9 Striking Metal Wall Art Designs for Living Room Décor

Published On: Jun 30, 2022

A bare wall is like a blank canvas filled with possibilities. The addition of metal wall art décor can infuse character into it. So much so that it can become the highlight of your room. If you are looking for ways to liven up your living room walls, metal wall art can do the trick for you. They can uplift the aesthetic vibe of your living room and take it to another level. To top it all, metal wall art can resonate with various décor styles, including eclectic, modern, contemporary and traditional.

Discover 9 stunning metal wall décor ideas that can redefine the vibe of your living room and enhance its style quotient.

1. Floral Metal Wall Sculpture

Floral Metal Wall Sculpture

Delicate flowers and hard metal can make for an amazing combination. This metal wall sculpture serves as proof of that. Such an art piece can add a dramatic appeal to your living room décor. The stunning play of gold against a dark base is sure to draw immediate attention and act as a conversation starter.

Floral Metal Wall Sculpture 2

You can use metal flower wall decor in modern homes as well as homes decorated with a vintage flair. Mount your piece on an empty wall for maximum effect.

2. Large Metal Wall Clock 

Large Metal Wall Clock 

A large metal wall clock can be a remarkably beautiful and functional addition to your living room. In this image, the clock is rather simple, and yet it draws attention due to its unique look and large size. It brings together the whole décor without overwhelming the room.

This décor idea can work well for modern homes. But you can make it work for rustic décor styles as well. Just make sure that your metal wall decor clock complements your interior design, and you will be good to go.

3. Abstract Metal Wall Art

Abstract Metal Wall Art

The beauty of abstract art is that it remains open to interpretation at many levels. When used as metal wall art, an abstract décor piece like the one in this image can easily shine through, no matter where it is placed.

To make your abstract metal wall art the focal point of your décor, opt for a piece that is large enough to sit exclusively on your living room wall. But take care not to overwhelm the space with your décor piece. Maintain the balance between dimension and art, and you will be able to hit the right notes with this wall art idea.

4. Mirror Metal Wall Art

Mirror Metal Wall Art

Mirrors can open up any space and lend them a magical look. An oversized mirror with a decorative metal frame can set the tone for your living room décor. Take a look at this image. Here, the golden mirror commands attention even when placed with other décor items on the wall.

Mirror Metal Wall Art 2

If you want your wall mirror to be more glamorous, you can experiment with a metal sunburst mirror. Thanks to the intricate design, such a piece can make a significant impact wherever it is placed. The golden metal sunburst mirror in this image exemplifies this point.

5. Metal Tree Wall Art

Metal Tree Wall Art

When you want to lend your walls a quirky personality, metal tree wall art can be a splendid choice. Consider the brass wall decoration in the image. It can give new life to any wall. The colour contrast makes this piece look all the more alluring.

Metal Tree Wall Art 2

If you have an entire wall to cover, you can opt for a large steel or brass wall decoration based on the tree of life theme. It is an easy and effective way to revamp your living room wall into an art zone.

6. Metal Wall Hanging Cycle 

Metal Wall Hanging Cycle 

If you are a fan of the industrial décor style, you will appreciate putting up metal wall hangings in interesting forms. One such form is the bicycle. Now, it may surprise you to imagine a bicycle hanging on your living room wall. But once you go ahead with this décor idea, you will realise its potential to become the star attraction of your room décor.

But remember that this metal wall art décor idea requires space. So, it is suitable for large rooms.

7. Ornamental Metal Wall Décor

Ornamental Metal Wall Décor

Want to introduce an ornamental edge to your living room wall? You can easily do so with a decorative metal wall hanging. But why settle for a single piece? You can put up multiple pieces to create an attractive art wall. Keep in mind that all the art pieces must be tied up in the same theme to leverage the maximum décor effect.

This image here has three metal wall décor pieces. All of them come together to create the illusion of a cohesive ornamental metal wall décor. It is an ideal wall décor idea for a contemporary room.

8. Framed Metal Wall Décor

Framed Metal Wall Décor

Metal frames are a popular décor element. You can use them to display photographs, paintings or other art collections on your living room wall. While this is an impressive décor idea, you can get a bit creative here and try something unconventional.

Framed Metal Wall Décor 2

Instead of putting up a metal wall painting, why not just use the frame? Yes, you can use an empty metal frame to draw attention to your living room wall in a quirky way. And why stop at one? You can use multiple frames for this décor idea if it suits your sensibilities.

9. Geometric Metal Wall Hanging Shelves

Geometric Metal Wall Hanging Shelves

Why limit your metal wall art to just the décor pieces? You can bring the shelves into focus as well. Wall-mounted metal shelves in geometric shapes can break the monotony of the space. You can opt for shelves in different shapes to create an interesting look. 

The best part is that you can use the shelves to display other décor items. From knick-knacks to small potted plants, these shelves can enrich your wall decor effortlessly.

Geometric Metal Wall Hanging Shelves 2

Take a look at these minimalist metal wall-hanging shelves. They have an open concept that adds to the beauty of the space. Whether you use them to display collectables or keep books, there are many ways to use these geometric wall shelves for your wall decor.

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Wrapping up

The options are many and varied when it comes to trendy metal wall art. We have included some interesting choices for you to draw inspiration from. So, put on your creative hat and lend a makeover to your living room walls. If you need more ideas to dress up your walls with the latest metal art ideas, you can always reach out to Interior Company.


Q. How to take care of your metal wall art decor pieces?

Metal wall art decor pieces generally need low maintenance. You can dust them occasionally to keep them free from dirt. Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to rub the art pieces lightly.

Q. What is the process of hanging metal wall painting?

To hang a metal wall painting, first determine the placement of the hanger. Mark out the chosen spot using a pencil. Next, secure the hanger on the wall using the necessary equipment. The final step is to hang the artwork on the hanger.

Q. Is metal wall art durable?

Yes, metal wall art pieces are quite sturdy and durable. Such decor items also need little effort for maintenance. They rarely get damaged, which makes them long-lasting.


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