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10 Best Calming Paint Colors for Bedroom

Published On: Dec 16, 2022

Between large family feasts, chaotic conversations, kids, and dogs, Indian houses are filled with a lot of things, but calmness is always at bay. These frazzled moments demand us to take a retreat, a place where we can breathe, and let our guard down. The bedrooms are the most personal of spaces where we can let our inhibitions wander away. Interior decor like calming room colours help us achieve just that. 

Yes, the colours in your bedroom play a major role in defining not just your mood for the day but also your state of mind at night. The peaceful colours for bedroom enumerated in this article will help you move an inch closer to your zen and rejuvenate you for the day ahead.

Tips for Choosing the Right Colour

Selecting soothing colours for rooms can be quite overwhelming and seem to be a mammoth task. Designers often ask homemakers to turn inwards before they make a final decision. Colour can help shape our everyday lives, and the environment ultimately impacts our mood. So, while choosing these colours, you should think about how you want that particular space to feel and let emotions play a decisive role along the way.

Greens and calming blues are grounding and soothing colours that promote well-being. You can also induce relaxation with soft neutral tones. Creams, lighter greys, beiges, and whites act as perfectly soothing backdrops. Do not hesitate to use all these hues for instant tranquillity and easiness.

Relaxing Bedroom Colour Ideas

Designers swear by these calming room colours and so should you! 

1. Lavender/ Light Purple

Source: Pinterest

Purple can render your space to be incredibly chic and regal but is also highly relaxing in nature owing to its calm blue undertones. Spring Purple from Benjamin Moore is one of the most trendy calm bedroom paint colours which is a medium purple shade with hints of blue undertones. The tone is a little muted and ideal for a bedroom that requires that extra dose of colour without overpowering other accents in the space. 

2. Sky Blue

Source: Pinterest

Get an oceanic feel right in your bedroom the moment you step into your space. Sea blue/ sky blue represents tranquillity and peace, making it an ideal choice for a serene bedroom. However, keep in mind that the softer styles deserve and require a tinge of finesse. Try incorporating an accent wall or making use of a darker-toned picture frame to add versatility. 

Tip: When transcending from light to dark wall colours, it is recommended to utilise a tinted primer beforehand. This way, you won't have to use paint in large quantities to attain a uniform colour. 

3. Blue Grey

Source: Pinterest

For those who value clean, and organised spaces, blue-grey promotes quiet strength and order. While dark blues can tend to overwhelm a small space, blue-greys balance out the ambience by curating a relaxing environment. Reserve the use of deep blue colours for small embellishment pieces. Do not skip on one of the most trendy calm bedroom paint colours.   

4. Sea Haze

Source: Pinterest

With the influx of remote work, home offices have taken over the lounge areas. Work-induced stress can no doubt sprawl across the entire home rendering negative vibrations. A calm colour like the sea haze by Benjamin Moore can transform the space with its green undertones. This colour strikes like a spectacular piece of sea glass. 

5. White Dove

Source: Pinterest

One of the most trendy calm bedroom paint colours, White Dove by Benjamin Moore is an absolute game changer. This classic creamy-white hue with warm grey undertones is a popular choice for creating a cosy environment in the bedroom. Moreover, the colour is light enough to make even small bedrooms look spacious. Your best bet is to pair it up with medium or dark wood floors. White Dove looks amazing paired with semi-gloss white trim and flat ceilings, proving its versatility. 

Tip: Before you select a shade of white to colour your dream space, it is ideal to test a sample first. Observe the colour for a few days to note how the colour looks in both artificial and natural light. Only then will you know whether the undertones complement the entirety of the room or not. 

6. Dusty Pink 

Source: Pinterest

The colour pink is often considered to be a feminine hue, dusty pink is an all-neutral colour associated with calmness. If you are a person who is inclined towards the fear of the unknown, dusty pink as a wall accent or colour will aid in developing a feeling of security. One of the most peaceful colours for bedroom, dusty pink can accentuate the pastel colour scheme. To take things up a notch, add a dusty rose lamp or nightlight to your space. 

7. Neutral Beige

Source: Pinterest

The neutral palette dominates the spectrum of calming paint colours for bedroom. Hues like tan or beige have the ability to keep a busy mind at bay, ensuring a good night's sleep. Since neutrals can end up being a little too muted, a complementary accent colour like soft mint, grey, or sea green can tie up the look together. 

8. Sage Green

Source: Pinterest

Sage green is a representation of nature as well as a symbol of tranquillity and rejuvenation. Green is also widely associated with renewal and good luck in many cultures. Hues of green have always been recognised as calming paint colours for bedroom. Complement this colour with potted plants, leafy foliage, decorative pots, or even a little bamboo for a heavenly sanctuary. 

Tip: It is recommended to use an eggshell finish for the bedroom paint hue as opposed to a matte or flat sheen. The nightstands, dressers, and headboards tend to scuff the walls both in small bedrooms and large spaces. Hence, an eggshell finish is more resilient and easier to clean than flatter paints. 

9. Taupe

Source: Pinterest

Taupe is a top colour to feng shui your bedroom with if you want to invoke a feeling of control and peace. Use taupe predominantly as a wall colour and incorporate abstract artwork for an avant-garde demeanour. You can also lighten things up by using potted plants

10. Pale Yellow

Source: Pinterest

Yellow exudes warmth and energy. Science backs that up too, as yellow is a colour that is bound to make you feel jolly and chirpy. Pair it up with a white ceiling and wooden accessories for that oh-so-perfect look. Don't miss out on this opportunity of feeling mellow with yellow. 

Paint it with Passion!

The master bedroom is your safe haven and an escape zone from the intricacies of the world. Hence, interior decor should be derived from the passions that motivate you. Blending them with the most soothing bedroom colours would help you transform this space into a sanctuary. We swear up and down by neutrals, greys, and blues to curate a serene space. For more design ideas and inspiration, contact the Interior Company.

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    What is the calmest colour for a bedroom?

    Blue is considered one of the best calming bedroom colours because of its relaxing attributes. Incorporating blue in your rooms makes you feel calm, relaxed, and safe.

    What are the 2022 colours for bedrooms?

    Hues of white, grey, olive, and blue are the most calming paint colours for bedroom for 2022.

    What colours make you sleep better?

    Green, orange, white, blue, pink, silver, blue and yellow are known to reduce stress and soothe the nervous system. Hence, they help you to sleep better.

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