitchen design gives a homely feel with its large cabinets and monochromatic colour crossover. The entrance to this kitchen is an open-concept area with dining space in the middle of the room. 

17) Arched Brick Wall Kitchen Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

The modernism of the contemporary period needs proper utilisation of materials. A brick entrance with a centre table for utility purposes will help to create a rustic-style entrance idea. Solid and concise with great design on the side. The soft arch at the top takes things to the next level and elevates the style of the room. 

18) Wooden Shelf Entrance Design for a Modular Kitchen 

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to designing kitchen space, keeping the cabinets to be built in mind is a must. Incorporating this kitchen entrance wall design into the entrance itself is a rather clever move and declutters the whole look and saves you from the risk of having a messy kitchen. It is convenient and practical and, overall looks incredible!

19) Hinged Wooden Door Kitchen Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to a modern kitchen entrance design, nothing screams sophistication more than tiled floors and wooden entrances. Romanticise your household with this wooden glass door and matching checkerboard-style flooring. Express your inner style and personality with this fun kitchen interior design idea.

20) Wide-Spaced Wooden Door Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

This simple kitchen entrance design is perfect as it provides a degree of sophistication and warmth to your interiors with the help of wood and glass. Even acts as an insulating agent and maintains the temperature of your house. An ideal combination of practicality and looks for your kitchen room entrance design.

21) Arched Glass Door Kitchen Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

Adding glass to your kitchen entrance area is a clever strategy to make your kitchen appear larger. The glass door adds depth to your household, especially when you have a small, constricted space to work on as a kitchen space.

22) Under-the-Stairs Kitchen Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

The kitchen does not take up much space and fits in the limited space of your household. Ideal for a spacious, classy and decluttered look. The kitchen entrance wood design has a boundary that separates the space from the rest of the house. 

23) White Double-Door Kitchen Entrance Design 

Source: Pinterest

Designing a kitchen space can be tricky, and ventilation should be the utmost priority, and nothing speaks of ventilation more than this double-door kitchen front gate design. Perfect for constricted areas but wish to have a well-lit, airy kitchen space. 

24) Sliding Door Entrance for a Double Kitchen 

Source: Pinterest

The sliding door is the ultimate 21st-century design. Give your kitchen space a grand makeover with this state-of-the-art entrance idea. Switch to a kitchen entry gate design today for a more sleek and stylish kitchen space. There is a wide range of door frames and glass types to choose from, so you can create a customised door for your small kitchen entrance design.

Wrapping up

By now, you must have a fair idea about the various kitchen entrance design options that match your needs and demands. When creating a perfect modern kitchen entrance design, keep in mind the fundamentals and follow your instincts.

There are multiple ways to upgrade your kitchen using our list of kitchen entrance ideas. Take inspiration from the above kitchen entrance design images and select the right kind of doorway for your kitchen area, making it stylish and functional. For more inspiration, head over to Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Can you put a door in the archway of a kitchen entrance design?

    A door can be installed at the kitchen entrance to provide some privacy and elegance to the room. You can also build the archway without a door, making the kitchen appear big and spacious.

    Which colour is suitable for the kitchen entrance design?

    The colour of the kitchen entrance can be the same as the colour of the cabinets giving the kitchen a monochromatic look. You can also choose a neutral colour like white that will blend easily with the rest of your modular white kitchen design.

    How wide should a kitchen entrance be?

    The passageway in the kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. This can be larger if you’re planning for an open-concept kitchen. 

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