Trending Wall Showcase Design Ideas for Living Room

Published On: Jul 11, 2022

Are you bored of your bare living room walls? Then, it is time to accentuate your home with wall showcase designs. Walls are like blank canvases, which can reveal your personality and style if decorated a certain way. Whether you are an art enthusiast, antiquarian, or a true bibliophile, your living room walls connect, build, and create memories. 

Wall showcases are one of the most prominent elements of a living room. It serves as the focal point of the space, as it is the first thing that captures the attention of your guests. They come in various designs and styles that add character to your drawing-room. 

Here, we have gathered all the information you need for modern wall showcase designs that will elevate the aesthetics of your room. 

Free Floating Wall Showcase Design

This type of design is set into the wall horizontally or vertically and complements all modern interiors. Floating showcases are simple, functional and can be adorned with artefacts that enhance the rooms’ look. This is one of the most popular wall showcase designs to show your art collection and create a striking look for your interiors. 

Trendy Wall-Mounted Showcases

Mounted units are furniture designs that hang on walls to maximise limited floor space. They are simple, fuss-free, and easy to maintain. This showcase design on the wall comes in various finishes and styles. Some are entirely closed and provide ample storage facilities. Look at this stunning design that gives a unique character and perfectly highlights the tone and feel of this living room. This type of design is ideal for those who want a balance between style and functionality. 

Trendy Wall-Mounted Showcases

Indian-style Showcase Design

Showcase designs for Indian homes can range from simple to elaborate, ordinary to embellished. The wall showcase designs for living room Indian style today are versatile in style and have come to be more innovative and creative, reflecting the moods of the house. They are designed either as open shelves or closed and are made of wood or MDF in a gloss or matte finish. This sophisticated showcase unit looks like an exquisite addition to this living room. It blends seamlessly with the flooring and creates a modern yet contemporary look. 

Indian-style Showcase Design

Stunning Black Showcase Design

The combination of black and white can never go out of style. White frees up the space, and black adds drama to the room. This style combines open shelves with closed storage for an elegant and functional unit. The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity, symmetry, and class appeal. 

Minimalist Wall Showcases 

If you are looking for a contemporary and effortless wall showcase design idea, a minimalist style is a way to go. They are understated, elegant, edgy, and styled with different niches. This modern wall-showcase design provides enough storage and blends in with the decor while making a stylish statement. 

Innovative wall Showcase Design

This wall showcase stands out from the ordinary and sets a theme in the living room. Try this showcase design inside a wall structure with multiple shelves that offer massive space for books and accessories to get an organised look. 

Innovative wall Showcase Design

Incorporate Book Case

A book wall showcase is a unique living room decor idea. The large wall-to-wall design with multiple shelves offers plenty of space for books, antique glassware and decorative pieces. This is a fantastic wall showcase furniture for the living room. Even though the television takes the centre spot in this living room, the incredibly organised bookcase steals all the attention.

Sleek Glass Design 

Glass showcases are visually attractive and bring forth an element of sophistication and class. For example, see this design looks sleek owing to its wooden finish, which makes it durable and long-lasting, but it also possesses hints of minimalism with its overall design. Contemporary yet uber stylish, this is a trendy choice among simple wall showcase designs for living room Indian style. 

Sleek Glass Design 

Elegant Luxe Style Showcase

Mounting the TV unit on a marble panelled wall shows elegance and sophistication. 

There is something extravagant about the high-end marble and the rich wood grain that provides beautiful effects to the living room. Marble has a sleek and smooth texture that looks fabulous and makes your entertainment centre stand out. 

Elegant Luxe Style Showcase

Classic Wooden Showcase with Modern Touch

If you are a lover of wooden furniture, look at this gorgeous showcase piece with an open design for your books or showpieces and cabinets for ample storage. This showcase design is evergreen and blends beautifully with the interior decor. Given the layout of this display, it makes the room appear larger. 

Classic Wooden Showcase with Modern Touch

Chic Contemporary Style

This is a brilliant combination for a modern wall showcase. The steel frames and wood cabinets combine to create a stylish and cost-effective design. This sleek design will enhance the beauty of your home and create points of interest throughout the space. Choose this style for a minimal and clutter-free look. 

Embellished Wall Showcase

These showcases are fancier and appealing and come with textured glass and shelves. The striking LED feature highlights the display items and enhances the living room interiors. Embellished wall showcases are designed with different materials and create a stylish yet subtle futuristic impression. This showcase design is ideal for those wanting a contemporary and voguish look in their living room. 

Choose The Perfect Wall Showcase Design

Wall Showcases can be designed in numerous ways. We’ve listed a few points that can help narrow down your hunt for an ideal display layout. 


The key to achieving a perfect design regardless of any style is to keep it simple and organised. Too much clutter can take away the look and feel of your living room. As mentioned before, your drawing room and showcase play an essential role in creating the personality of your home. As a golden rule, always keep it simple and minimal. 


For larger homes, you can opt for any style according to your preference, while for smaller homes, choose a minimalist style as they do not take up much space and look very sophisticated. 

Balance and Proportion

You know things are out of place if your entertainment unit is off balance. This is where the third rule comes to play. Your home theatre must compliment your living room showcase, where you equally divide horizontal and vertical lines to position your entertainment system. This helps the overall display stand out and further draws out its character. 


Lighting is another decor element in interiors that brings the special features to life and accentuates the living room. You can use Inbuilt LEDs or under cabinet lighting for added visual contrast. Without proper lighting, wall showcases look drab and dreary; therefore, make sure they are well-lit for a more modern and stylish look. 

The list is endless, and choices are plenty, so choose the right one according to your space and what best suits your style and vision. Home decor is all about an extension of your personality. Pick a style that resonates with who you are. For more design ideas, reach out to the experts at the Interior Company. 


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