Inspiring Kitchen Window Design Ideas for Better Ventilation

Published On: Dec 15, 2022

As a part of renovating the cooking space of your house, it is essential to consider kitchen window design ideas. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms where you relax and socialise with your friends and family. Often, kitchen ventilation window ideas are only sometimes at the top of the list of priorities when designing a new kitchen. However, this architectural feature expresses your style and brings in texture, colour and enchanting outdoor views. From artistic blinds and soft sheers that offer practical privacy and beautiful decoration, explore our handpicked kitchen window ideas below.

Simple Kitchen Window Design

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Dress your kitchen in white paints with Roman blinds keeping things subtle for a simple kitchen window design idea. It stands out in your design and makes your cooking space more expansive due to its reflective surface. The neutral blinds add softness and texture to the space whilst allowing for the focus to be drawn to the other decorative elements and colourful features in the kitchen. 

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Practical Kitchen Window Idea

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The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in the home, which demands a functional and aesthetic design to fulfil the requirements of the homeowners. Choose your modular kitchen window treatments carefully. You may use polyester or polyester mixed fabrics resistant to damp and humid conditions. Mainly, kitchen window designs are positioned above countertops or sinks, ensuring you select the best material and design your cooking space.

Modern Kitchen Window Designs

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If you are looking for ways to bring cosiness to your kitchen, choose aesthete screens or wood frames that lend an enduring appeal to the space. Modern kitchen window ideas offer a platform to get creative with colour and texture. This neutral kitchen features a white countertop and splashback tiles paired with pendant lights giving an elegant look. 

Bay Window Seats

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There are so many brilliant kitchen window design ideas you can build in under a bay window to create an inviting and informal area. When planning a kitchen window design, multipurpose space with sitting and storage add flexibility to the cooking space. A window seat can enhance your Indian kitchen window design with a comforting texture, making it a more pleasant space. 

Picturesque Window

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In this glossy kitchen design, the magnificent glass windows across the walls and ceiling create a calming effect and bring life to your kitchen. The windows allow for the picturesque views of the garden to be fully appreciated, creating a relaxing connection with the outdoors. Choose bifold kitchen window design ideas that use the space under the window for built-in seating, storage, or worktop space while celebrating that valuable connection to the outdoor garden. 

Modular Indian Kitchen Window Design

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Indian homeowners are choosing contemporary-style kitchen window designs that bring in all the light and are hassle-free. Blinds win out over curtains for kitchen window design in India in most cases, avoiding the chance of splashing and staining the textile when cooking, preparing, or cleaning the kitchen. Moreover, streamlined blinds such as roller blinds blend well into the design while accentuating the kitchenette. 

Skylight Windows

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Introduce light and enhance architectural interest with a skylight window design. A skylight kitchen window design brings natural light and warmth while opening up the space. Positioning skylights over a kitchen island or bench is a very effective way to emphasise your cooking meals. These modern kitchen window design ideas create a sense of warmth and lend a welcoming vibe to the living space. Large kitchen designs give you more space to play around with when adding skylights. Think of multiple adjacent skylights or skylights separated by structural beams to illuminate the kitchenette. 

Sheer Curtains

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Curtains offer a classic way to dress up any window in your home, and if you want to keep your kitchen sleek and stylish, you can stick with a set of sheer curtains that don’t overwhelm the space. Sheer curtains create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere in a room whilst still allowing the natural light to shine. In a large kitchen diner, a pair of sheer curtains ensure privacy and lends a cosy ambience to the kitchenette. 

Window for Thought

Customise your kitchen window design ideas to bring in natural light and views that will make your kitchen a pleasant place to spend time. Make your kitchen window an eye-catching feature and create an enriched environment with texture and style. For more guidance and planning your dream kitchen, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

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    What can I use on my kitchen window?

    Modern Kitchen window design ideas enhance by beautiful textures and colourful prints and patterns. However, as it is the busiest space in a home designed for cooking, ensure the practicality of materials and styles best suit the windows in your kitchen space.

    Do kitchen windows need curtains?

    Window treatments such as blinds are more practical and aesthetic in a kitchen. Add texture, colour and warmth to your kitchen space through varied blind designs. However, sheer curtain designs can also integrate beautifully into the cooking space, depending on your kitchen size.