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Basic to Quirky POP Designs for Home Interiors

Published On: Jul 29, 2021

When a small place is crafted with innovative ideas, it becomes far better to provide a sense of ultimate comfort. Every open space in a house, such as a kitchen room, bedroom, and balcony, is a base to create innovative designs. In order to bring an outstanding effect to the dwelling place of an individual, POP is bringing about a revolution. A variety of kitchen decorating ideas are available nowadays for decorating your kitchen interiors apart from decorating other parts of your home. A variety of design formats are available in the present market.

Being at the centre of a house, a kitchen always needs to be attended with a greater care. Apart from that, bedrooms and balconies also need a touch of innovation. This sort of POP design for home interiors helps to treat yourself with a soothing effect. Some of the best ideas of POP designs for home decor are presented in the discussion below.

1. Creating a beautiful POP ceiling

Simple pop designs for living room can create a different aura. POP used as a building material for false ceilings can prove to have more strength and durability. Apart from that, POP material is heat resistant and thus provides a cooling effect to the areas under it. Moreover, it is easy to be applied, and the crafting process thus gets simplified. Thus any sort of design can be created by using this material. It proves to be an essential ingredient to enhance the beauty of your ceiling. False ceilings have become an essential feature of every house in urban areas, be it for lighting or decoration.

Creating a beautiful POP ceiling

2. POP designs to decorate open kitchens

A large number of open kitchen designs are available in the market with a lot of innovations. An open kitchen, if designed in a proper way, can attract the eyes of your guest. Not only that, POP designs, when bestowed with finely crafted techniques, give an excellent result. POP has got many advantages compared to other materials in terms of its ease of getting molded in different shapes. Creating a false ceiling on the kitchen top provides an additional stunning look. Apart from that, creating wall decors with the help of Plaster of Paris can also enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Modern kitchen designs can be incorporated while creating such kinds of additive features to your kitchen. It helps in making your kitchen a place where you can enjoy cooking your favorite food.

POP designs to decorate open kitchens

3. Alignment of the ceiling to wall

It completely depends on a particular individual whether to align a ceiling design to the walls of a room or have a false ceiling. In both cases, Plaster of Paris plays an integral part in crafting such innovative ideas into reality. A desire to get something sleek and simple can be best satisfied by the development of well-aligned ceilings. This sort of art can be regarded as one of the best ideas in creating a modern kitchen and giving an attractive look to it. This sort of wall paneling technique does not take much space and can be completed within a minimum space allotted for it. Thus it saves space for restoring other items of home decor at its best.

Choosing a particular design for such a kind of wall paneling can act as an impressive art for reconstructing the look of your living room. There is an ample number of designs available to be used in such paneling systems. The simple yet innovative form of decorating mechanism is quite popular in urban areas nowadays. This is also considered as a cost-effective style for creating a unique design in your living room.

Alignment of the ceiling to wall

4. Insertion of the inverted cove in ceiling

This procedure of interior designing helps in the formation of a unique blend of designs in your ceiling. This inserted cove design is suitable for every place in your house. It can be made in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. This kind of insertion which comes equipped with bright colors, makes your ceiling look quite attractive. Inverted cove designs are a modern trend that enriches the specific outlook of a particular ceiling. Painting of these inverted coves with colors that match with kitchen interior designs can be quite attractive. It can also form a part of a modular kitchen set up in accordance with the requirements of customers.

In study rooms as well as bedrooms, this sort of inverted coves is considered as a piece of design that is quite appreciated. A good outlook encourages the spirit to work or have a moment of relaxation. This sort of simple false ceiling design for hall can be used along with certain mild blends of lighting. It creates a mesmerizing effect to turn on your mood after a hectic day or provides a scenario to enjoy the phenomenon. This decor creates a unique style of the balcony and enriches its exhibiting property. Apart from that, track lights can also be used in such inverted coves that give an innovative look. However, this design is simple yet attractive for a large number of individuals in terms of decorating their dwelling place.

Insertion of the inverted cove in ceiling

5. POP as an ingredient of glamour

As Plaster of Paris is a kind of material that does not shrink while it is being used for creating designs. This feature of this respective material prevents the development of cracks in designs formed by it. Simple ceiling design for hall adds to the formation of beautiful designs without indulging in any kind of massive expenses. Forming a curved structure on the ceiling of your bedroom creates a stylish look for that specific area. Various shapes and forms can be constructed by using Plaster of Paris on respective ceilings.

This glamorous, simple pop design for hall 2021 can be made more attractive by forming circular as well as inverted grooves. A touch of beautiful sculptures along with specific designs creates a magnificent outlook to a place. It is suitable for an open kitchen, bedroom, and balcony as well. The only thing required is the proper selection of design for the same. Apart from that, one can also attach a series of dazzling lights to enrich such innovations. Several designs of false ceilings are available in the market nowadays.

POP as an ingredient of glamour

6. Creation of plus-minus ceiling design

Apart from creating a regular design for your ceiling, try some simple false ceiling designs for living room. Plus-minus form of ceiling design is a kind in which an irregular pattern of design is evident in the crafted piece of work. This kind of artwork made from Plaster of Paris is a modern technique that is getting popular day by day. This form of crafting includes an innovative procedure to add certain structures to specific parts of designs. A specific type of protrusions or tucked-in bits are relevant forms that are used in this type of design.

This design is most favorable to be used in the construction of a modular kitchen. It adds an extra touch-up to your modular kitchen and makes it a center of attraction. Kitchen interior designs get more beautiful when it is accompanied with such styles of ceiling construction. Not only that, but it also saves a lot of space in your kitchen so that it can be decorated with lights and ceiling decors. This type of simple false ceiling designs for living room is quite intricate; hence it is not preferred over basic POP ceiling designs. But if made with proper training and skills, it can result in the formation of an unparalleled design.

Creation of plus-minus ceiling design

7. Introducing unique box designs in ceilings

POP finds its use in the formation of box designs in the ceilings, which is also a great design. This design is accompanied with a selection of appropriate colors for these boxes. This technique results in the creation of a fabulous look to the respective false ceiling. Selections of vibrant colours for these boxes are an integral part of the creation of such designs. It is suitable for the bedroom as well as the living room in particular yet can even be used for the kitchen. Among the unique box of designs, the most appreciated colour is black and white. This unique black and white combination creates a chess board that looks to your ceiling.

Introducing unique box designs in ceilings

8. Sleek and simple peripheral ceiling for the balcony

Peripheral ceiling design includes chessboard formation of such sculptures that only deals with peripheral areas of the ceiling. In balcony areas, it creates a style that can be incorporated with specific lightings. This creates an innovative look for your balcony and can be enriched with hanging lights and lampshades. The sleek and simple design of the peripheral POP ceiling is best suitable for low ceiling roofs as it runs only along the margins of the roof. In the study, a peripheral ceiling is best suited when it is accompanied by some specific spotlights. Ideas to inculcate such designs in the kitchen as well can be obtained from Kitchen design images available in various internet sources. Certain ideas can also be obtained from specific sources of designing a specific sculpture.

Sleek and simple peripheral ceiling for the balcony

9. Creation of Groovy Coves

POP can be used for creating specific grooves on your false ceiling, which makes an amazing art. It also allows the formation of grooves that embraces a dramatic phenomenon for a specific area. This is quite an innovative approach towards the creation of a mesmerizing effect on your room. It disperses the lights to various angles and results in the formation of a unique surrounding. It is suitable for use in the kitchen as well as balcony areas. This particular design is quite effective for high ceiling roofs as well as for low ceiling roofs. Thus, this design is considered as an effective modern form for creating a false ceiling.

Creation of Groovy Coves

10. Creating playful designs for children’s room

The kid’s room always requires a specific form of design according to their wish. A priority is provided in developing certain unique designs that will create a playful ambience in their room. Specific structures, including clouded structures, star shapes, and shapes of butterflies and birds, are made. The main motto for the creation of such a design involves decorating the room as well as bringing a smile to children’s faces. Designs selected should be such so that it goes well with the colour of the room in order to give a wonderful effect. A combination of various patterns of light will do complete justice to such innovative art work.

Creating playful designs for children’s room

11. Bring back the old world charms

POP can also be used in creating a specific design that shows a complete alignment to old-era artwork house designs. In accordance with the demand of its dwellers, it is always possible to create artificial wooden rafters on the ceiling. Wooden rafter design, along with specific designs of paints on the wall, can make you feel as if you are living a decade-old days. Moreover, this kind of design can be quite attractive to old people who love to restore their memories in the present days.

Bring back the old world charms

12. Mix and match designs

This sort of design basically points towards the creation of designs that includes a combination of ideas. Incorporating wooden details along with the inverted cove design of the POP structure is an innovative example of such. These living room simple pop design adds on to the ambience of the room and creates a marvelous view. It gets accompanied by different forms of lightings and the use of various other ideas.


13. Designs along with specific wallpapers

For experiencing a much different form of POP design relevant to home decor and furnishing, this technique can be used. It deals with the selection of specific wallpaper, which shows a close resemblance to a specific type of design. This type of technique can be used in the formation of kitchen design ideas for creating an outstanding look for your kitchen as well.

Designs along with specific wallpapers

14. Creation of platform panels

Platform panels are an effective approach towards forming a unique design as well as hiding all wirings in the best way. It can be decorated with pendant lights and other forms of lighting to give an outstanding yet cost-effective decoration.

Creation of platform panels


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