TV Unit Designs with Integrated Mandir for Your Homes

Updated On: Jun 13, 2024

The living room is often considered the heart of a home, where people can relax, entertain and connect with one another. Families spend time catching up, watching movies, and unwinding in this space. However, creating separate areas for TV and pooja rooms can be challenging in homes with limited space. That's where the innovative idea of a TV unit with a mandir comes in handy.

As the world changes, so do the trends of having a mandir. Newly constructed and renovated homes now opt for a TV unit with a mandir in the living room. This concept is no longer just about making the living room multifunctional. Instead, it is a way to involve the entire family in fun and reverence.

With these innovative TV cabinet designs with mandir, you can have a modern, space-saving living room that blends tradition with modernity:-

Glass-Enclosed Mandir with TV Cabinet

Glass-Enclosed Mandir with TV Cabinet

This design is fantastic for several reasons. It is perfect for homeowners who desire a small living room TV unit with a mandir. The transparent glass doors enhance the beauty of the mandir. The wooden enclosure distinguishes it from the TV unit without any additional design features, like a stand. It’s simple yet stunning! Add a corner bookshelf with a pull-out study table to create a reading space in your living room. This corner can be your personal space to connect with the divine.

Wall-Mounted Mandir

Wall-Mounted TV Unit with Mandir Design

The blend of practicality and style has brought about new and exciting interior design ideas. One such idea is the “Wall-Mounted Mandir” design, which is becoming popular for its modern way of combining a TV unit with a mandir in your living space. The minimalist and modern TV unit is positioned next to the mandir and features clean lines and a neutral colour scheme that complements the style and colour of the mandir. The design combines both sections with complementary materials and finishes to create a welcoming space.

Classic Marble Mandir Design

Classic Marble Mandir Design

The picture showcases a luxurious and modern living room featuring a TV unit with a mandir design against a sophisticated marble wall. The marble wall is adorned with a striking black and gold mandala design centred around the “॔ (Om) symbol, significant in Sanathan Dharma. Beneath this artistic element, a sleek white television unit blends into the setting, maintaining the room’s modern vibe. The space is elegantly appointed with decorative items, a stylish couch, and a couple of green plants, creating a peaceful and luxurious environment.

Floor-to-Ceiling Pooja and TV Unit

Floor-to-Ceiling TV Unit with Pooja Room Design

This TV unit blends style, practicality and ease, complete with a mandir. The wooden panelling adds a touch of class to the unit, while the jali work and puja wall unit wallpaper create a sophisticated appeal. It is one of the few designs where multiple focal points are welcome; each is uniquely stunning. The wall is efficiently utilised to maximise space. Keep furniture and decor minimum to maintain a bright and airy ambience.

Rustic Pooja Unit with Industrial TV Stand

Industrial TV Stand with Rustic Pooja Unit

Achieving simplicity and balance in design can often be challenging, yet it’s precisely why we adore this setup! The mandir exudes a unique charm with its rustic appearance, perfectly complemented by the industrial wall details of the TV panel with the mandir. The laminate-finished drawers add a modern twist, blending seamlessly with the rustic cupboards. This combination of modern and traditional elements within the TV panel and mandir is visually striking. The design efficiently uses every inch of space, creating a harmonious blend of styles. To further enhance the room’s aesthetics, consider incorporating additional rustic and industrial elements to round off the look.

TV Unit and the Mandir Partitioned

TV Cabinet with Mandir

This is an excellent choice for homeowners who desire a separate prayer unit in their living room while maintaining a cohesive appearance with their other furnishings. The living room’s veneer finish console table and drawers ensure that the design remains consistent. However, the prayer unit’s unique charm comes from details such as the golden metal cutwork in geometric shapes.

Shelf Dedicated to Mandir

TV Panel with Mandir

One dedicated shelf within the TV unit serves as a mandir, beautifully adorned with idols and ambient lighting to create a serene atmosphere for devotion. The mandir shelf is subtly separated from the rest by design elements that provide a clear yet connected distinction. This could be achieved through partitions, shelves, or a seamless design with subtle separations.

To Conclude..

To summarise, a mandir with TV unit fusion can create an aesthetically pleasing and spiritually significant living space that aligns with modern design principles. Whether you prefer a minimalist, classic, or eclectic look, several options are available to help you design a functional and uplifting space. These designs provide a range of recommendations for your TV unit and mandir project, allowing you to enhance your living area’s beauty, serenity, and spirituality.

Perhaps it’s time to remember the adage, “A family that prays together stays together,” and incorporate these TV unit designs with mandir into your home.

If you like these TV unit designs with integrated mandir, get in touch with Interior Company and  create designs suiting individual needs and aesthetic preferences.

*Images used are for representational purposes only. Unless explicitly mentioned, Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images.*


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    What are the benefits of integrating a mandir into a TV unit?

    Integrating a mandir into a TV unit can save space, create a cohesive look in your living area, and provide a convenient yet respectful place for daily worship.

    How can I design a TV unit with a mandir without compromising the room's aesthetic?

    Choose materials and colours that complement the TV unit and the mandir, ensuring they blend with the rest of your decor. Subtle separations like different backlighting or glass partitions can also help distinguish the spaces tastefully.

    Can I customise the mandir size in the TV unit to suit my needs?

    Yes, customisation is possible and recommended to fit your specific spiritual items, the size of the idols, and the space available in your living room.

    Are there specific Vastu tips to consider when placing a mandir in a TV unit?

    As per Vastu, the mandir should ideally be placed northeast. Avoid having the idols face south, and ensure that the setup allows for a clean, clutter-free space for worship.

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